“Biz – E – Kidz” is the outside school hours care service at North Melbourne Primary School. We offer Before School Care and After School Care during school terms, Pupil Free Day Care on the Schools Pupil Free Days and Vacation Care during school holidays.

Biz – E – Kidz provides a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for children to join in a range of activities including art and craft, cooking, games, sports, science, and more.  Children can choose between program activities, create their own using a broad range of equipment or play with friends.

Biz – E – Kidz operates over both campuses, we currently offer

  • Juniors after school care for grades prep to two at the Molesworth Street campus
  • Seniors after school care for grades three to six at the Errol Street campus
  • Before school care for all grade level at the Errol Street campus (grades prep to two are walked by Biz – E – Kidz educators to the Molesworth street campus before the commencement of school) 
  • Vacation care for all grade levels at the Errol Street campus

2023 Family Handbook

Biz – E – Kidz Philosophy

At Biz – E – Kidz we see our commitments, values and beliefs as embedded in the concepts of wellbeing, empowerment, and belonging.

Wellbeing is supported by:

  • Prioritising safety, health, hygiene, and happiness
  • Our commitment to providing a child-safe environment and zero tolerance of child abuse
  • Providing a professional, flexible and dependable service to children and families
  • Building dependable and safe relationships with children and families
  • Practicing mindful, attentive and observant supervision of children
  • Accountability and duty of care
  • Positive role modelling healthy of lifestyle choices and providing trustworthy information and resources
  • Supporting children to achieve the best outcomes through collaboration, inclusion and the learning framework ‘My Time, Our Place’

Empowerment is supported by:

  • Providing fun and engaging opportunities for learning and development
  • Encouraging children’s agency and expression
  • Challenging bias, positive role modelling and advocating for inclusion
  • Nurturing, supporting, and respecting children’s individual identities

Belonging is supported by:

  • Ensuring an equitable, inclusive, respectful, reliable and welcoming care environment
  • Fostering connections built on trust, communication and respect with each other and our community
  • Encouraging and role modelling responsibility and cultural awareness

Once a Biz-E-Kid, Always a Biz-E-Kid

National Quality Rating

In February 2021, Biz-E-Kidz underwent routine assessment and rating under the National Quality Framework.
Biz-E-Kidz achieved an overall rating of ‘Exceeding’, by achieving the assessment of ‘Exceeding’ in all seven Quality Areas. This was an improvement on our previous Quality and Assessment Rating in 2015 of ‘Exceeding’ in four out of seven Quality Areas. 

Biz-E-Kidz is currently working towards applying for the ‘Excellent’ Rating which is only open to services that achieve ‘Exceeding’ in all seven Quality Areas of the NQF. 

Any constructive feedback from families regarding our service is greatly appreciated as we work towards our ‘Excellent’ application.

For more information on the National Quality Framework and the assessment and rating process, please visit the ACECQA website https://www.acecqa.gov.au/