Year 4

Welcome to Term 1 2018


A key aspect of our literacy this term will be our Democracy investigation. Students will be learning how rules and laws are made, and this will include students actively contributing to the creation of Year 4 Rules and Agreements for the Flex. We will also be learning about the role of local Government.

Students will also be learning positive reading routines such as identifying a good reading spot and selecting a variety of ‘Just Right’ books. We will read informational texts and learn how tools such as “Draw-Label-Caption” and “Idea-Detail” can help us understand and process new information.  

We will be developing our ability to use Writer’s Notebook as a tool to build a bank of memories and writing ideas and learn how to transform an idea into a piece of writing.  

Students will be learning in targeted reading and writing groups, along with building their capacity for independent literacy learning.



To prepare students for the upcoming Camp experience in Anglesea, we will investigate how to use maps and interpret timetables (two important skills for camp!). They will also learn how games can help us with our maths fluency and build on our fundamental number facts.  We will be setting personal learning goals across the curriculum and monitor our progress towards achieving these goals.  



In Science, students will investigate physical forces. By conducting individual research and hands on experiments, students will discover how kinetic energy can be exerted by one object on another via direct contact, and how changes in temperature are related to the movement of heat from one object to another. An understanding of these forces, as well as the skills of questioning, predicting, and analysis, equip students with practical knowledge to assist them engaging with and navigating the real world.


There year there will be a school wide focus on wellbeing. Students will be exploring their emotional intelligence, personal strengths, problem solving and stress management throughout our Respectful Relationships unit. This unit is designed to help students recognize and manage their own emotions as well as the emotions of people around them.  As part of our ongoing safety and well-being program, students will explore ways to be safe and responsible users of technology.