Year 3

Term 3 Overview

Term 3 is centred upon developing and strengthening our students as local, national and global citizens. We are exploring this under the the concept of ‘Consciousness’.

We will be exploring scientists that have made significant discoveries throughout history, as well as remembering and celebrating local historical figures, whilst students also delve into their own family trees or an area of historical interest.

The aspect of consciousness will be extended into both their personal and work habits where students will be exploring what it means to be ‘fair’, ‘equal’, and ‘tolerant’ of others. We will have weekly activities to develop students’ mindfulness of others, and are inviting a broad range of local community members to share knowledge of indigenous rights, human rights and our students’ own rights as children; we thank those of you that shared your areas of expertise with us via the whole school database sent out on Compass.

In Writing, students will continue to focus on spelling and grammar while exploring and creating poetry. Later in the term, students will be focussing on information texts based on a significant figure of their choice.

In Reading, the students will learn how to decipher clues in text and print, in order to make valuable inferences, and extend this skill when predicting after that.

Numeracy will see students apply their developing Number strategies to Fraction, Measurement and Shape units.

Science will be centred upon the understanding that matter (solids, liquids and gases) change according to different variables. We will have hands on activities across the term to conceptualise this, and encourage parent involvement in the homework activities!

As always, we’d love to utilise your expertise and passions in our classrooms, if you are open and willing to come in and share any knowledge and skills with our students, please get in touch.

Year 3 Staff 2017

Teacher contact details

If you would like to contact your child’s teacher by email please see below and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also send a message via Compass.

For anything urgent please contact the office on 9329 6902.

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