Drama 3


Drama 1 Drama 2

Term 1 2020

Teaching Team

Dan Dinnen: dinnen.daniel.d@edumail.vic.gov.au 

Michael Taylor: taylor.michael.m@edumail.vic.gov.au



Prep students attend a weekly Performing Arts session that combines guided dramatic play with active storytelling. Encouraging self-expression, imagination, and creativity, Performing Arts sessions include group activities and games conducted in an inclusive fashion, with an emphasis on active participation and having fun. Performing Arts for Preps fosters co-operative play skills; using bodies and voices to explore ideas; creative thinking; engaging in the narrative through stories and songs. Using a variety of familiar and imagined texts, students also discover how emotions are essential in bringing stories to life. 


Year 1 & 2

Drama for Grade 1s and 2s continue to emphasise co-operative play skills and working together to participate in active storytelling. Students explore key drama elements such as conflict, tension, problems, and emotions. Building the skills to create and perform stories together through their participation in a range of drama games and activities, students are encouraged to use their voices, faces, and bodies to communicate and express themselves.


Year 3 & 4

In Term 1 3 and 4 build their performing arts skills through games and activities using movement, rhythm, and voice. Using voice, movement and imagination, they will start to explore the fundamentals of improvisation with an emphasis on working in groups and being part of a chorus. Students will continue to explore conflict, emotion, power dynamics and the role these elements play in a performance. 

Year 5 & 6

In Term 1 the Year 5 and 6 hone their improvisation skills and begin to explore how characters react and relate to each other - and their worlds - in dramatic scenes and scenarios.

Through improvisation exercises and activities, students will start to apply their understanding of character actions, objectives, obstacles and motivations in scenarios and scene work.