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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG)

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Term 1 2020

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Who Attends SAKGP?

All students at North Melbourne Primary School have the amazing opportunity to be involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. From Year 3 to Year 6, the students engage in a cooking class once a week for one term.

Each term one grade is involved in the cooking program, whereby the kids prepare a meal in teams, learn table set up, then sit and eat together, followed by clearing and washing up.


Year 3 - 'the knife license'

We conduct training with the students and at the end of training and trials, they achieve their very own knife license. This allows them to use knives not only in our kitchen but also at home under supervision.

Students are taught various cooking styles, cuisines, and how to use a wide range of ingredients. We like to include as many vegetables, fruit, and herbs from our garden, and also new, unfamiliar and indigenous ingredients.


Year level challenge

Each class cooks recipes that are appropriate to the learning level of their year level. Recipes in Year 3 may include gnocchi with a tomato sauce. Year 4 lemon myrtle damper with a fruit compote and creamed butter.  Year 5 makes home-made spaghetti with burnt sage and butter sauce, and in Year 6, apple turnovers are made with homemade pastry and cream Anglaise.


Food values & learning

All foods prepared, are fresh, no added sugar, bad oils, sauces, or added flavour are used. We practice healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes that showcase as many fresh foods as possible.

We also like to involve interesting facts like backgrounds and histories of certain foods, and the use of science and mathematics that they are learning in class. Supporting their learning from other areas of their education helps to provide practice and further understanding whilst encouraging understanding in practical life (ie. fractions – how many  1/4 cups of flour do I need if the recipe requires 1 ½ cups of flour).

We aim to provide some basic nutritional teaching, such as what is dissolved faster in the body sugar or salt, and how to make good healthy choices in snacking to support students in their vital body and brain development.

Overall, your children will thoroughly enjoy their cooking experience, build confidence in not only themselves but in a kitchen environment, and also work as a team.


Building social skills

At the end of each class, all participants sit at a table and share the prepared food. This provides opportunities for great conversation, building friendships, and student rapport. In turn, we hope that you enjoy the conversation with your child around your dinner table that night as they discuss what they learned about food, cooking and hopefully a meals that one day they might make for you.


We Value Parent/Carer Helpers

Parents are always welcome to come and participate in a class, where you can assist in your child’s team and enjoy the experience of seeing the new skills they are learning.

Interested? Please contact your child's classroom teacher if which to participate in a class.