Year 1 2 Mini Beast Dragonfly

Visual Arts

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Term 1 2019

Teaching Team

Nerinda Rocke:

Mel Drew:

Throughout Term 1 students will collaborate, communicate and work independently within a team and learn from, provide feedback and contribute to the learning of others. Students will learn to ask the right questions, make connections and identify patterns in artworks. They will be encouraged to respond to unfamiliar or challenging information and be encouraged to learn. Learning in visual arts involves students making and responding to artworks. This will be done through using their creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills combined with an honest, resilient, hard-working and respectful understanding of other people and cultures. Students engage with and develop knowledge of visual arts, skills, techniques and processes and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts. Students will be encouraged to see the relationship between effort and achievement as they plan to present their artwork for this year’s Art Show.


Students will

  • design and create an individual folio cover.
  • embellish papier mache birds using a cool or warm colour theme.
  • wind and bind wool and twine to form a spider web and will make a 3D spider from found objects.
  • collage a background with tissue paper and draw a flower garden in the foreground.
  • cut materials and attach to a dolly peg to create a mini-beast.

YEAR 1 & 2:

Students will

  • design and create a folio cover.
  • design, paint, collage and colour a spider web from a variety of materials including glitter, inks, feathers and fabrics.
  • l paint and collage a ladybird picture.
  • select a mini-beast to draw and colour using chalk pastels and marker.
  • cut and assemble papers to show a mini-beast on a collaged tissue background.
  • pastel a vivid poppy landscape overlaying the work with a watercolour wash.
  • paint and collage a 3D papier mache birdhouse.
  • draw a floral work and diffuse inks to add colour.

YEAR 3-4

Students will

  • create a flower or bug mosaic.
  • use tin lids, felt, sequins and beads to create a class tree installation.
  • fold paper and draw to make a rainy day relief.
  •  design and create a Tyvek bird.
  • use patterning techniques to fill in a chosen drawn mini-beast
  • draw a butterfly with pastel, overlay it with watercolour and add glow paint to embellish.
  • design and create a tissue paper collage depicting mini-beasts.
  • create a metal etching of a flower.


YEAR 5-6

Students will

  • design a folio cover.
  • form a 3D bug using a variety of materials such as wire, fabric and goggle eyes.
  • embellish a ceramic leaf dish with porcelain markers.
  • wind and bind fabrics and twine around a poly-ring to create a textile piece.
  • use a terracotta pot to showcase clay-made plants.
  • model clay to show case a mini-beast on an LED egg.
  • collage and paint a field of poppies.