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Term 1 2019


Rose Bisignano:


Curriculum for Years 4 - 6 


At North Melbourne Primary School students in years 4, 5 and 6 attend a weekly Italian session. Students learn new phrases and extend their Italian vocabulary by participating in classroom activities, stories, role-plays, and games.

Learning a language at school helps students to develop their first language literacy and problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to become ‘language detectives’ in order to spot differences and similarities between the English and Italian language, hence reinforcing and consolidating their literacy skills. The study of the Italian culture also offers students new ways of understanding their own identity and culture, and the perspective of others. 

Units of work are explored through themes. In term 1 the focus will be on presenting and describing oneself in Italian and letter writing.  The Year 4 students will be exchanging letters with students at Coburg North Primary School and Reservoir Views Primary School. Year 5 and 6 students will be writing letters to a secret pen pal in the same year level at North Melbourne Primary School. It will be interesting to see how many students are able to guess who is writing to them before the big reveal at the end of the term!