School Council 2019

Our first meeting for 2019 was held on Thursday 28 March in the evening where we presented the 2018 Annual Report to the school  community.

The 2018 report can be found on our website as well as past reports: ANNUAL REPORTS


Our 2019 School Council Members are: 


Joy Cassidy

Nick Oliver

Laura Lynch

Brent McDonald

Paul Von Chrismar

Pam Newton

Georgette Antonas

Gen Kelly

Staff Members:  Sarah Nightingale, Matthew Schouten, Sally Karlovic, Tyson Smith, Tom McCormick

Co-opted Members: Megan Cusack & TBA

Position Holders: Nomination for President - Pam Newton, Nomination for Vice President - Paul Von Chrismar, Minute taker - Gen Kelly


Our School Committees are:  

Finance Committee

Pam Newton (C), Sarah Nightingale, Anne Wrigley, Matt Schouteten, Tyson Smith, Sally Karlovic, Nick Oliver


Parents and Friends Committee

Georgette Antonas (C), Joy Cassidy, Gen Kelly


Building and Grounds Committee

Paul Von Chrismar (C), Laura Lynch, Tyson Smith, Sally Karlovic, Megan Cusack, Cat Coley


Education Committee

Sarah Nightingale (C), Gen Kelly, Matt Schouteten, Brent McDonald, Gabrielle Panozzo, Ben Frater


Biz-E-Kidz Committee

Tom McCormick (C), Sally Karlovic, Nick Oliver, Sharon Goodwin