Year 3 Teaching Team

3A: Louise

3B: Elly & Josie

3C: Moira

3D: Ari

3E: Mike

3F: Matilda

Curriculum Overview Term 4

The Y3 team is really excited about term four- in fact it may well even be in the top four of terms we have had this whole year!


In Term 4 students will be practising the strategy of synthesising or comparing prior knowledge with new information from the text, to generate deeper understandings of topics. Students will also investigate  the impact of some visual techniques in texts on the audience, including angle, distance, gaze (offer and demand). They will continue to work on  recognising  a large bank of high frequency and monosyllabic words rapidly and automatically. Monitoring meaning and self-correcting by combining phonic, semantic and grammatical knowledge to crosscheck, confirm and reread will be ongoing.


In Term 4, students will continue to utilise the Writer’s Workshop as they think, plan, draft, edit/revise and publish their written texts, applying a range of spelling strategies through their work. Students will focus on identifying their writing’s intended purpose and targeted audience to appropriately publish and present their work. They will also be exploring and comparing different writing styles as they continue to develop their own individual writer’s voice. 

Speaking & Listening

In Term 4, students will be planning and delivering short presentations. In the presentations, students will provide key details in logical sequence, using appropriate tone, pace, pitch and volume. They will focus on listening and contributing to discussions to share information and ideas. Students will be deepening their interaction skills in collaborative situations , by ensuring they are active listeners and have clear and coherent communications. 


In Term 4, students will explore and conduct chance experiments to understand the probability of outcomes occurring and collect, organise and create graphical data representations of their own investigations. They will understand the Australian money system and calculate transactions to the nearest five cents and create simple grid maps that will be interpreted to show position and pathways of planned routes. They will also be learning how to measure, order and compare the mass, capacity and volume of objects, whilst learning how to tell time to the nearest minute and calculate elapsed time. 


This Term the students will be delving into the fascinating world of matter and its different states. They will be conducting some really fun experiments to observe what happens to particles when heat is either added or taken away, and will also be investigating the properties of different materials and their suitability for working with warm liquids.


In term 4, students will plan, create and communicate ideas and information both individually and with others. They will also focus on describing strategies to make the classroom and playground healthy, safe and active spaces. Students will also work on being able to describe factors that can positively influence relationships and personal wellbeing.