Teaching Team

From left- Nick, Elly, Mike, Lizzie, Kristy, and Celeste

6A- Lizzie Wright

6B- Celeste Grifa

6C- Mike Griffiths (PLT facilitator)

6D- Nick Sell

6E- Elly Benjamin (M-Th)/ Kristy St.Clair (F)

Term 3 Curriculum Overview

In Maths, students will be learning about fractions, decimals and percentages, percentage discounts (for example finding the best sale price on an item), mapping and location (particularly using cartesian planes), interpreting data, recognising and creating 3D objects and transformations of shape (e.g. reflections, rotations and translations). These key learning areas will be taught through explicit teaching, collaborative group learning and independent differentiated tasks. 

In Geography students will describe and explain the diverse characteristics of countries around the world. They will examine and interpret data such as graphs and tables, to learn about populations, human footprint/environmental issues and food sources. A major focus will be an ongoing research task where students will take the role of travel journalists, selecting a range of countries to visit. They will investigate and compare each country’s culture, natural resources, landforms and tourist sites. Accompanying this research project will be a creation of a diorama or model of an important landform or tourist site. 

In Reading this term we will be working on the different strategies authors use to influence or persuade readers in non-fiction texts. Students will firstly develop their ability to analyse and interpret how authors use language features, imagery, vocabulary and text structure to position the reader. The second skill is to identify and explain how analytical images contribute to our understanding of information in a text. The third is to identify, explain and justify the strategies authors use to influence readers towards different viewpoints. Each of these key skills will be taught through explicit lessons and our Literature Circle groups. The students will be provided with a new Literature Circle book which they will read across the term. 

In Writing, students will be focusing on unpacking writing seeds and working through the writing process, using mentor texts as rich examples of language to draw from. Following this, students will be engaged in a learning unit on poetry writing, learning a range of techniques and traditions for poetry writing around the world. Students will then be introduced to a weekly writing schedule where each day they will focus on a different trait of writing, from unpacking their ideas and planning on a Monday through to editing and revising their work on Friday. Throughout the week, students will practise strategies to improve structure, word choice and sentence fluency. 

In Wellbeing, students will be participating in Project Rockit’s SYNC program which empowers students to enter and navigate the digital world in a safe and exciting way. 

Across the term they will develop their ability to use self-talk in a positive way, communicate effectively with peers and adults both in person and online, and overcome challenging tasks and decisions.