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Italian Mask making for a performance

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

This semester student will participate in classroom interactions to reinforce prior learning and to explore a new language.


Through engagment with the text, Aiuto! Un topo! (Help! A mouse!), students will learn family members, reproduce sounds of the Italian language and participate in class play using the target language.

Students will also be engaging with a familiar text Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) in Italian. Through various activities and games, students will become familiar with the text in the target language and notice aspects of simple sentence structures and the placement of adjectives.

Year 1

Using gestures to assist, students will learn how to recite an oral story in Italian called La chiave del Regnio (The Key to the Kingdom). Students will participate in class games and activities based on the story in order to practice the target language.

Students will also engage with a written text in Italian, ‘Io’ by Emma Dodd, noticing adjectives and new phrases and vocabulary. Students will be learning a role-play of the story, working in small groups and presenting to the class.