Caring for your iPad

The following are some tips we recommend to help get the most out of your iPad.


- A case for your iPad.

To help prevent against broken screens and accidental damage, we recommend buying a case to fit around your iPad. Cases help to absorb impact and also help protect the headphone and charging ports from any dust/liquid buildup.

A great place to start is the Apple Online Store


- Charge your iPad every night.

Having a fully charged iPad keeps students online, negating the need to plug in and charge towards the end of the school day.

For more information about how iPad batteries work, and how to maximise the performance of batteries, please look at:


- Keep your iPad up-to-date.

With the rise of mobile devices being used in the classroom, it is essential to  keep these mobile devices secure and reliable.

By keeping iPads and apps up-to-date, this helps improve security, stability, and offers new features to continuously enrich the iPad experience.

Together with the students, we help update their iPads and apps at school; striving to stay ahead of the curve.

For more information about the iPad operating system (iOS), visit:

If you would like more information about keeping your iPad up-to-date, please look at:


- What to do if your iPad is broken or not functioning.

If your iPad has suffered a broken screen or some form of accidental damage, we recommend taking it to an Apple Retail Store for a repair quote:

If you iPad is unresponsive, we recommend trying these steps: