Drama 3

Performing Arts (Drama)

Drama 2

Term 2 Overview



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Prep students will continue their weekly Performing Arts sessions which combine guided dramatic play with active storytelling. Encouraging self-expression, imagination and creativity, Performing Arts sessions include group activities and games conducted in an inclusive fashion, with an emphasis on active participation and having fun. Performing Arts for Preps fosters co-operative play skills; using bodies and voices to explore ideas; creative thinking; engaging in the narrative through stories and songs. Using a variety of familiar and imagined texts, students also discover how emotions are essential in bringing stories to life. 


Year 1 & 2

Year 1 and 2 will continue to emphasise co-operative play skills and working together to participate in active storytelling. Students explore key dramatic elements such as conflict, tension, problems, and emotions. Building the skills to create and perform stories together through their participation in a range of drama games and activities, students are encouraged to use their voices, faces, and bodies to communicate and express themselves.



Year 3 & 4

In Term 2 Year 3 and 4 will continue to build their performing arts skills through games, activities, and group work. Students work together to explore theatrical skills and techniques including mime, chorus work, and narrating dramatic action. Through directed role-plays and improvisations, they will continue to explore conflict, emotion, power dynamics, and the role these elements play in a performance.


Year 5

Year 5 will hone their improvisation and active story-telling skills while exploring how stock characters react and relate to each other in dramatic scenes and scenarios. With a strong focus on exploring and playing status, students will be looking at the importance of status relationships in dramatic interactions. Through improvisation exercises and activities, students will also start to develop an understanding of character objectives, obstacles, and motivations in scenarios and scene work.



Year 6

Year 6 will continue exploring the Italian theatre tradition of Commedia dell’Arte. North Melbourne Primary School is very excited to be welcoming the Artistic Director of ‘Make a Scene’, Rosa Campagnaro, who will come in and work with groups on a weekly basis. Students will be learning about stock characters such as Pantalone, Arlecchino, and Colombina, the significance of masks, stylised movement, improvisation, audience interaction, and lazzi (comic gags). Students will hone their improvisation and active story-telling skills, explore how stock characters react and relate, look at the importance of status relationships in dramatic interactions, and develop their understanding of character objectives, obstacles, and motivations.