Auslan at NMPS

Previously North Melbourne Primary School has facilitated a LOTE program encompassing Auslan teaching. In 2024, we have engaged with Auslan Education Services (AES) to continue our LOTE program for students across all year levels.

The program is delivered in video-form presented by deaf adults and is designed for Prep to Year Six students following the Australian Curriculum. There are follow up activities and lessons which teachers will work through together with students. Teachers have received training from the team at AES and are excited to learn Auslan alongside the students.

As all year levels are learning similar content and topics, we encourage you to speak with you child about their Auslan learnings each week and to support them to practise at home.

Further information about Auslan Education Services can be found here.

Term 1 Curriculum Overview

During Term 1 in Auslan, students will learn about:
‘What is Auslan?’ (Australian Sign Language). Auslan is a signed language using the hands, with no voice, which is used by the Deaf Community. They will learn the Auslan Alphabet, and frequently used signs associated with Colours, Family, School, Farm Animals, and Describing Animals. The students will also learn to sign Numbers in Auslan using their dominant (writing) hand. The topics taught are the core for future learning in Auslan.

This learning will be introduced through explicit sign teaching videos, games, stories, and group practice. Learning Auslan involves both expressive (signing) and receptive understanding skills (reading back what others’ sign), hence activities were designed to develop these skills. The students were encouraged to participate in lesson related activities and to share their learning and understanding with their peers and teacher.

At this level, along with increased expectation regarding non-voicing, the students are taught to respond and ask questions in Auslan. They are encouraged to work independently in some activities with a partner and learn to comprehend Auslan in stories developing their receptive/’reading back’ skills.