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Prep Year

 Term 4 


This term the preps embark on their first swimming lessons! This is an exciting and busy time for the school, as mentioned in previous communications any parent volunteers will be welcome to help. Swimming will be running from Monday 25th November to Thursday 5th of December. Please help your child prepare at home by getting them to practise changing themselves, as adult assistance will be very limited. Further communication will go out nearer to the time. 


MFB Visit

This term we have an exciting and important visit from the Melbourne Fire Brigade, on the Friday morning of week four and week five. Students will have two sessions with visiting fire fighters to talk about fire safety at home, and will hopefully have the opportunity to explore the equipment they use to keep people safe.



In writing the students are beginning to explore the writer’s notebook more meaningfully, to help them understand that quality writing needs quality thinking. To reinforce this idea, students will be bringing in more ‘seeds’ from home to help inspire their writing. They will also be looking at  images and articles in class that will help students go beyond the superficial and promote deeper thinking. Parents can support their children during this by helping students pick meaningful items that ‘got them thinking’ - it could be mementos from meaningful experiences, photos, news articles or anything that they feel would help their fellow writers. The more thinking students do before their writing the better!

Students will also be assessed on their writing this term to inform their reports. A key part of the curriculum in prep is correct pencil grip and letter formation so please help support your child practice letter formation at home. If you need any support or materials please contact your classroom teacher.



This term, the Preps will continue developing reading strategies that support comprehension, including making predictions and connections, inferring how characters are feeling, asking questions, and visualising while reading texts. They will apply different strategies to decode unknown words, including using picture clues, looking at the first letter in a word, stretching the letter sounds out, chunking sounds together and re-reading. As they develop their confidence as readers, they will also start to read aloud with attempts at fluency and intonation.



We will continue the Buddy Program in Term 4. This term, the activities will focus on transition,  and supporting the Preps with skills that will assist them to move into Grade 1 with confidence.

The students will finish off the term with a big celebration of friendship with our buddies and well wishes for high school. 



Term 4 will be a very busy term in Numeracy with the Preps will completing hands on tasks and open ended activities that cover the following topics:

Money Students will represent simple, everyday financial situations involving money. Students will look at Australian coins.

Subtraction Students will solve practical subtraction problems using more than one strategy.

Capacity Students will use direct and indirect comparisons of objects to decide which holds more or less and use everyday language to explain their comparison of capacity.

Shape Student will sort, describe and name familiar three-dimensional shapes eg:  spheres and cubes.

Data Students will interpret simple data displays about yes or no questions and make true or false statements and simple observations.

Each Friday, the Preps will continue to build on their number knowledge during number talks, estimation, ordering, more or less, doubling, halves and place value.


Word Study (M100W) retesting

This term, students will be retested on their completed Magic Word lists to ensure they have retained their knowledge of important high-frequency words. It will take a number of weeks for classroom teachers to complete this testing with all students. To support your child at home, you can revisit previous word lists and ask your child to locate a range of Magic Words when reading. 


Respectful Relationships

Prep students will be learning about belonging in Respectful Relationships this term. They will begin to identify themselves within a range of groups to which they, their family and their class belong. Students will begin to notice that they can belong to more than one group at a time and emphasis will be placed on being respectful to the different groups that students belong to. 



During Term 4, Prep students have the opportunity to study gardening with Tess. They will explore the garden space and establish safe and responsible behaviour when moving around. Students will learn about composting and basic gardening skills including planting, watering and sweeping. Later on in the term, students will develop their understanding of plants and insects while discussing the value of compost to soil health. Here they will go on a minibeast hunt around the garden.


It is a fantastic experience for students and we are extremely lucky to have gardening as part of our learning. As it is the spring/summer term, students are required to wear sunsmart hats, have sunscreen in their bags and they will also need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.



This term we are focussing on Geography. Students will investigate why some places are special and important to people, how these special places can be looked after, and special places within our local community such as Royal Park. We will describe and explain where places and activities are located using maps and keys. As part of our study, we will be walking to Royal Park in Week 3 and would greatly appreciate any helpers for the outing. Please let your classroom teacher know if you might be available to assist. As Melbourne Zoo is a special place within Royal Park, we will also be visiting the Zoo later in the term. Students will be asked to map out exhibits they want to see using the map and how to navigate our way around. 

This term we will also be using materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to safely produce designed solutions. The focus of this project will be how they can make Royal Park more special, effective or exciting. Students will plan, design and then present their designs in an open classroom morning. Dates and more information to come. 


Special dates:

Week 7 - Open classroom for design project (more information to come)

Thurs 21st November Melbourne Zoo  

1st and 8th November - Fire safety Incursion

Week 8 and 9 swimming Monday - Thursday (more information to come)



Prep Team  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via email.

Prep A Kristen Pepyat 3 - Old Building

Prep B Mollie Mcmahon 5 - Old Building

Prep C Susannah Woolley 2.5 - Old Building

Prep D Emily Marlow 4.5 - Old Building

Prep E Mike Griffiths: 1 - Old Building

Prep F Emma Lawrence 2 - Old Building


Ideas to assist with a positive and smooth transition:

  • Encourage independence by asking your child to complete the school routines eg: Carry their own school bag
  • Promote a sense of responsibility by asking your child to do small jobs eg: set the table for dinner, make their bed.
  • Involve your child in conversation -Ask your child questions about their day at school
  • Encourage your child to share their feelings and wonderings about school
  • Create a love of reading- Read every day and talk to your child about the books you are reading
  • Visit your child’s classroom to see their learning environment
  • Pack lunch boxes together
  • Share positive stories about your school memories
  • Introduce yourself to other prep families and organize catch ups for the children to get to know each other.