Numeracy at NMPS

At NMPS, teachers follow a research-based lesson structure when teaching Numeracy. The lesson structure has four components:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Introduction
  3. Student Activity
  4. Reflection

Please see following document, ‘Maths Lesson Structure’ to see what is involved at each stage.

Teachers follow a Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum in Numeracy (GVC). The GVC has two components;

  1. Year Level Prioritised Overviews
  2. Sub Strand Content Continuums.

The GVC ensures that all grades are covering consistent content in Numeracy and are able to deliver a curriculum that can be covered in the time available and can be differentiated to cater for all ability levels.

In Number, NMPS does not focus on traditional algorithms alone as was done in the past. Instead, we have a focus on teaching the properties & mental computation strategies associated with the four operations. Please see following documents; ‘Addition Properties & Mental Strategies’,Subtraction Properties & Mental Strategies’, ‘Multiplication Properties & Mental Strategies’ and ‘Division Properties & Mental Strategies’ to see what is involved in each of the operations.

Problem solving has also changed. In the past, problem solving consisted of converting a written problem into an algorithm and solving it. At NMPS, students are taught to use 11 problem-solving strategies that they can apply to solve particular mathematical problems. Please see following document, ‘Problem Solving Strategies’ to see what each strategy entails.