School Council 2021

Our 2021 School Council Members are: 

President: Melinda Green

Vice President: Megan Cusack

Treasurer: Nick Sissions

Secretary: Gen Kelly

Parent Members: 

Nuary Tasci, Melinda Green, Noriko Yamazaki, Nick Sissons, Simeon Branca, Emily Miller, Joy Cassidy, Megan Cusack

School Employee Members: Sarah Nightingale, Hilary Guymer, Kristen Pepyat, Gabrielle Panozzo

School Community Members: Amith Nag Dasari, Genevieve Kelly

The School Council plays a key role in enhancing the educational opportunities for all students and strengthening community bonds. All School Councils are encouraged to have a number of sub committees to assist in the work that needs to be done. Sub Committees provide advice and make recommendations to School Council.



The Sub Committees formed for North Melbourne Primary School are listed below with School Council membership.

Finance: Nick (convenor), Sarah, Megan, Amith

Biz-E-Kidz: Joy (convenor), Kristen, Melinda, Sarah

Parents & Friends: Simeon (convenor), Emily, Gen, Hilary

Education: Sarah (convenor), Gabi, Nuray, Kristen, Melinda, Amith, Nick

Building & Grounds: Noriko (convenor), Sarah, Emily, Amith, Hilary, Joy

We encourage non-school council members to join the Parents & Friends Sub Committee to continue to strengthen our community engagement. If you are interested in joining please contact the school or reach out to Simeon directly.



Our 2020 School Council Members are: 


Sally Naylor, Paul Von Chrismar, Genevieve Kelly, Nick Oliver, Joy Cassidy, Laura Lynch, Sarah Nightingale, Megan Cusack, Melinda Green, Hilary Guymer, Gemma Bamworth, Kirsten Pepyat, Nuray Tasci, Simeon Branca, Will Chang

President: ​Melinda Green

Vice President: ​Megan Cusack 

Minute Secretary:​ Gen Kelly



Finance Committee​

Convenor: Sally Karlovic
Members: Anne Wrigley, Sarah Nightingale, Wil Chang, Nick Oliver

Meeting time: 5:30 pm, Thursdays, one week before School Council



Convenor: Joy Cassidy
Members: Kristen Pepyat, Gemma Bamforth, Melinda Green, Sally Karlovic 

Meeting time: 8 am, Monday morning, week of School Council


Parents & Friends Committee 

Convenor: Simeon Branca
Members: Gen Kelly, Joy Cassidy, Hilary Guymer
Meeting time: 7:30 pm, Tuesday, one week before School Council


Education Committee

​Convenor: Sarah Nightingale
Members: Kristen Pepyat, Nuary Tasci, Laura Lynch, Melinda Green, Gemma Bamforth 

Meeting time: 8 am, Tuesday morning, week of School Council


Buildings & Grounds Committee

​Convenor: Paul von Chrismar
Members: Joy Cassidy (Active transport subcommittee), Megan Cusack, Hilary Guymer, Sally Karlovic, Sarah Nightingale
Meeting time: 8 am, Friday morning, one week before School Council

Contact Details

If you wish to make contact with any of the above council members please email on this address marked attention to the Committee Convenor. 





Our 2019 School Council Members are: 


Joy Cassidy, Nick Oliver, Laura Lynch, Brent McDonald, Paul Von Chrismar, Pam Newton, Georgette Antonas, Gen Kelly.

Staff Members:  Sarah Nightingale, Matthew Schouten, Sally Karlovic, Tyson Smith, Tom McCormick

Co-opted Members: Megan Cusack & TBA

Position Holders: Nomination for President - Pam Newton, Nomination for Vice President - Paul Von Chrismar, Minute taker - Gen Kelly


Our School Committees are:  

Finance Committee

Pam Newton (C), Sarah Nightingale, Anne Wrigley, Matt Schouteten, Tyson Smith, Sally Karlovic, Nick Oliver


Parents and Friends Committee

Georgette Antonas (C), Joy Cassidy, Gen Kelly


Building and Grounds Committee

Paul Von Chrismar (C), Laura Lynch, Tyson Smith, Sally Karlovic, Megan Cusack, Cat Coley


Education Committee

Sarah Nightingale (C), Gen Kelly, Matt Schouteten, Brent McDonald, Gabrielle Panozzo, Ben Frater


Biz-E-Kidz Committee

Tom McCormick (C), Sally Karlovic, Nick Oliver, Sharon Goodwin