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Physical Education

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Term 1 2020


Mark Quinn: quinn.mark.w@edumail.vic.gov.au

Aaron Heppell:heppell.aaron.h@edumail.vic.gov.au


Prep Level 

During Term 1, Prep students will be involved in a range of movement and physical activities that assist in developing basic motor skills. Students will specifically focus on various movements patterns, including; skipping, galloping, jumping, dodging and weaving, changing direction and hopping. They will play games where they will learn to implement these movement patterns but also work as a team to develop cooperation and communication skills. This will also allow students to develop higher-level coordination skills when maneuvering around other students.

The lessons that the Physical Education staff have programed for the children in the Prep level are designed to allow students to develop skills and awareness that will give them a base for future PE movement and learning. 


Year 1 & 2 

This term, Year 1 and 2 students will specifically focus on improving their ball handling development and technique as they focus on throwing, catching and bouncing a ball. Students will learn how to track a highball and ground ball and will learn to place themselves and their bodies in a position where they will best catch or trap a moving ball. They will continue developing the skills required to play in small and larger groups and also develop the ability to adapt their movement amongst a changing and moving environment, as the students themselves and objects around them move.

Rules specific to sports will be introduced and students will be reminded to follow instructions at all times to best help the flow of the games played. The lessons the Physical Education staff have programed for the children in Level 1 and 2 are designed to allow students to develop and expand on the skills learnt in previous years. 


Year 3 & 4 

Year 3 and 4 students will practice and use complex manipulative and locomotion skills that they will apply in sport-specific settings. They will explore basic tactics such as offence and defence. The students will begin to work as a group to set and achieve goals in both cooperative and competitive settings.

Term 1 will see the students focus on the sports of skateboarding and hockey. The skateboarding unit will see the students start with the basics of standing on and turning a skateboard on a slow-speed surface and extend right through to opportunities for attempting tricks such as ollies and kickflips on concrete. All lessons undertaken on concrete will require students to wear not just helmets, but also knee, elbow and wrist protection gear. The PE Department’s excellent skateboard collection means students do not need to bring any equipment of their own sessions.

On the hockey pitch, we will initially focus on individual stick and ball-handling skills and extend to passing and blocking with teammates, in preparation for game work at the units end.


Year 5 & 6 

Our senior year students will continue to work on more complex movements, sequences, and games. They will group these skills together so they can effectively participate in modified sports. Through a supportive environment, the students will provide positive feedback, both as a team and individually, which will further support skill acquisition. They will also start to discuss and demonstrate more complex strategic thinking that is required to be an effective team member. In Term 1, students will focus on Bicycle Education and Basketball.

In Bicycle Education individuals will learn various riding skills and maneuvers to make them more safe and competent road users. The program is designed to be accessible for all skill levels and will run using our wonderful fleet of NMPS bikes and helmets. Road rules will also start to be introduced in readiness for students to ride safely on the road.

Basketball will also provide students with the opportunity to build skills, no matter the experience they bring to the start of the unit. There will be a large focus on individual ball handling, offensive and defensive passing and overall game sense.