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Term 4 2019


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After a busy Term 3 the Preps have presented their performances at our 2019 Arts Festival with dramatisations of Little Beauty by Anthony Browne - featuring a Gorilla who can communicate using sign language - and The Quinkins by Percy Trezise and Dick Roughsey, an Aboriginal Dreamtime story about two types of mythical creatures. For the rest of Term 4, Prep students will continue to use their co-operative play skills, working together to participate in active story-telling and guided dramatic play.



Year 1 & 2

After kicking off Term 4 with their Drama presentations in the 2019 Arts Festival, The Drama Program for Year 1 and 2 continues to emphasise co-operative play skills and students working together to participate in active story-telling. From games and activities to guided and directed scene-work and role-play, students explore how to use conflict, tension, problems and emotions to create dramatic action. Special attention is given to how we use expressive body language, actions and voice to interact with others during role-play scenarios and in presenting drama to an audience.



Year 3 & 4

Year 3s and 4s hone their skills in dramatic performance through games and activities and have regular opportunities to perform for each-other through directed role-play. After their hard work in creating and rehearsing their theatrical presentations for the Arts Festival, students continue to bring creative dramatic action to life in the classroom. Creating role, expressing attitude, their relationship to others in their drama making, and the use of stagecraft remain key areas of focus for the 3s and 4s.


Year 5 & 6

The Year 5 and 6 Drama Program facilitates students in working together as collaborative story-tellers and performance makers. After their exploration of improvisation in Semester 1, their creation, rehearsal and performance of original drama presentations during Term 3, the 5s and 6s started Term 4 with a bang, presenting their work at the 2019 Arts Festival. The remainder of Term 4 will be a celebration of the best of Drama in 2019, revisiting favourite games, activities and improvisation exercises with a focus on voice, attitude, physicality and stagecraft… and of course, creative thinking and expression.