2018 Yr 4 Tug of War

Year 4

Term 4 2018

We still have plenty of learning to cover in the final term of the year! Our humanities focus for this term is history where students will consider the different perspectives of and reasons for migrating to Australia over time. This has been incorporated into our reading and writing sessions. This term our wellbeing sessions will be based upon the Respectful Relationships program. We will be covering the topics of help-seeking and positive gender relations.

In maths students are learning to:


  • Solve mathematical problems involving purchases and the calculation of change to the nearest five cents with and without digital technologies. By the end of the unit students will be able to carry out calculations in dollars and cents and make connections between money and the decimal systems. Students will also investigate other world currencies recognising that that not all countries use dollars and cents.


  • Identifying and applying a process to accurately convert units of time.

  • Solve time based problems.


  • Revisit number and algebra topics such as multiplication and division   

In Literacy students are learning:

Australian history

  • Recount the experiences of different Australian immigrants and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, using a variety of different writing strategies.

  • Read, comprehend and synthesise information about, and explain the causes and effects of, European settlement on Australia.

  • Describe the significance of Australia Day from different perspectives.


  • Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations incorporating learned content.

  • Interpret ideas and information in spoken texts; listening for key points and responding to key ideas.

In media arts students are learning to:

  • Plan, rehearse and deliver news presentations with particular audiences in mind.

  • Students publish their presentations using different multimedia platforms.

Trash or treasure?

  • Students explore different ways that “waste” can be repurposed.

  • Students look at the negative impact that waste has on our environment.



Students will be expected to complete a weekly home learning task due on Friday of every week through the online See-Saw platform on top of the expected 30 minutes of reading that students should undertake each evening.