The Year 5 Team

5A Catherine Coley

5B Celeste Grifa

5C Ben Frater

5D Rachel Dowe

5E Hilary Guymer (PLT Facilitator)

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

This term, we are very excited to be commencing Cooking. This is a great opportunity for students to work collaboratively and engage with hands-on learning. We welcome any keen helpers to the kitchen, with an expression of interest sent out earlier this week. 

In Writing, students will participate in Writer’s Workshop, implementing the ‘Writing Process’ and the 6+1 Traits of Writing. Year 5 students will use their Writer’s Notebook to generate ‘seeds’ (ideas) they can use to inspire their drafts. This term, the focus will be on editing, revising and publishing writing to reach intended audiences with impact. Initially, students will be creating picture story books, which will include a link to our wellbeing unit on identifying and naming strong emotions. Additionally, students will continue to participate in mixed ability conferences to share their writing and receive individual feedback. 

In Reading, students will be using a range of comprehension strategies to enhance their understanding of a variety of texts. Firstly, students will use multiple sources of information, such as text evidence and quotes, to make meaningful inferences. Later in the term, students will focus on summarising and synthesising key information from a variety of texts about the same topic. Students will also need to compare and contrast different viewpoints and perspectives to deepen their understanding. Additionally, we will continue literature  circles to engage students in a ‘book club’ style discussion group. These groups provide targeted teaching and aim to develop students’ interest and engagement in reading. 

In Mathematics, students will be covering a range of topics in Number and Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Grade 5 students will be working within their home groups, and in a flexed learning environment, to target their individual learning needs. In Number and Algebra, we will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. Students will complete tasks targeting their individualised learning needs, whilst engaging in whole-class problem solving activities. Over the course of this unit, students will be using their mathematical knowledge to solve a Grade 5 mystery. Ask your child who they think stole the Flex cookies! Later in the term, students will investigate chance and probability by listing the outcomes of experiments. Additionally, in Geometry, students will estimate, measure, compare and classify angles using degrees. 

In Inquiry, students will be learning about Business and Economics. Over the course of the unit, students will need to create a business plan and budget for their dream business. We are also looking to work with local businesses to learn more about the needs and wants of consumers in North Melbourne. This unit will tie into the upcoming Twilight Fete in November with students getting real-world experience in the creation and selling of handmade crafts and treats. 

Homework Expectations

This term, students will continue the homework expectations set out earlier in the year, with the addition of weekly spelling activities.  Homework tasks include a combination of Literacy and Numeracy activities to be submitted weekly. The tasks will be an extension of work being conducted at school and will generally not exceed one hour per week. Students’ homework routines should include at least 30 minutes of daily independent reading. Students will also be expected to complete 10 minutes of Doodlemaths per day. The Doodle Maths catchphrase is ‘Doodle little and often’ –  and that is exactly what we are expecting from students.