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Term 2 Overview 

Welcome to Term Two of Prep at North Melbourne Primary School!

Congratulations to all our families and students on a positive return to school life. The first week back has been exciting, with students re-establishing classroom friendships and continuing their enthusiasm for learning in an inclusive environment. The teachers are feeling really proud of the students’ achievements thus far and are looking forward to another successful term.

Here are some ideas to continue experience:

  • developing independence by packing their own bags, home readers, and lunchboxes

  • ensuring your child knows how to dress themselves i.e remove jumpers or zip-up jackets. Tying their shoelaces if this is what they wear, we suggest velcro if they have not learned this skill yet

  • Magic Word hunts in their reading books and learning with flashcards and games (posted on your child’s seesaw)

  • practicing Writing at home by labeling their drawings, or writing sentences to match


In Reading this term, the Preps will continue to participate in the guided reading process and utilise the foundational skills required for independent reading. 

Students will develop decoding strategies as well as the skills required to comprehend a text with teacher assistance.

Each session begins with a whole-class Magic Word warm-up. The Magic Words are the 100 most frequently used words in texts. Students will then be exposed to modelled reading, where the teacher reads aloud and demonstrates skilled reading behaviours, enjoyment and interest in a range of different styles of writing and texts. Children will also participate in the shared reading of a book, following along as the teacher reads and pointing at words to develop concepts of print.

After whole-class reading, students will work in small groups. Each group will have a guided reading session with their teacher, independent tasks focusing on the whole-class learning goal and a targeted Reading Eggs session on the iPad throughout the week.

Guided reading will involve the teacher supporting a small group of students to read a text. It is during this time that teachers will help students choose their reading goals and reflect on the comprehension and decoding strategies they are already using.

Take-home readers will be sent home daily and we encourage you to enjoy this time with your child. These texts should be at your child’s independent reading level to ensure they grow in confidence and develop a love of reading. In reading sessions, students will be supported by their classroom teacher to read instructional texts. These texts will be more challenging and will allow your child to practise applying their decoding and comprehension skills.



As Prep students are now well established in the routines of the Writer’s Workshop, this term focuses on unpacking a writing prompt or ‘seed’ and using this to inspire writing. When unpacking a seed, the teacher will guide discussion through questioning, providing opportunity for students to share their thinking.

Students will continue to develop their ability to become independent writers, whilst having a conference with the teacher once a week. Whole-class introductions will be short and tightly focused. Students will learn, through modelled tasks, how to draw with detail and begin to make writing attempts about their experiences.

Each Prep classroom has a writing seedbox where items are gathered to inspire writing. Some of these will be placed in there by the teacher but students are encouraged to collect their own writing seeds to reflect on their own experiences.

In addition to Writing sessions, all students will have two Word Study lessons a week. This term, these sessions will focus on rhyming, alliteration, and syllables.

Throughout the term, students will also participate in fine motor activities where they will gain confidence as they learn the mechanics of writing such as correct pencil grip, good writing posture, and letter formation. 



This term there will be a focus on consolidating foundational number knowledge. To begin with, we will be counting forwards and backwards up to 10 and comparing collections using the terms ‘more’, ‘less’, and ‘same as’. Students will be exposed to a variety of engaging learning activities that will require them to work with a partner and use their reasoning skills to justify their responses.

As they move through the term, students will compare the length of objects with plenty of hands-on activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Data also forms part of our learning this term and students will have the opportunity to provide responses to surveys and collect data themselves.

All learning will be modelled by the teacher and then students will be given time to independently explore the topic. During independent learning times, concrete materials such as counters and blocks will be available to support learning. At the end of the Numeracy lesson, students will return to the carpet to share and reflect on their learning.



In Wellbeing, the Preps will continue to follow the Respectful Relationships program. This program is a statewide initiative that aims to develop students’ social, emotional, and relationship skills by embedding a culture of respect and promoting emotional resilience from the early years upwards. More information about the program can be found here.



Our Humanities focus for this term is History, we will be learning to ‘Identify perspectives about changes to daily life from people in the past or present’ and to ‘sequence significant events about personal and family history to create a chronological narrative.’
We have an incursion in Week 2 of the term, where the students will explore toys from the past, create some toys, and play old-fashioned games outside.
We will have a presentation session at the end of the Term to showcase the learning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.


Prep Team

Prep A Justin Sepe, Prep B Kale Vagnoni, Prep C Eve Wilson, Prep D Emily Marlow, Prep E Emma Lawrence