Welcome to the library!
All students have an opportunity to visit the library with their class weekly.

The library is always open before and after school and at first playtime every day, so there is plenty of time to borrow and return even if it’s not your “library day”.

Preps can borrow two books and older students can borrow four books at a time.

How to find a book in our collection

The library catalogue can be searched online here: http://bookmark.central.sa.edu.au/nmps.htm

This term we are familiarising ourselves with the library space. The Preps will learn where the picture books and nonfiction books are located, while Year 1 and 2 will explore the nonfiction more deeply, beginning to understand the Dewey Decimal system and library classifications. Year 2 will also be introduced to our ‘Bridging novels’ collection which are great first chapter books for new readers.

All students will become more familiar with common library terms like browsing and searching, borrowing, returning, on loan, and on hold.

Throughout the term, there are a number of national and international celebrations that we will explore in the library, including Library Lover’s day in February and Cultural Diversity Week in March.

Alice Bluer, Librarian: alice.bluer@education.vic.gov.au