Year 4

Term 3 Overview

Students will continue to set personal Reading Goals and use tools to support their comprehension of texts. They will examine texts through a media lens, understanding the purpose and audience of articles and reports


In writing, students will be developing and running a news website, to share news from around the school and the wider world. Students will use the writing process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and sharing of written content presented in various formats. These will include:
· written articles,
· recorded journalistic reports
· advertising
· stop-motion animation
· film, music & game reviews
This unit will contribute to our deeper learning unit which will focus on communication and critical thinking. We will be asking students to strip down the idea of communication and what it means to us, and society/humanity as a whole. We will also be asking students to evaluate the quality of sources, perspectives and bias in the media.


Students will continue to strengthen their number, measurement and shape knowledge through rich problem solving tasks. They will develop their coding and mathematical skills through the programmable Sphero SPRK robots and apply their design and creativity skills using 3D design software.

We will investigate biological science this term with a focus on life-cycles and food chains. We will be welcoming spiny stick insects as students learn more about classifying species, and comparing living and non-living things.

Cooking & Gardening

This term, students are fortunate enough to take part in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden program. They will learn about and cook with seasonal produce, and will sample a range of delicious and nutritional cuisines from around the world.