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The Biz – E – Kidz Philosophy

At Biz – E – Kidz we see our commitments, values and beliefs as embedded in the concepts of wellbeing, empowerment, and belonging.

 BEK Philosphy picture

Wellbeing is supported by:

●      Prioritising safety, health, hygiene, and happiness

●      Our commitment to providing a child-safe environment and zero tolerance of child abuse

●      Providing a professional, flexible and dependable service to children and families

●      Building dependable and safe relationships with children and families

●      Practicing mindful, attentive and observant supervision of children

●      Accountability and duty of care

●      Positive role modelling healthy of lifestyle choices and providing trustworthy information and resources

●      Supporting children to achieve the best outcomes through collaboration, inclusion and the learning framework ‘My Time, Our Place’

Empowerment is supported by:

●      Providing fun and engaging opportunities for learning and development

●      Encouraging children’s agency and expression

●      Challenging bias, positive role modeling and advocating for inclusion

●      Nurturing, supporting, and respecting children’s individual identities

Belonging is supported by:

●      Ensuring an equitable, inclusive, respectful, reliable and welcoming care environment

●      Fostering connections built on trust, communication and respect with each other and our community

●      Encouraging and role modelling responsibility and cultural awareness

“Once a Biz – E – Kid, Always a Biz – E – Kid!”