Teaching Team

From left- Nick, Elly, Mike, Lizzie, Kristy, and Celeste

6A- Lizzie Wright

6B- Celeste Grifa

6C- Mike Griffiths (PLT facilitator)

6D- Nick Sell

6E- Elly Benjamin (M-Th)/ Kristy St.Clair (F)

Term 1 Curriculum Overview


In Writing, the students are starting the term by building a bank of great resources for their Writer’s Notebooks to support their generation of meaningful writing ideas. As the term goes on, the Year Sixes will be examining the structure of sentences to lay the foundations for rich writing that makes sense and is packed with good information. Once students have worked on building well-structured sentences, they will begin to think about the organisation of whole text types. 


Term one is a great opportunity to re-establish good reading routines, with an aim to get reciprocal reading groups up and running. These groups allow students to run their own reading discussions, focusing on comprehension strategies like predictions, summaries, imagining alternate perspectives and comparisons to other texts. These groups give students ownership over their learning and lead to meaningful practice of analysis and discussion. 

Reading groups are also an excellent place for students to refine their speaking and listening skills, and this term we are supporting students to make connections between their own experiences and those of characters and events represented in the texts they read. Students will also be exploring the complexity of formal interactions with the perfect setting to observe them in action – Australian Parliament!


In Maths, students are beginning the term with a focus on statistics, getting to know their fellow classmates through generating survey questions and comparing class results in a variety of representations including cluster graphs and pie charts. As Canberra approaches the students will turn their attention to using timetables and calculating elapsed time, and using cartesian coordinates in mapping. The term ends with looking at addition and subtraction with a particular focus on decimals and rounding.

Other Learning Areas

This term the Y6’s O.L.A. focus is civics and citizenship, the perfect precursor to their amazing excursion to Canberra in week six! Students will be exploring our particular system of government and comparing it to others around the world. They will also be investigating the notion of a ‘fair go’ and thinking whether all members of society are equally well-served by our model of government. To do this, students will be exploring a variety of texts, visuals and digital resources, refining their note taking skills and using question stems to aid their critical thinking.