The Year 5 Team

From left- Emma, Brad, Hayley, Josie, and Hilary

5A – Hilary (PLT Facilitator)

5B- Brad Morin

5C- Josie Jones

5D- Hayley Pupetti

5E- Emma Hogarth

You are always welcome to meet with a Year 5 member of staff should you have any concerns or queries throughout the year. Please contact us in order to organise a mutually convenient time to meet.

Term 1 Curriculum Overview

We will begin the term settling into our classrooms and establishing learning routines consistent with our class Essential Agreements developed by students.


In Writing, students will establish their Writer’s Notebooks, using their entries to organise and develop their ideas for writing. Students will take part in Writer’s Workshops focusing on using the writing process to develop their knowledge of different genres. Emphasis will be placed on narrative and persuasive writing skills in preparation for NAPLAN, which will take place this term.  


In Reading, students will be focusing on the purpose of text structures and language features within imaginative, informative and persuasive texts as a means of conveying important information to the reader. Additionally, we will be introducing literacy circles to engage students in a ‘book club’ style group. Students will discuss events, characters and settings in fiction texts, and explain their responses to them. These groups will provide targeted teaching at point of need and aim to develop students’ interest and engagement in reading.


In Mathematics, the key focus will be on further developing students skills in Number, beginning with whole number and decimal Place Value, Addition and Subtraction then concluding the term with a unit on Multiplication and Division. Students will work on developing a deeper understanding of numbers through manipulating and renaming numbers, developing strategies which support mental computation and developing the accuracy and fluency of basic number facts. We will also be using Mangahigh, an interactive, adaptive maths website both in class and as a daily homework task to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.

Other Learning Areas

In Inquiry, students will be investigating Australian History, from pre-colonisation to the current day. Students will research and develop a project based on a variety of multimedia resources and experiences provided by the teaching team.


Upon settling back into a school routine, students will be introduced to the homework expectations for the year. Tasks will include a combination of Literacy and Numeracy activities to be submitted weekly. The tasks will be an extension of work being conducted at school and will generally not exceed one hour per week. Students’ homework routines should include at least 30 minutes of daily independent reading. Students will also be expected to complete 10 minutes of Mangahigh per day.


As you know, this term students will be completing NAPLAN. The test window is from Wednesday 15 March to Monday 27 March. Please make sure your child’s iPad is charged and that they bring headphones compatible with their device. If you have further questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. 

Please find attached to this post the Term 1 Template Timetable. This is a rough guide of the sessions for the week. Please use it as a guide only, as sessions are subject to change slightly on a day to day basis.