Year 2

Term 3 Overview


Personal Responses to literature

  • Students explained their preference for a text
  • Explained why they enjoyed a character or book
  • Making connections
  • Students made connections to themselves using the books they read
  • Made connections to other texts they have read during reading
  • Inferring
  • Students made inferences about a character's feelings or actions.
  • Explained their inference and justified their reasoning
  • Used visual clues to read beyond the text



  • Understood the importance of specific word choice to evoke images in Poetry
  • Used figurative language to make comparisons (similes).

Letter Writing

  • Wrote of variety of friendly letters such as notes, cards, invitations and letters
  • Understood various parts of a letter (date, greeting, signature)


  • Explained a concept in a clear and logical manner
  • Created a variety of diagrams with labels to support an explanation


Number & Algebra: Multiplication & Division

  • Recognised and represented multiplication as repeated addition (skip counting), groups and arrays using a range of materials
  • Recognised and represented division as grouping into equal sets or sharing equally

Measurement & Geometry: Time - clocks

  • Told the time to the quarter-hour, using the language of 'past' and 'to'

Statistics & Probability: Chance

  • Identified practical activities and everyday events that involve chance. Describe outcomes as certain, likely, unlikely or impossible



  • Students used technology to code a variety of simple sequenced steps



  • Understood that the way objects move depends on a variety of factors including their size and shape
  • Explained how a push or pull affects an object’s movement


  • Used and described synonyms (words that have similar meanings eg close/shut) and antonyms (words that have opposite meanings eg hot cold)
  • Recognised and used common contractions correctly (I am = I’m)