Year 4

Term 4 Overview

The students will be gaining an understanding of their emotional intelligence by unpacking social stories and what it means to be respectful and a good friend. They will develop empathy and the ability to ‘put themselves in someone else’s shoes’, through role playing, class discussions, and other presentations. We will explore how to build some strategies to overcome conflict and friendship problems.

Students will research a prominent Australian figure and write from the perspective of the selected individual. They will analyse and compare contemporary Australian life with early settlement life. The students will be provided with the opportunity to step back in time and experience what life was like early 19th century Melbourne through and excursion to Como House. As well as this, the students will also retrace the steps of the ‘first contact’ in Melbourne through the settlement trail in an excursion to The State Library Melbourne.

Students will also be exploring and investigating the effects of colonisation on the people, land and animals of Australia through a series of one day provocation projects. The projects will consist of independent and guided research and will provide students with the opportunity to present their findings in innovative and compelling ways.

Students will be exploring how to order and add fractions. Calculate the area of rectangles and triangles and perform computation using money amounts.
Students will be continuing to work at their own pace using Maths Pathways. They will be developing their ‘soft skills’ by setting out their work neatly and correctly, while completing modules at their own point of need.

Students will be learning about the Earth’s position in the solar system and the effects of the planet’s orbit around the sun, and those of the moon around itself. They will also be comparing the Earth

Students will participate in activities including our Swimming Program, the Cricket Carnival, the Arts Show, Stomp Hip-Hop and the Eat Up Charity Incursion and a trip to Como House. All of this in just 11 weeks!

If you want to support your child’s learning at home this term here are some things you can do:

Encourage reading every night - including short periods of read aloud. It is ridiculous how important this is: a student who reads 20 minutes per day outside of school reads almost 2 million words per year. A student who reads less than a minute per day outside of school reads only 8,000 to 21,000 words per year.

Use real life opportunities such as shopping and cooking to discuss money, fractions and other mathematical concepts.
Write at home - it can be about anything. The more short pieces your child can write, the better writer they will become.

If you have the opportunity visit free historical sites around Melbourne including: the Museum, Captain Cook’s Cottage, various statues around the CBD etc.

Encourage random acts of kindness- it could be anything from using manners, to writing a card to a grandparent. Students can play to build global perspectives and empathy for those less fortunate.