Music Program

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Term 4 Overview for Years  Prep, Year 1, and 2.




It has been great to see so many students engage with the remote learning Music program and showcasing their skills over the past 2 terms.

The students have all assured me they are excited to return to school so we can all sing and dance together in the Music room.

While this year has been like no other, Term 4 Music will focus on the fun and engaging aspects that music can provide us in our everyday lives, focussing on social engagement with music.

Students will be composing and performing their own music with their classmates as well as exploring various musical genres such as Jazz, Blues, and Classical.



Staff & Contact

Justin Sepe: 



All classes are currently in remote and flexible learning mode. 

Your child has access to their teacher and class content using Compass, SeeSaw, Webex and Google Classroom.