Year 3

Term 3 2018

Year 3 Team

There are four Year 3 classes this year. 
3A - Eve -
3B - Jack
3C - Emma -
3D - Elly -


Term 3 will see the students continue to develop good school habits and learn the routines of a flexible learning space in the Lower Cloud. There will also be a focus on developing their maturity in this space and social interactions both inside and outside the classroom.

In Writing, students will continue to follow the Writing Workshop Process and apply the Seven Writing Traits to enhance their writing pieces. They will be learning how to write about the past during the History unit by way of biographies, journals and historical fiction. There will also be a focus on spelling and grammar as well as the importance of editing and enhancing their texts.

In Reading, the students will learn how to efficiently summarise and synthesise a variety of text types, before moving on to broadening their analysis of both fiction and non fiction.

Numeracy will focus on applying their multiplication and addition strategies to a measurement unit where they will be earning how to calculate area and perimeter in real world contexts. The second unit of the term will be centred around location and mapping.

History is our humanities focus this term. The students will be looking at Australian history, starting with indigenous perspectives of colonisation, before moving on to convict settlement and experiences, with the unit culminating with the Gold Rush. Students will be learning the various perspectives of significant events and the people who shaped its history.


Homework Expectations

This term, there will be no online component to our weekly homework. Starting in Week 3, the students will be creating individual spelling lists and using these to complete an activity matrix at home. These words will change each week, and the students will be supported in creating their own lists.
Our numeracy element of homework will be continuing on with practicing their multiplication facts so that they are better equipped to apply their knowledge during class activities.