Strategic Plan 2018-21


Self-evaluation & Review Process

In Semester 2 2017, the school leadership team conducted a rigorous school self-evaluation comparing results to targets set in 2014 (our last school review). 

During this self evaluation the leadership team:

  • Involved the whole school community through parent, staff and student forums
  • Comprehensively analysed and summarised the school’s performance against the goals and targets of its previous strategic and annual plans
  • Evaluated the school’s performance against the FISO (Framework for Improving Student Outcomes) Improvement Model dimensions. 
  • Evaluated improvement efforts by drawing together the evidence of the school’s performance and feedback from community consultations
  • Shared theoutcome of the self-evaluation process withthe school council for consideration and endorsement


Following the self-evaluation the school then undertook a Peer Review. The school peer review provided an independent analysis of the school’s performance against the goals and targets in the strategic plan. The formal review also evaluated the school’s strengths and the impact of its improvement efforts.



Strategic Plan Key Points

After the School Peer Review the following Four Year Strategic Goals have been identified for NMPS. We will retain the current School Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Values. 

Goal: To improve the literacy outcomes of every student.

FISO Priority: Excellence in teaching and learning

FISO Initiatives:Curriculum planning and assessment & Building practice excellence


Goal: To develop student capabilities as global citizens.                          

FISO Priorities: Community engagement in learning &Positive climate for learning 

FISO Initiatives:Global citizenship & Intellectual engagement and self awareness



Guaranteed extraordinary learning opportunities for students, providing a rich curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching.


Students will contribute positively to their local, national and global communities.


The North Melbourne Primary School philosophy is underpinned by the following beliefs and practices:

• All children can learn

• Learning outcomes will be maximised when children feel safe, connected and engaged at school

• Students are encouraged to be active and self-directed in their learning

• Our school values are reflected in all we do


At North Melbourne Primary School we value being:

• Responsible

• Inclusive

• Sagacious

• Ethical