Auslan hands

Term 2 2019

For the first time at NMPS, the Preps and Year 1-3 students will build their vocabulary of lexical (stand-alone) signs on the following topics:



What is Auslan?

Auslan is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community, used for over 100 years by several people in the Deaf community. Auslan is a language just like any other spoken language in its own right, with its own grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. The only difference between Auslan and spoken languages is that it doesn’t involve speaking verbally, but rather signed using facial expressions, hand and body language. It has its own grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Benefits of Auslan to any child include increased memory retention, increased reading ability, growth in English language vocabulary, enhanced spelling proficiency and further brain development stimulation.

Auslan is currently offered once a week to the preps Grade 1-3 level.  The aim of the Auslan program this year is to give every child an introduction to the language, it’s users and the opportunity to learn a new skill and to have fun through a variety of games, movement activities, art, and songs.