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Camps Program

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Experiences (when Covid-19 restrictions are not in place)

Prep Camp Day

To help celebrate their first year at NMPS the prep students enjoy a ‘camp day’ at school under the guidance of their year 6 buddies. The year 6 buddies organise and run a series of fun activities at school for the prep students including art, sport, drama and other fun shared games. This culminates in a picnic together.

This camp takes place in Term 4.


Year 1 Camp Experience

The Year one students get a taste of independence as campers, whilst enjoying an evening at school. The children remain after school and take place in a series of incursions on rotation before enjoying a dinner together at school. Students are then picked up by their families in the evening.

This camp takes place in Term 3.


Year 2 Scienceworks Sleepover

As part of our NMPS camp programs and our exploration focus into science the grade two students attend a camp experience sleepover at Scienceworks. This is a great opportunity for your child to further develop social skills, independence, self-esteem and experience a night away. Families arrive at Scienceworks at 7pm and drop their children off to enjoy the museum without the public!  The sleepover includes:

  • A trip to the planetarium
  • A fun sleepover
  • Time in the exhibits before Scienceworks opens
  • A science program - linked to the current science program they are learning at NMPS

This camp takes place early in Term 3.


Year 3 Forest Edge Camp

Our year three students take it up a notch with a visit to Forest Edge in Neerim East. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to participate in a wide range of activities including camp cooking, river sledding, bushwalking, flying fox and much more!

Forest Edge is set in a beautiful bush environment, where the children enjoy two nights and three days working together and challenging themselves in the activities. There is a focus on teamwork and problem solving as the children work together to build huts and navigate their way through a series of initiatives courses.

This camp takes place late in Term 4.


Year 4 Anglesea Camp

We head to the surf coast for our year four camp, to enjoy sunny Anglesea in February. This is an outdoor education camp and the children will be staying in cabins. The camp has a range of activities students will find challenging, educational and engaging such as low ropes course, bike riding, archery, bushwalking, surfing and many more. It is an exciting outdoor orientated bush & beach camp in a stunning setting.

This camp takes place in February.


Year 5 Snow Camp

As part of the NMPS camp program the grade five students travel to Falls Creek to experience a snow based camp. We spend three days at the snow, staying on the mountain within walking distance of the chairlifts.

Children are given the choice of skiing or snowboarding lessons. We have 2 lessons from qualified instructors and then spend our time hitting the slopes and enjoying other wonders and attractions Falls Creek has to offer. This is an exciting and adventurous experience for all students, where the focus is on resilience.

This camp takes place in September.


Year 6 Canberra Camp

This camp is heavily linked to the civics & citizenship and science curriculum and is a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience many of our significant national buildings. The itinerary includes visits to the Australian War Memorial, National Arboretum, New Parliament House, Electoral Education Centre, Geoscience Education Centre, CSIRO Discovery Centre and Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre.

This camp takes place in Term 1.