My child doesn’t have an iPad, do I have to join the iPad program? No you do not have to purchase an iPad for your child to use. iPads are available for lease from the school at a cost of $160 per year.

If I lease an iPad, can my child take it home? Yes. The iPad can be taken home during the lease period if you wish – although please add this to your home and contents insurance as you will be liable for any damage or loss at home. It can also be left at school if you prefer.

Can my child bring an Android or generic tablet? Unfortunately we not yet able to set up Android or generic devices at school. Our school infrastructure has been developed for the use of iPads (several examples include the use of JAMF Management System, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Airplay/Apple TVs, Apple Classroom). Our teachers are also trained to teach with Apple technology.

Which iPad should I buy? An iPad running IOS 17+ and with 64GB+ of storage space available for school use. Please note that the iPad mini screen is too small to be used for certain educational situations, such as NAPLAN online.

My child already has an iPad, can we use that? Yes providing it is running IOS 17+. Please ensure there is enough storage space on it for school use.

What apps should I purchase and install so I am ready for school? None. The school provides all apps.

Do I need to create an Apple ID or any other accounts? No. An Apple ID is not required for school. However, if you wish to set up Apple Screen Time for home, an Apple ID is required.

Will the iPad be safe at school? The school is a safe place however we accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of iPads and recommends that parents ensure their devices are fully covered by their home insurance. We also recommend parents set up iCloud on their Apple Devices which helps locate devices if they are misplaced.

Will my child be using the iPad all day? No. Just like pencils, paper, concrete materials, books, rulers and calculators, iPads are one of many tools used to help students learn. During unit planning, teaching teams carefully consider which tools can be used to enhance or personalise student learning.

What about handwriting? Students will continue to write with paper and pencils and work to improve their handwriting.

I’m concerned about internet safety? Please read the safety section above. The easiest way to reduce risks is to Set up Apple Screen Time, restrict 13+ apps, monitor your child’s iPad use and keep the device in shared areas of the home.

What kind of things will my child be using technology for? As a general guide, technology lends itself to creative responses, reading & research. Technology is also an important tool for personalising learning. In other learning areas they are most likely to be used when capturing their learning, recording a thought, explaining a concept, or creating a project.

Where do I go for technical support? Believe it or not, but restarting an iPad or restoring it to factory settings fixes most problems. The Apple support page is without doubt the most comprehensive support available and should be the first place to look when troubleshooting. You can also contact our school ICT Technician.

I have more questions! Please contact the school via the “contact us” tab.