English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL Teacher Hailey Painter

If students are plurilingual, and speak additional languages at home, they will be assessed by their classroom teachers to see whether they would benefit from extra English Literacy support – EAL classes.

EAL classes are fun, interactive lessons where students get to do a broad variety of English Language Experiences. The classes are small in size, usually less than ten students. These interactive lessons are designed to help students build their vocabulary and improve their skills in Listening & Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Classes might include doing plays with puppets, story time, art & craft, science experiments, cooking, exploring books, acting out words and stories, writer’s workshops, sharing and discussing real artefacts, singing action songs and more.

EAL classes occur a couple of times a week, depending on the needs of our students. Students graduate from the EAL class once their proficiency in English allows them to take on the challenges of classroom activities with independence and success.