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Prep Year

Welcome to Term 1

Congratulations to all of our families and students who have positively transitioned into school life. It has been an exciting few days starting our learning journey, following classroom routines and making lots of new friends.

Prep Team  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via email.

Prep A Kristen Pepyat 3 - Old Building

Prep B Mollie Mcmahon 5 - Old Building

Prep C Susannah Woolley 2.5 - Old Building

Prep D Emily Marlow 4.5 - Old Building

Prep E Mike Griffiths: 1 - Old Building

Prep F Emma Lawrence 2 - Old Building


Ideas to assist with a positive and smooth transition:

  • Encourage independence by asking your child to complete the school routines eg: Carry their own school bag
  • Promote a sense of responsibility by asking your child to do small jobs eg: set the table for dinner, make their bed.
  • Involve your child in conversation -Ask your child questions about their day at school
  • Encourage your child to share their feelings and wonderings about school
  • Create a love of reading- Read every day and talk to your child about the books you are reading
  • Visit your child’s classroom to see their learning environment
  • Pack lunch boxes together
  • Share positive stories about your school memories
  • Introduce yourself to other prep families and organize catch ups for the children to get to know each other.


In Prep, each class has one Reading lesson per day, this session is always the first session.

Each reading session starts with the whole class together with a quick warm up of Magic Words (First 100 Most frequently used words in texts). During whole class learning, students may be exposed to modelled reading, where the teacher reads aloud, modelling skilled reading behaviours, enjoyment and interest in a range of different styles of writing and texts. Children will also participate in shared reading, where they join in reading a ‘Big Book’, following along as the teacher reads, pointing at the words which helps support the development of the students’ concept of print.

Students will be developing their decoding strategies as well as the skills required to comprehend a text. After whole class reading, students go off to focus on their own text, working in small groups, in either an independent, iPad or teacher guided reading activity. All students will have one guided reading per week with their teacher, three independent reading tasks focusing on the whole class learning goal, and 1 iPad activity using Reading Eggs with targeted texts and activities.

Guided reading is the teacher supporting a small group of students to read a text independently. This is the time that teachers help students to choose their reading goal and reflect on the comprehension and decoding strategies they are already using.

Take home readers will be sent home daily and we encourage you to enjoy this time with your child. Texts should be at their independent level, easy for them to read, to ensure they grow in confidence and develop a love of reading. Teachers provide instructional texts to students during reading sessions at school. 


Students are learning that there are different parts to the lesson and that classrooms have different materials to help them with their learning. This term there will be a heavy focus on number, sorting and classifying objects and comparing numbers. Students will become confident when sorting a group of items and explaining how their items have been sorted. They will also connect number names e.g. three, with its numerical value and an amount. Prep students will initially explore numbers up to 10 including zero and then beyond. Through this understanding of number, students will be given the opportunity to compare numbers and explain their reasoning using words such as more, less, same etc.

As they move through the term, students will also explore the days of the week and connect days to familiar events and actions. They will also look at comparing and ordering the duration of events in everyday situations that are familiar to them for example lesson times and eating times.

Data also forms part of our learning this term, where prep students will become familiar with simple graphs and use images or numbers to represent an amount. 

All learning will be modelled by the teacher and then students will be given time to independently explore the topic where concrete materials will be available to students to support their learning. At the end of the maths lesson, students will return to the carpet to share their learning.


In Prep, we have one writing session each day, which occurs after reading in the morning. For the first 20 days of school, we have been establishing the routines of the Writer’s Workshop. During whole class instruction, students learn through modelled tasks how to draw and begin to write about their experiences. Student activities are designed to be engaging and generate a wide variety of ideas. There is a focus discussion to develop appropriate language and vocabulary to assist students to become good writers.

To further develop students’ writing abilities, there are two fine motor lessons a week where students will gain confidence as they learn the mechanics of writing such as correct pencil grip, good writing posture and letter formation. In Word Study sessions, students are focusing on two letter sounds on a weekly basis and developing their knowledge of high frequency words and common letter sounds. This work will also go towards creating a class picture dictionary of helpful words to support their writing throughout the year.

To end the term with some excitement the Preps will be exploring the traditional tales found in Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood. They will be analyzing written and performed versions, and making puppets to create their own oral retellings in the form of movies. Oral retelling of stories has huge cognitive benefits for students, in both reading comprehension and the development of advanced vocabulary in preliterate students, so this activity will help create a solid foundation on which to develop their reading and writing skills in Term 2.


Concerning wellbeing, the Preps will be following the Respectful Relationships Program, a statewide initiative that aims to counteract family violence, by embedding a culture of respect and promoting emotional resilience from the early years upwards.

More information about the programme can be found here: 

The Buddy Program

Last week the Prep students met their Year 6 Buddies. Once a week on a Friday the Year 6 and Prep students will work together for a 50 mins session. During this time the students will complete a range of fun activities and tasks to encourage a sense of belonging. The Year 6 students will develop their leadership skills while the prep students will develop confidence, social skills and a friendship with “the big kids”. It has been wonderful to see the big smiles the prep students have when they see their buddies.