Teaching Team

From left- Nick, Elly, Mike, Lizzie, Kristy, and Celeste

6A- Lizzie Wright

6B- Celeste Grifa

6C- Mike Griffiths (PLT facilitator)

6D- Nick Sell

6E- Elly Benjamin (M-Th)/ Kristy St.Clair (F)

Term 2 Curriculum Overview

In Maths, students will be focused on strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. They will make connections between the powers of 10 and the multiplication and division of decimals. Comparison of fractions will also be a key area of focus in Maths as well as addition and subtraction of related fractions. 

In History students will be exploring activism and protest in Australia throughout the ages. They will be researching why people protest, what they protest about and how they protest. This will be used as a lens to discuss the history of civil rights, environmental issues, and Aboriginal history. Students will also get to learn about prominent activists and figures from a variety of communities and backgrounds. 

In Reading this term we will be working on 3 key skills. The first is visualising, where students will develop their ability to imagine images, sounds and more in their head. The second skill is to synthesise information from a range of written pieces. The third is to analyse a range of texts to understand the author’s purpose. Each of these key skills will be taught through explicit lessons and our literature circle groups. The students will be provided with a new literature circle book which they will read across the term. 

In Writing, students will be focusing on word choice, voice, and spelling. For word choice, students will implement direct and purposeful word choice to expand and enhance ideas, to add meaning, feeling and opinion to text types. Students will engage their readers by making unique and considered choices to demonstrate their personal voice. Students will also edit their work and apply a variety of spelling strategies to spell increasing complex words. These three topics will all be integrated into the Writers’ Workshop students are familiar with. 

In Wellbeing, students will be learning about postive coping and problem solving. Across the term they will develop their ability to use self-talk in a positive way, communicate effectively with peers and adults, and overcome challenging tasks and decisions