Year One Team are: Aaron, Kristen, Cat, Sarah, Kate, Megan, and Natalie

Term 4 Overview


Last term we worked on identifying important ideas in a text and retelling them in an organised way (retelling and summarising) and recognising nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in texts. This term we are working on understanding learning through literacy differentiating between prior knowledge we already have on a topic and new information we gained from a text. We will also be working on reading skills so students can automatically recognise frequent words and recognising when a substituted word doesn’t make sense, and to reread and self-correct.


Last term in Writing we were focusing on generating and developing ideas independently through the writer’s notebook. We also introduced self-editing skills that we will continue to develop throughout term 4. These skills include presenting texts legibly as well as re-reading for meaning and editing our own writing. In addition to editing skills we will also be encouraging students to explore their own voice in writing, conveying their personal opinions through words and pictures.


This term students will begin exploring the Measurement concepts of Length, Capacity and Mass. Students will be able to identify, compare and order which objects or containers weigh more, hold more and are longer than other objects. Students will use informal units to explore these measurement concepts. We will then focus on the place value of numbers, to build on student knowledge of Number, modelling, reading, writing, recording and ordering numbers to 100. Revision of addition and subtraction problem solving strategies will be an area of focus, including
counting on, making tens, partitioning and rearranging parts. We will also revisit how to represent and record data with objects and drawings where one object or drawing represents one data value and how to describe and reflect on the data.

Word Study and Handwriting

When returning to onsite learning, students will participate in word study lessons each week. These lessons cover handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation. In Year One, we focus on the correct formation, position and sizing of letters. Students will explore a wide variety of concepts including punctuation, nouns, vowel sounds, word tense, spelling patterns and phonics. We have had a big focus on learning about digraphs (2 letters that make one sound eg – ch, sh, th, wh) and letter blends (sl, tr), which we will continue this term. Other areas we will be looking at are prefixes, suffixes and word families, such as play, played, playing.

Other Learning Areas (OLA)

In OLA this term, we will be focusing on Science. We will be learning about: science in our everyday lives, looking at materials and their properties and how materials can be physically changed or combined with other materials in a variety of ways for particular purposes. Once we return onsite, we are planning to participate in hands-on investigations and experiments to help us learn about chemical science.


Whilst remote, students will continue to engage in a weekly fun webEx with their teacher and classmates, with the aim of keeping one another connected. As we transition back to onsite learning, students will continue to engage in one Respectful Relationship lesson per week, focussing on skills and strategies to support our emotional and social wellbeing. We continue to use the Bucket Filler language in our classrooms. At Junior assemblies (remote and onsite), Values awards will be given out by Principal Sarah to students who have been identified by teachers as showing that particular value. Each week will be a different value focus across the school. Remember our values are Responsible, Inclusive, Sagacious and Ethical.


Special Dates in Term 4

● Week 1- Monday 4th October Curriculum Day (no school)

● Week 3 – Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd, Return to Onsite for Year One (2 days)

● Week 5- Tuesday 2nd November Melbourne Cup Day (no school)

● Week 6 – Monday 8th November, Return to Onsite Mon – Fri for all students (5 days)

● Week 10- Friday 17th December Last day Of school (early finish)



● Sarah Connors will continue teaching 1D on Wednesdays and 1C on Thursdays.

Whilst we are remote:

● Please feel free to contact us via Compass or email to make an appointment or time for a phone

call if you would like to discuss your child’s learning.

● We prefer that you do not use Seesaw for parent-teacher communication, as messages can be

easily missed.

● Students are welcome to utilise the Reading Eggs program at home.

● EPIC is accessible only during school hours

● Mathseeds access is no longer available to NMPS (this was a free trial for term 3).


When we return to site:

● Sunsmart Hats (wide brimmed – caps are not suitable) are compulsory term 4.

● Students can bring sunscreen to school, however teachers cannot assist with the


● Please label your child’s clothing.

● We encourage all students to be reading at home and swapping over their take home

text daily in their blue home reader bags.

At this stage Parent Helpers are unable to proceed, however, we look forward to Parent Helpers

restarting when possible.