Italian Masks

Italian Language and Culture

Term 2 Overview 

Rose Bisignano:



Foundation students will be engaging with the text Sogni d’oro (Golden Dreams).  The story is about a young girl who finds it difficult to fall asleep. The device of counting sheep in order to fall asleep is the starting point for a humorous exploration of community life in Italian families.  The focus of the language unit will be family members, bed-time routines, leisure activities, counting, and learning colours. Students will participate in play activities, drawing, and reading tasks designed to extend and consolidate previous learning. And of course, we shall be adding to our repertoire of songs.


Year 6

This term the Year 6 will be continuing the joint Drama and Italian exploration of Commedia dell’Arte, the Italian theatre tradition that commenced in the 16th Century. At North Melbourne Primary School we are very fortunate to have secured the services of the Artistic Director of ‘Make a Scene’, Rosa Campagnaro, who will continue to come in and work with the children on a weekly basis. Students will be learning about stock characters such as Pantalone, Arlecchino, il Capitano, il Dottore, la Strega and Zanni. Students will be studying the significance of the character’s masks and indeed be creating their own mask in Art. Stylised movement, improvisation, and lazzi (comic gags) will also be explored. Expert circus performers will be teaching the students how to perform slapstick, fall safely, and perform simple acrobatic tricks. The students will play with the Italian language whilst in Rosa’s Drama workshops, will learn how to discuss each character’s traits in Italian, contribute Italian phrases to the final play’s script, and learn songs in Italian. The semester will culminate in a show at the end of term 2.