Year 4

Term 2 2018

It is another exciting term for Year 4 students.  Students will be participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program where they learn about seasonal vegetables and interesting ways to incorporate them in to dishes.  As part of this, they will also be in the garden learning how to grow and maintain the plants and vegetables that they use in the kitchen.


This term our wellbeing focus will be extended to incorporate the Aristotle program, which has been developed by Swinburne University.  This will continue to build on students’ development of emotional intelligence and problem solving strategies. We will also continue to encourage students to participate safely in their use of online and digital technologies.  

In maths students are learning to:

  • Count by common fractions and located these on a number lin

  • Make and compare equivalent fractions

  • Understand how fractions, decimals and percentages work together


In reading students are learning to:

  • Use the questioning matrix to improve your comprehension of a text

  • Use Brainstorms, lists and Idea-Detail chart to summarise a text

  • Identify the intended purpose of text using the Content-Purpose-Audience Strategy


In writing students are learning to:

  • Plan and draft factual texts using your own background knowledge and experiences

  • Use technical vocab in your writing and explain their meaning using “add a partner sentence”


In science students are learning to:

  • Pose suitable scientific questions and design, plan and conduct appropriate experiments to answer their questions

  • Follow the scientific method to predict what might happen in an experiment, based on research and their prior knowledge

  • Use tables and graphs to represent information and using them to identify patterns and compare results

  • Provide valid reasons for whether a test/experiment was fair or not

  • Use scientific language both verbally and written