At NMPS, teachers follow a research-based lesson structure when teaching Maths.

The lesson structure has four components:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Introduction
  3. Student Activity
  4. Reflection

In Number, NMPS does not focus on traditional algorithms alone as was done in the past. Instead, we have a focus on teaching the properties & mental computation strategies associated with the four operations. Please see the following documents; ‘Addition Properties & Mental Strategies’, ‘Subtraction Properties & Mental Strategies’, ‘Multiplication Properties & Mental Strategies’ and ‘Division Properties & Mental Strategies’ to see what is involved in each of the operations.

Problem-solving has also changed. In the past, problem-solving consisted of converting a written problem into an algorithm and solving it. At NMPS, students are taught to use 11 problem-solving strategies that they can apply to solve particular mathematical problems. Please see the following document, ‘Problem Solving Strategies’ to see what each strategy entails.