Term 3 Performing Arts Curriculum Overview


Weekly Performing Arts (Drama) sessions combine guided dramatic play with active storytelling. Encouraging self-expression, imagination and creativity, classes include group activities conducted in an inclusive fashion, with an emphasis on active participation… and having fun! Drama fosters co-operative play skills; using bodies and voices to explore ideas; creative thinking; engaging in narrative through stories and songs. In Term 3, Prep students will start to explore elements of dramatic conflict in stories and scenarios as well as how to present a performance to an audience using voice, rehearsed actions and with attention to basic stagecraft.

Year 1 & 2

Drama for Year 1s and 2s continues to emphasise co-operative play skills and working together. Students will participate in a range of drama activities, guided role-plays and will explore how scenarios and stories can be presented to an audience. Given the skills and guidance to devise, interpret and perform stories together, students are encouraged to use their voices, faces and bodies to communicate and express ideas and to establish and sustain roles. Students will also be following direction and collaborating to create theatrical tableaux and images to explore how these can be used to present a story’s key ideas and core dramatic moments to an audience.

Year 3 & 4

In Term 3, students will continue to build their performing arts skills through games, activities, and group work. With an emphasis on presenting and performing, students will build on the theatrical skills and techniques they explored in Semester 1 to devise and rehearse short, scripted and improvised performance pieces. They will continue to explore the essential building blocks of drama including conflict, emotion, power dynamics, and the role these elements play in a performance.

Year 5

In Term 3, Year 5 students will further their exploration of stock characters in theme-based drama. Looking at a variety of devised scenarios and interactions that they contributed ideas towards and created in Term 2, students will work on portraying stock characters in short scenes as well as in chorus/ensembles. With an emphasis on the development of performance skills, a major focus focus will be on creating a devised, theme-based performance for an audience, and exploring how this could be staged in a variety of ways.

Year 6

In Term 3, Year 6s will be further developing their work looking at stock characters and devised theatre. They will complete their work on the collaborative Italian/Drama Commedia project and then draw on material from this project to improvise ideas and create a variety of small performance pieces. Through group and ensemble work, the focus will be on devising short performances for an audience in a variety of mediums and theatrical settings.


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