Foundation Year

Term 4 Overview

Term 4 has certainly snuck up on us, we cannot believe that we have begun the final term for the year. It is going to be a busy one with a few changes to take note of.

New Eating Times:

The whole school will be trialing new eating times in order to promote positive eating habits and minimise rubbish in our school environment.

10:40 Play then 11:10- 11:20 eating time in classrooms

1:00 Play then 1:40- 1:50 eating time in classrooms


 Listed below are just some of the important dates for your Foundation calendar

(further information for Swimming, Reno Rumble, Foundation Orientation (2018) and Student-Led Conferences will be posted on Compass closer to the highlighted dates):




Week 1: 9th - 13th Oct (4 day week)

Curriculum Day for teachers (Mon)

Students begin (Tues)


Week 2: 16th - 20th Oct



Week 3: 23rd - 27th Oct

Student Led Conferences 5 - 7pm (Thurs)


Week 4: 30th -3rd Nov

Arts Festival (Wed & Thurs)


Week 5: 6th - 10th Nov (4 day week)

Melbourne Cup Holiday (Tues)

Foundation Orientation 2018 (Fri)


Week 6: 13th - 17th Nov

Reno Rumble (Fri)


Week 7: 20th - 24th Nov

Foundation Orientation 2018 (Fri)


Week 8: 27th Nov - 1st Dec

F-2 Swimming (Mon-Fri)

Teddy Bears Picnic (Friday session 4-6)


               Week 9: 4th - 8th Dec

F-2 Swimming (Mon-Thurs)

Meeting 2018 classes (Transition Day)


Week 10: 11th - 15th Dec

Semester 2 Reports available on Compass


Week 11: 18th - 22nd Dec

Final week of school 1:30pm Finish (Fri)






Specialist classes and Library:

Will be running according to the same timetable as Term 3 with the only change to FA’s Italian which will now be Monday session 5. 

Extras:  Gardening will begin on Wednesdays for all classes. ‘Move it Mondays’ (the old ‘Wake Up Wednesday’) will be Monday afternoons.

We are trialing Mystery Reader in the afternoons. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are interested in participating. We are also continuing Community Reading in the mornings from 9am. There will be with a focus on supporting 10 mins of uninterrupted reading aloud for all students.


What we are learning this term:


·  Applying and extending reading comprehension strategies (Questioning, Summarising, Inferring)

·  Decoding strategies (Consulting a Reference, Chunking)

·  Writing using sounding out, chunking and print around the room

·  Forming full sentences and drawing more detailed pictures

·  Writing procedural texts

·  Speaking in front of the class on a prepared topic

·  Actively listening to peers ideas


·  Sorting, describing and naming familiar three-dimensional objects

  ·  Comparing the mass and capacity of objects

  ·  Sharing items equally amongst groups (division)

·  Classifying objects and explaining reasoning

·  Revising number and data

Other Learning Areas:

· Using ipads effectively to complete tasks (taking photos, recording ideas, using apps)

· Exploring how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter

· Discoveries made about the world through scientific exploration.

Social and Emotional Learning

·  Problem solving (independence/organisation)   ·  Identifying and managing emotions

·  Risk-taking in new situations                               ·  Working with others (sharing, compromising, listening)


How you can help at home…

·    Continue to support your child reading every night and practise their focus on a book for 10mins independently.

·    Practise their sight words (reading and writing in sentences or stories)

·    Ask your child questions about what they have read (how was the character feeling? What does this word mean?)

·    Practise writing their letters and numbers correctly.

·    Point out 3D shapes, adding simple numbers together and counting backwards.


Term 4 is a hat term. Children must wear a hat every day, or they will be required to sit in the shade during play times. Please ensure your children have a labelled hat with a full brim (no caps) to wear every day.

We also recommend providing a water bottle to use in the classroom.

Please note that hats are a very common lost property item: if a hat has no name or class in it and goes missing, it   is unlikely it will be returned to its owner. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Julia, Jane, Katrina, Eleanor, Tess, Mark and Kimalee