Year 1

Term 2 Overview

Welcome back to Term 2 - already! We hope that everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating time away and are excited to be back at school. As we get started, we wanted to share with you a few things about Term 2:

Learning Units:

This Term, we will be exploring a lot of new and exciting themes and ideas.

 - Text Structures & Features, Summarising, Questioning and using the Epic! App on class iPads

 - Narratives, Recounts, Creating a Writer’s Notebook, Information Texts and Persuasive Texts

 - Addition, Subtraction, Measurement (Length), Time and Place Value

 - Biology: Habitats and Living Things

 - Working in Teams and Building Social Relationships

We will also continue with Italian, Music, Art, Sport, visits to the Library and various formal assessments to assist us with reporting.

Yes - it’s a full term!

Parent Reading:
As this term is so full, we will be conducting our very popular Parent Reading sessions only on Fridays, from 9 until around 9:20am.There will be no Monday Parent Reading groups this Term. We have been so appreciative of the support so many of you have been able to give us with this program and remember that it’s voluntary, so if you can make it only occasionally, we’re still thankful.

Writer’s Notebooks:
These are tools that we will be working with for the rest of the year and their intent is to provide more inspiration for our students when they write. To make them as personal and inspirational as possible, we ask that you have your child bring in pictures from magazines, that they’ve printed off or from photo albums that they can use to design a front cover. We will start these in Week 2.

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