Teaching Team

This Term we are very happy to welcome Karen Li to NMPS. Karen will be teaching 1D for the remainder of this year.
1A – Shaun Andrews shaun.andrews@education.vic.gov.au
1B – Kate Morris Katherine.Morris2@education.vic.gov.au
1C – Yolanda Andrews Yolanda.Andrews@education.vic.gov.au (Mon-Wed)
Jane McCracken Jane.McCracken@education.vic.gov.au (Thurs-Fri)
1D – Karen Li Karen.Li2@education.vic.gov.au

Term 2 Curriculum

Students will learn to use evidence from a text to create and explain visualisations. They will learn to infer cause and effect related to characters’ feelings and motivations and identify important ideas in a text and report them in an organised way. Students will also continue to participate in guided reading groups to support their reading development at their point of need.

In Writer’s Workshop, students will build and develop their spelling strategies, starting with the Magic Word lists. They will also be focussing on using topic-specific language in their writing to strengthen their pieces. They will continue to complete a variety of text types that showcase their understanding of the writing traits; word choice, ideas, voice, sentence fluency, organisation and conventions. Students will be encouraged to work with a teacher through conferencing to set goals and take ownership of their pieces.

Students will be continuing to develop their knowledge of numbers to 100. They will represent and solve addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, making tens, partitioning and rearranging parts. Students will explore the features of Australian coins according to their value and will use money in everyday situations. They will also investigate and describe number patterns formed by skip counting by 2s, 5s & 10s.

Term 2’s ‘Other Learning Area’ will be History. Students will start the term exploring their personal histories, before moving on to sharing their families and then the history of our wider community. Understandings will be focussed on identifying features of the past and comparing them to the present. We encourage you to discuss your own personal history with your child so that they may be better prepared to share these with the class.

Students will continue to focus on their own mental and physical wellbeing. We will continue to set aside time to ensure that all social and emotional aspects of their lives are being cared for.
The Year 1 team will continue to extend and support our students across all learning areas.