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Year 3

Term 4 201

Term 4 is jam packed with hands on learning experiences and extracurricular activities! The students will be developing their team building and communication skills throughout the term, whilst strengthening their capacity to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

We will be exploring Chemistry and changing state of matter by conducting experiments in science sessions, while also delving into the world of coding!

In Writing, students will continue to focus on spelling and grammar during writers workshop sessions where they will create texts in a range of different genres. The term will commence with an explicit focus on poetry.

In Reading, the students will be recording their thoughts while they read a range of books that they enjoy, and discussing these with others.
Numeracy will see students apply their developing Number strategies and its real world application to projects centred around fractions, money maths, chance and data, and graphing.

We also look forward to participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen and Garden Program, as well as the eagerly anticipated Forest Edge Camp, and let’s not forget swimming in the final weeks of term!

What a fantastic year it’s been, and we can’t wait to embark on the final step of our students’ Year 3 journey.

Year 3 Team

There are four Year 3 classes this year. 
3A - Eve -
3B - Jack
3C - Emma -
3D - Elly -