Prep Teachers 2018

Prep Year

Term three is set to be a very exciting time for the preps!

In Reading

We are continuing to explore big books, introducing new comprehension strategies such as questioning and determining the ‘big idea’  to further our students understanding of texts.

Students will also be enjoying reading different styles of poetry to prepare them for writing their own poems later in the term.

This term we are also very excited to be introducing our community reading programme, inviting families and carers into the school to help our students develop their reading skills and to promote a love of reading. The children are loving the opportunity for independent time reading with you all - many thanks to all family members who have already contributed their time and interest for Parent Reading!


In Writing

In Writing we will be exploring narrative and poetry, with the focus on the '6+1 traits of writing (ideas, organisation, voice, sentence fluency, word choice, conventions, and presentation) to help our students become great writers.

We will also be examining the writing process, where we plan, draft, conference, edit and then publish our work. This process enables the students to structure their writing.

The ‘6+1 Traits of Writing’, and the ‘Writing Process’ are used across all year levels at NMPS. Being introduced to these processes and the specific language around them in Prep will help to build a solid foundation of knowledge for our students as their learning continues throughout primary school.


In Mathematics

At the start of term we will be looking at subitising - the ability to instantly recognise a collection without the need to count. We will also explore pattern-making, something that underpins multiplicative thinking, coding, and data analysis! Later on in the term, we will further explore coding, and introduce the comparison and measurement of objects by mass and mapping.


In Science

We will be learning about what makes something alive, what living things need to survive and the life cycles of creatures, exploring through the lens of their favourite animals. They will also be learning how draw accurate observations of living things.

In the garden the students will be exploring the creatures that inhabit our school, learning the key things they need to survive and the role they play in a healthy habitat.


In Wellbeing

The Respectful Relationships program this term is helping students develop positive coping skills by supporting them to identify their emotions and those of their peers. This also helps to develop their problem solving and stress management within and outside of the classroom.


Teacher contact details

If you would like to contact your child's teacher by email please see below and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also send a message via Compass.

For anything urgent, please contact the office on 9329 6902.
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