Year 2 Teaching Team

Teaching Team

The Year 2 Team: Jen, Kim, Trent, Tom & Kaajal

We welcome new staff members, Kaajal and Trent to the Year two team, and farewell Helen and Amanda. Please make sure to introduce yourself to the new Team members and feel free to contact us via Compass if you have any further queries.

 2A Jen

2B Kim 

2C Trent

2D Tom

2E Kaajal

Term 3 Curriculum


Students have commenced this term in Reading by looking at retelling and summarising fiction texts. They will focus on the main elements of narratives (orientation, problem and solution) and use strategies which focus on these to help them structure their retelling. Students will also look at how to find key facts in non-fiction texts that support the main idea. We will then move on to focus on monitoring reading.  

In Writing, students will build on the writing routines established in Semester One. Students will begin to use their own Writer’s Notebooks to develop ideas for writing based on ‘seeds’, personal experiences, imagination or research. We encourage students to continue to bring/photograph anything they can use as a ‘seed’ into school.  Throughout the term, students will continue to work through the writing process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing to produce pieces for their Writer’s Gift. During mini-lessons and small group conferences, students will develop their writing voice and vocabulary. Students will be encouraged to experiment with different types of writing as they work towards honing their individual writing style. They will focus on choosing interesting and topic specific words to engage their audience. The focus on writer’s voice and word choice will support students to create writing pieces that meet their chosen purpose for writing. 

In Word Study this term we will be focusing on applying the appropriate knowledge of phonemes and letter-sound matches when reading unknown or unfamiliar words. During this teaching program students will explore silent letters, trigraphs, vowel digraphs, common long vowels, prefixes and simple suffixes. There is time during word study sessions for explicit teaching and practise of these and students are also expected to apply this in their individual writing time. We continue to encourage practise of spelling words at home.

Students will continue to learn in targeted reading and writing groups, alongside building their capacity for independent literacy learning.


In Maths this term students will commence the term looking at both multiplication and division. In Year Two it is expected that students show their understanding of multiplication and division by being able to correctly recognise skip counting patterns forwards and backwards by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s from any starting point. Recognise that multiplication can be represented as repeated addition, groups and arrays. From there we will look at division as the concept of sharing items into groups. Any practise of skip counting, multiplication and sharing they can do at home will be beneficial!