Mid-year 2024 and 2025 Year 1-6 Enrolments

If you are enrolling your child in Year 1-6 for the following school year, we request that enrolments are submitted by 31 October. This will enable class placement and therefore will allow students to be involved in Whole School Transition Day.

Step 1:  Find out which local school you are zoned to

You will first need to confirm that North Melbourne Primary School is your designated neighbourhood school using the Find My School Website.

For further information on our NMPS School Zone, please refer to the following page:

Step 2: Complete an Enrolment Form or Application Form 

If your residential address is zoned to North Melbourne Primary School, you will need to complete the Enrolment form in full and return it to our school office, along with the supporting documentation listed on the enrolment checklist.  

Please note that enrolment applications may not be successful if the requested documentation is not provided.

Outside the NMPS School Zone: Complete Application Form 

If your address falls outside North Melbourne Primary School zone, or you are applying for multiple schools you may wish to complete an Application Form, as an expression of interest.

Please note that North Melbourne Primary School is heavily zoned and applications outside the zone, may not be successful. 

Step 3: Submit your enrolment/ application form 

Once you have completed the enrolment form and have hard copies of all supporting documentation outlined on the enrolment checklist please deliver to:

Attention: Enrolment Officer

North Melbourne Primary School

210 Errol Street

North Melbourne VIC 3051

Further Information:

When Can My Child Start School?

Once all requested information is received and checked students can usually commence school within three to five days if enrolling mid-year. International students travelling on tourist visas or other visas not covered by Victorian Government funding need to apply for any study at a Victorian school through https://www.study.vic.gov.au/en/international-student-program/Pages/default.aspx

What Year Will My Child Be In?

A child can begin Prep if they turn five in that year by 30 April.

Year2024 Birthday date range for year level2025 Birthday date range for year level
Prep01/05/2018 and 30/04/201901/05/2019 and 30/04/2020
Year 101/05/2017 and 30/04/201801/05/2018 and 30/04/2019
Year 201/05/2016 and 30/04/201701/05/2017 and 30/04/2018
Year 301/05/2015 and 30/04/201601/05/2016 and 30/04/2017
Year 401/05/2014 and 30/04/201501/05/2015 and 30/04/2016
Year 501/05/2013 and 30/04/201401/05/2014 and 30/04/2015
Year 601/05/2012 and 30/04/201301/05/2013 and 30/04/2014

What to do if you have just arrived in Australia or moved to North Melbourne? 

Students who have been in Australia for less than 18 months (six months for Years 1 to 6), and who are not Australian citizens, have the opportunity to attend an English Language School.  We can arrange for an English Language Assessment to determine if they require additional support for their language development.  If following an assessment it is determined that a child will significantly benefit from supportive English language schooling, when a placement becomes available, families will be directed to an English Language School for one or two terms before returning to North Melbourne Primary School.  These are local primary schools following the Victorian curriculum with a focus on students where English is an additional language. 

Further information can be found at Western English Language School  https://www.esl-wels.vic.edu.au/  or Collingwood English Language School http://www.collingwoodels.vic.edu.au.  These assessments can be arranged by North Melbourne Primary School.

What happens next?

Once you have completed the Enrolment Application form and have attached copies of all supporting documents, please post or deliver hard copies to North Melbourne Primary School for checking and processing by Student Administration.

Receipt acknowledgement of the enrolment form and accompanying documents will be confirmed by e-mail.