School Council Reporting

2018 NMPS School Council - Election of Office Bearers & Committee Convenors

April 2018

Office bearers

President: Hayley Sandpearl

Vice-President: Pam Newton

Secretary: Genevieve Kelly

Treasurer: Pam Newton

Committee Convenors

Buildings and Grounds: Paul Von Chrismar (Con), Tyson Smith, Hayley Sandpearl

OSHC/Biz e Kids: Tom McCormick, Cat Coley (Convenor), Genevieve Kelly

Finance: Leon Prentice, Cat Coley, Pam Newton (C), Sally Karlovic 

Education: Brent McDonald, Sarah Nightingale (C), Mandy Coulson, Georgette Antonas, Hayley Sandpearl, Niroshini John, Jed Corbett

Parents & Friends:Mandy Coulson, Georgette Antonas (C)


Election Results-Declaration of Poll, March 2018

From Sarah Nightingale, Acting Assistant Principal

Thank you to all parents who expressed interest in contributing to our school in this important way.
Last week,  the election ballots for the Parent Member Category were counted and I would like to congratulate the following people who have been elected on School Council for 2018:

  • Pam Newton
  • Hayley Sandpearl 
  • Niroshini Kennedy 
  • Georgette Antonas

The number of vacancies for the Department of Education & Training (DET) Employee Member Category matched the number of nominations, therefore the elected DET employee members are:

  • Tom McCormick 
  • Sarah Nightingale

I would also like to thank all the departing councillors for their hard work and commitment to NMPS.


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