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Term 2 2019


At the start of 2019 Michael has joined the Performing Arts team NMPS. Michael will work alongside Dan to deliver Specialist Drama classes for all NMPS students from Prep to Year 6 for the entire year.

Dan Dinnen: dinnen.daniel.d@edumail.vic.gov.au 



In Term 2, Prep students continue to use their co-operative play skills, working together to participate in active story-telling. Through games, activities and guided dramatic play, students explore ideas, imagination and communication. Special attention is given to the non-verbal aspects of drama, in particular how our bodies can tell us - and others - how we feel. Using a variety of familiar and imagined texts, students also discover how emotions are essential in bringing stories to life. As well as “how do we feel?”, Preps are consistently encouraged to answer the question: “What do you think happens next”? Bringing stories to life, Prep students start to present drama to each other, practicing being both performers and audience.


Year 1 & 2

Drama for Grade 1s and 2s continues to emphasise co-operative play skills and working together to participate in active story-telling. Students explore how conflict, tension, problems and emotions are central to creating dramatic action. Building the skills to create stories together through their participation in a range of drama games and activities, students are encouraged to use their voices, faces and bodies to communicate and express themselves. Through their participation students are starting to apply basic story structure to the drama they make and share.


Year 3 & 4

In Term 2 the 3s and 4s hone their skills in dramatic performance through games and activities and have regular opportunities to perform for each-other. Creating and presenting dramatic scenarios is a fundamental part of their drama lessons. Students explore conflict, emotion, power dynamics and the role these elements play in a performance. Students also investigate and practice a variety of techniques that encourage them to tell the story with their bodies, to communicate dramatic action both with and without words.


Year 5 & 6

In Term 2 the Grade 5s and 6s continue to develop their improvisation skills, working together as collaborative story-tellers and performance makers. Through improvisation exercises and activities, they extend their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, share their ideas and start to deepen and consolidate their exploration and understanding of narrative structure and form. The importance of having a strong theme when creating drama comes into focus. Students explore dramatic modes of expression that are linked to thematic ideas, and are given direction to both communicate and identify central, overarching ideas in the drama that they make and share.