Teaching Team

6A- Georgia Perkins

6B- Kim Ryan (PLT Facilitator)

6C- Kristen Pepyat (M-T)/ Emma Hogarth (Wed-Fri)

6D- Brad Morin

6E- Jane Leighton

Front row- Brad, Kristen & Emma; Back row- Kim, Jane, & Georgia

We hope you had a wonderful break and are ready for the busy, upcoming school term. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead supporting our students to reach their full potential in their final year at North Melbourne Primary School. You are always welcome to meet with a Year 6 member of staff should you have any concerns or queries throughout the year. Please contact us via Compass to organise a mutually convenient time to meet. 

Term 1 Curriculum Overview

We will begin the term settling into our classrooms and establishing learning routines consistent with our class Essential Agreements developed by students.

In Writing, students will establish their Writer’s Notebooks, using their entries to organise and develop their ideas for writing. Students will take part in Writer’s Workshops focusing on using the writing process to develop their knowledge of different genres. Emphasis will be placed on the structure of texts and using punctuation correctly within student writing.  

In Reading, students will be focusing on the purpose of text structures and language features within imaginative, informative and persuasive texts as a means of conveying important information to the reader. Additionally, we will be continuing literature circles to engage students in a ‘book club’ style group. Students will discuss events, characters and settings in fiction texts, and explain their responses to them. These groups will provide targeted teaching at point of need and aim to develop students’ interest and engagement in reading. There will be an emphasis on inferring, finding the main idea with supporting evidence and summarising fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Mathematics, the key focus will be on further developing students skills in Number, beginning with whole number and decimal Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, and concluding the term with a unit on Multiplication and Division. Students will work on developing a deeper understanding of numbers through manipulating and renaming numbers, developing strategies which support mental computation and developing the accuracy and fluency of basic number facts. We will also be using Maths Pathway. This is an online platform where students learn maths concepts through different modules based on the Victorian Curriculum. This program adapts tasks to create individualised learning opportunities based on a student’s mathematical needs. There is a strong emphasis on developing a positive mindset and effort. Students will require headphones for Maths Pathway so please ensure your child has them at school.

In the Other Learning Areas (OLA), students will be investigating Civics and Citizenship through mock elections. We will explore the different types of government around the world and learn the pros and cons of the different systems and processes.  

Homework expectations

Upon settling back into a school routine, students will be introduced to the homework expectations for the year. As NMPS policy states, there is no set homework tasks; however, students are asked to read daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. Teachers will be giving out a Reading Log for students to keep track of their efforts and parents will be asked to initial it. If students are unable to complete tasks in Maths Pathway, we will ask them to complete their modules at home to be up to date with their work so as to not fall behind. Students also have the option to work on further modules if they so choose at home.


Camp will be from 4th March – 8th March. It is at the Adventure Hub in Yarra Valley, with classes split into two groups. Information is available on Compass regarding payment. More details of the camp will be released in the coming weeks.

Sexual Health Education 

After positive feedback in 2023, this year we have once again partnered with Sexual Health Victoria. Year 6’s will engage in the Extension Program, a comprehensive Relationships & Sexuality Education programs which align with the Victorian and Australian Curriculum. 

Programs are delivered by experienced, trained SHV educators. Sessions will include information, activities, discussion and an opportunity for students to ask questions. 

An online parent information night is scheduled for Wednesday 21st Feb at 5:30pm. Please refer to Compass for further information.

Cyber Safety

NMPS has partnered with the Cyber Safety Project in 2024 to provide students, families and our teachers with education on how best to support the online learning of our students. On Thursday 22nd Feb, Year 6 students will be empowered to establish skills to self-manage their own digital lives in an interactive digital safety incursion. Students will uncover how easy it can be to overshare online and find ways to protect their privacy and personal data. Students will be made aware of social protocols online and will consider their responsibilities as online citizens by discussing how they can establish positive and respectful relationships online. Termly online parent Cyber Safety webinars are scheduled for our families throughout the year, please refer to Compass or our website for more information.

Please ensure that you complete all the Compass permissions. To allow students to use the iPad, read through the tech agreement with your child that is found on Compass.  It is important that students and families are aware of the expectations of using devices at school. Students will not be allowed to use iPads until the tech agreement is complete. 

 If you have any questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Phones and Smart Watch Policy

To continue on with our school’s ICT agreement, we are aware that many students have phones and/or apple watches. Students will not have access to them during the school day (8:45am-3:15pm) and will be collected by teachers and secured. This is per the Department of Education policy. If you do need to communicate with your child during the day please contact the Front Office.

Georgia, Kim, Kristen, Emma, Brad and Jane 

The Grade 6 Teaching Team