Active Safe Walk to School friends mothers

Tram, walk & scoot to school!

NMPS parents and children take the chance to chat with friends, walk and scoot to and from school. Namrata and her son Swarit, Neha and her son Aditya are in Year Prep in 2020. They live in the CBD and use the tram and walk to school.

Active & Safe Travel Project

Active and safe travel to North Melbourne Primary School is a project initiated by staff and parents at NMPS and managed by a committee of those people.

This project aims to improve local area road safety for our students and their families by:

  • Encouraging more families to walk, scoot and cycle to school more often as a first choice to travel to school, to reduce the total number of vehicles at the school gate
  • Encouraging park and walk options to disperse the total number of vehicles within the local school area
  • Improving the efficiency of students being dropped-off through a better functioning “drop and go zone” and supporting behavioural interventions, which address specific barriers and issues identified by the school community
  • Co-designing appropriate strategies with the diverse community groups of NMPS

    NMPS Active and Safe Travel Summary New Parents update 201119