Prep Teachers 2018

Prep Year


Term 2 Overview


In term 2 we are building on the fantastic start we made in our first term at school.  One of the central interlinking themes for term 2 is that of the order of things, which will be spanning mathematics, reading, writing and history.






In reading we are developing the essential skills that will allow us to flourish at school, firstly in strategies for learning to read, and secondly in comprehension. These skills include sequencing narrative events, visualizing, inferring, making connections and predicting.






We are exploring the writing process through writing about our experiences on the weekends, bringing in artifacts to inspire us and to help plan our writing, with an eventual focus on increasing the quality of our writing by planning a sequence of events.


We will also be learning to add detail, understand the conventions of writing and engage in the editing process by creating shared texts in circle stories. Additionally we will be developing a passion for creative writing through exploring our imagination in our writer’s notebooks. 






In number and algebra we are exploring the fundamental concepts of number- order, cardinality and nominality, through counting, comparing amounts and arranging numbers on number lines.


Later in the term we will be building on these foundations by moving from comparing amounts to explaining and understanding the differencebetween amounts, which will in turn lead to adding and subtracting numbers up to 20 and beyond.


In measurement and geometry we will be learning about the importance of accuracy when measuring record-breaking dinosaurs. We will also be discovering and identifying 2D shapes in their environment.






In history we are journeying back through time, learning about differences in everyday life in the past and understanding the concept of chronological order through the creation of timelines and family trees. 






This term we are learning about and looking after our beautiful garden, with a particular focus on what makes plants suitable and ready for consumption, and the effects of seasonal change.





For wellbeing we are exploring emotional wellbeing through the Respectful Relationships program, identifying emotions in others and ourselves. Our ever-popular buddies in Grade 6 will also be helping to guide us in creative projects like stop-motion animation, sculpture 


Meet Your Teachers

We are so looking forward to getting to know you and your unique talents and strengths.  But first, here are some fun facts about us:




Likes sharks, dinosaurs, jungles, scuba diving, reading, movies, swimming, eating cake, having fun with friends and visiting new places.



Likes travelling, the beach, plants, coffee, picnics, listening to music and going to concerts, eating cheese and going out for brunch with friends.



Likes reading, going to the park, dogs, bike riding, watching movies, eating cheese, being with friends and singing.



Likes music, poetry, coffee, bikes, dancing, laughing, spending time with his son and partner, natural sciences, birds and colour.



Likes turtles, scuba diving, cuddling cats, visiting new places, yoga, dancing and singing. Laughing and having fun with friends. Also, eating cheese!



Likes shopping, playing piano, reading, writing, travelling overseas, the beach and playing board games.



Likes reading, gardening, spotting echidnas, kayaking, science, singing. camping, painting, snorkeling, eating sushi and being with family.


We are also looking forward to having a great partnership with your parents and families.  We will all learn and grow together.  It is going to be such a wonderful year.

Teacher contact details

If you would like to contact your child's teacher by email please see below and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also send a message via Compass.

For anything urgent, please contact the office on 9329 6902.
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