Prep Year

Welcome back to Term 4 of Prep!

We are looking forward to seeing you all and continuing our learning journey together. 


This term we will continue our focus on wellbeing and social skills. The Prep team has prepared a range of fun daily activities that will build confidence, friendships, persistence and resilience. We will also be focusing on building our fine motor and gross motor skills after a big break. 


Students will consolidate comprehension strategies including predicting, summarising, visualising and making connections. They will also work on finding evidence in texts to answer questions. Students will develop their reading skills and confidence through our guided reading program and continue to build their knowledge of Magic Words. Regular reading assessments will support teachers in providing feedback and instruction at the point of need. 


This term students will develop their writer’s voice by unpacking writing seeds. A writing seed can be anything that inspires writing. Students will consider what the seed is, where it came from and what it does in order to draw pictures and write sentences.

As the term progresses, students will explore writing for different purposes for example a story to entertain. Here students will be encouraged to include feelings and emotion in their writing in order to add detail. By the end of the term, students will be able to identify a simple purpose and audience for their writing, for example, writing a story to entertain the reader.


We will continue to use real-life, hands-on mathematics linked to student interests with engaging hooks. Students will build on their number of knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Throughout the term, students will begin to look at direct and indirect comparisons of objects through measurement and explain reasoning using everyday language. Students will be given opportunities to collect information with graphs and analyse data to answer yes/no questions. They will explore money through play-based activities based on real-life situations.

Specialist Classes 

The specialist teachers are excited to see all of the Preps and have fun lessons ready to go. 

Don’t forget your library bag, running shoes for P.E., creative thinking for Art, singing voices for Music, acting skills for Drama and sign language for Auslan. 

OLA (Other Learning Area)

Our OLA focus for Term 4 is Biological Science where students will investigate living things. They will learn about the different external features they have and will explore how those living things are adapted to their environment. Students will also learn about the life cycles of animals. As the term progresses, students will be able to name the different parts of animals and plants and explain the use that they have, for example, plants have a stem to keep them upright.

Take-home Readers

This term we are unable to send home take-home readers. Please continue to use Reading Eggs/Epic and Seesaw to find ‘just right’ texts for your child. 

Things to bring to school in Term 4:

  • Labeled SunSmart Hat.
  • Labeled water bottle.
  • Sunscreen (to be kept in your child’s bag).
  • Named lunchbox.
  • 2 pieces of fruit or vegetables cut up (We will now have two fruit breaks during the day).
  • Any Library books or take-home readers.

Feeling Unwell

If your child is feeling unwell please stay home and record an absent day on Compass. 


 If you have any questions please contact your child's teacher on Seesaw or Compass. 


Teaching Team 

PA Eve

PB Mollie

PC Susannah

PD Emily

PE Kale

PF Emma