Strategic Plan 2014-17


Review Process

In late November 2013 the school leadership team conducted a rigorous school self-evaluation comparing results to targets set in 2010, our last review.

The process of self-evaluation involves a comparison of all data across a range of areas over the strategic review period. This includes student achievement in areas such as literacy and numeracy based on teacher judgements and NAPLAN results; student attendance data and student engagement and well-being data.

Following the collation of this data a report is presented to a DEECD appointed, independent reviewer.


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Strategic Plan Key Points


Guaranteed extraordinary learning opportunities for students,

providing a rich curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching.


Students will contribute positively to their local, national and global communities.


The North Melbourne Primary School philosophy is underpinned by the following beliefs and practices:

• All children can learn
• Learning outcomes will be maximised when children feel safe, connected and engaged at school
• Students are encouraged to be active and self-directed in their learning
• Our school values are reflected in all we do


At North Melbourne Primary School we value being:

• Responsible
• Inclusive
• Sagacious
• Ethical