The Year 5 Team

From left- Emma, Brad, Hayley, Josie, and Hilary

5A – Hilary (PLT Facilitator)

5B- Brad Morin

5C- Josie Jones

5D- Hayley Pupetti

5E- Emma Hogarth

You are always welcome to meet with a Year 5 member of staff should you have any concerns or queries throughout the year. Please contact us in order to organise a mutually convenient time to meet.

Term 4 Curriculum Overview

In Writing, students will continue to participate in Writer’s Workshop, implementing the ‘Writing Process’ and the 6+1 Traits of Writing. Year 5 students will generate ‘seeds’ or ideas they can use to inspire their drafts. The focus this term will be on revising grammar and punctuation. Students will examine how to punctuate their writing to make meaning.  Additionally, they will look to develop more complex ideas and work to organise their ideas for their chosen purpose. 

In Reading, students will strengthen their comprehension skills by summarising and synthesising a variety of texts. They will critically analyse different texts to determine their reliability and examine why we need a variety of sources to make an informed opinion. Additionally, we will examine word origins, base words, affixes, and spelling patterns in word study. Literature circles will continue to foster engagement and discussions about reading. 

In Numeracy this term, students will be covering a range of topics beginning with Data Representation – collecting and organising data, creating graphs/charts and interpreting data by making observations. Following that, Grade 5 will move onto Geometric Reasoning – learning about angles, transformations and translations.  We will conclude the year in Numeracy with open-ended investigations to practise coding and problem-solving tasks.

In Inquiry, students will continue learning about Business and Economics. Over the course of the unit, students will need to create a business plan and budget for their dream business. They will create a prototype of their products and pitch their designs in a ‘dragon’s den/shark tank’-inspired presentation.  We are also looking to work with local businesses to learn more about the needs and wants of consumers in North Melbourne. If you are a business owner who would like to help out, we’d love your insights. 

In Wellbeing, we will continue to work through the Respectful Relationships component of the Victorian Curriculum. Specifically, students will be learning about the importance of positive self-talk and developing problem-solving strategies to deal with difficult and stressful situations. Students will be encouraged to engage in further Socrative Discussions, where they learn to listen to the opinions of others and respectfully respond with thoughts of their own. We will also be working with younger students from Year 1 as part of the Buddies program.

Homework expectations

Students will continue the homework expectations as set out in Semester 1. Tasks continue to include a combination of Literacy and Numeracy activities to be submitted weekly. The tasks will be an extension of work being conducted at school and will generally not exceed one hour per week. Students’ homework routines should include at least 30 minutes of daily independent reading. Students will also be expected to complete a MangaHigh and Doodle Spell task each week. An additional focus this term will be on student’s recall of multiplication facts, as some students are still consolidating their facts.