Teaching Team

Image: Minus Stefan

6A Stef (available Monday and Tuesday)

6A Sarah(available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

6B Jane

6C Lizzie

6D Josie

6E Risa

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

We are so excited to welcome the Year 6 students back for Term 3. This term is full of exciting opportunities including Ski Camp and a science-focused excursion to the zoo. This term we are continuing to prepare the students for their high school transition as we have less than 100 days of Grade 6 left. We will be celebrating NAIDOC Week, Book Week and a range of sporting activities such as district events. Here is an overview of the teaching and learning we will be doing across our core teaching areas.

In Writing, students will be focusing on a range of topics that will build upon the skills taught in terms one and two.  They will create a variety of writing pieces focussing on maintaining consistency with tense(past, present, future), incorporating descriptive language to engage the reader, making thoughtful word choices (Tier 2 words and Tier 3 words) and presenting their finished pieces to suit the writing purpose.  This term there will be an added emphasis on punctuation, spelling, editing, revising, and publishing.

In Reading, students will consolidate and extend their skills through analysing,  evaluating, summarising and discussing texts in more depth through the introduction of Literature Circles. At the beginning of this term we have revised and refreshed the Literature Circle roles (Summariser, Detective, Questioner, Predictor, Connector, Literary Observer) and how to deepen their responses to reading using justifications. Students will follow along with class novels,  read a shared novel and have access to an independent text.

In Maths, students will be applying their mathematical knowledge across a range of projects. They will take on the role of travel agents, and plan out trips by reading timetables, calculating elapsed time, and solving real-world problems. We will then transition to geometry. The “Maze Runner” project enables students to explore angles in a fun and engaging way. Students will be designing and creating mazes to demonstrate their understanding of geometry.  Our final unit of the term, “The Aquarium,” focuses on the properties of measurement. Connecting with our science unit, students will expand their understanding of length, width, height, capacity, volume, temperature and mass by creating their own zoo exhibit.

In Science, students have begun with a project examining the properties of light. Students learnt how light is absorbed, reflected or refracted by different materials, focusing specifically on the natural materials on Wurundjeri land. Students then applied their understanding of light by creating a shelter appropriate for a chosen season, using materials they could find on the top oval play area. Our next unit of science focused on energy from a range of sources. Students examined the current Australian energy grid, the energy sources each state is using to ‘turn on the lights,’ and then applied their understanding of renewable energy sources to create a wind turbine that could lift a cup of water on its own. Our final unit of the term will focus on biology – the needs of living things and the adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive in an environment. Our learning will be strengthened by a trip to the Melbourne Zoo, where students will see real-world examples of adaptations across a range of animals.


This term we will be continuing our work in Respectful Relationships. Modules we will be focussing on are:

  • Problem-solving in life
  • Help-seeking strategies
  • Managing Stress
  • Social interactions and healthy relationships

The Year 6 team will continue to have high expectations of all students, encouraging goal setting and choosing tasks that challenge and extend themselves at every opportunity. 

High school transition

By now you should have received notification of your child’s Year 7 placement to their 2023 High School. If your child has been absent please ask them to collect their letter from their classroom teacher.  High Schools are now directly contacting you with further information.

The final year in primary school is a special time for students as they are encouraged to reflect on themselves as learners and strengthen their individual ‘toolkits’ ready to take on High School. Many opportunities arise in Year 6, as the students are encouraged to take on leadership and mentoring roles with the younger students, give back to the NMPS community and leave a legacy for future years.

Year 6 teaching team

Strengths of what we do in Year 6:

  • Flexible learning allows us to target children at all ability levels more effectively
  • Goal setting and conferencing with children regularly lets the children have a greater understanding of the next step in their learning
  • Access to a variety of teaching staff allows the children to learn from multiple sources and develop stronger relationships 
  • The use of the Upper Flex and Upper COMM gives the students practise in ‘self-regulating’ along with choice in which working zone will help them complete set tasks. 
  • Use of Google Classroom, Apple classroom and other file sharing APPS allow students to access learning resources and tasks at school & home, and at their own pace. It also allows transparency of what we are doing for families at home. 
  • Context driven learning greater prepares students for their life after primary school
  • Organisational skills, independence and personal responsibility are key focus points in Year 6 as we look to prepare your child for secondary school 
  • Student voice is a key element in all learning, where we allow the students to drive the context to their own interests