Division Swimmers 2018

Physical Education

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Term 1 2019


Ben Lepore: lepore.benjamin.b@edumail.vic.gov.au


During Term 1, students will develop their  range of movement and physical activities will begin to develop basic motor skills. Students will specifically focus on various movements including skipping, galloping, jumping, dodging and weaving, changing direction and hoping. Students will play games where they will learn to implement these movements, but also work as a team to develop cooperation and communication skills. This will also allow students to develop coordination skills when maneuvering around other students.

The lessons that the Physical Education staff have programed for the children in the Prep level are designed to allow students to develop skills and awareness that give them a base for future learning.

Year 1 & 2

The students through a range of movement and physical activities will begin to develop and expand on their basic motor skills. They will start to develop the skills required to play in small and larger groups and also develop the ability to adapt movement according to the environment. They will be exposed to rules, procedures and how to follow instructions so they can effectively participate in physical education activities. The lessons the Physical Education staff has programed for the children in Year 1 and 2 are designed to allow students to develop and expand on the skills learnt in previous years. Students will focus on the skills of throwing and catching and explore how the body reacts to various movements. This will allow students to improve their balance when applying various movements to sporting situations.

Year 3 & 4

The students will practice and use complex manipulative and locomotion skills that they will apply in sport specific settings. They will explore basic tactics such as offence and defence. The students will begin to work as a group to set and achieve goals in both cooperative and competitive settings. Term 1 will see the students focus on the sports of AFL football and netball. AFL will see the students practice marking and kicking the ball as well as the specific skill of handballing. Netball will incorporate passing and catching and shooting the ball. During both units, students will explore how to work as a team to move the ball down the field/court offensively, whilst also learning how to best position themselves to defend. The students will also be encouraged to learn umpiring and officiating skills for both sports.

Year 5 & 6

The students will continue to show improvement in more complex movements, sequences and games. They will group these skills together so they can effectively participate in modified sports. Through a supportive environment the students will provide positive feedback, both as a team and individually, which will further support skill acquisition. They will also start to discuss and demonstrate more complex strategic thinking that is required to be an effective team member. In Term 1, students will be taking part in Bicycle Education where they will learn various riding  skills and maneuvers to make them safe and competent road users. Road rules will also start to be introduced in readiness for students to ride safely on the road. AFL Football will also be a focus of the students where they will practice sport specific skills, but also begin to introduce and decipher team tactics to best compete in a game situation offensively and defensively. The students will also be encouraged to learn umpiring and officiating skills for both sports.


NMPS  Sporting Calendar 2019

Term 1

* NMPS School Cross Country for Year 3 to 6.

* Interschool Sports for Year 6 is held each Friday

* North Melbourne AFL Football Clinics – Year 3 to 6.

* Sporting Schools Clinics–weeks to be confirmed.

* Hockey Clinic

* Ascot Vale District Swimming Carnival

* Division Swimming Championships

* Ascot Vale District Cross-Country


Term 2

* Ascot Vale District Cross-Country Carnival

* Interschool Sports for Year 6: Held each Friday

* Interschool Soccer Tournament for Year 6.

* Division Cross-Country.


Term 3

* School Athletics Carnival for Year 3 to 6.

* Interesting Sport for Grade 5: Held each Friday. The program aims to provide the students with challenging and fun sporting experiences that cannot always be offered in the school grounds or the classroom

* Ascot Vale District Athletics Carnival for Year 3 to 6

* Year 6 Basketball Round Robin

* Division Athletics Carnival

 Term 4

* Year 3 and 4 Cricket Carnival

* Year 5 Interesting Sports Alternative Program

* School Swimming Program for all year levels

 Throughout the year there will be a number of other sporting carnivals where children will progress through excellent performances and represent the Ascot Vale District and the Western Region in sporting carnivals.