Yr 4 Staff

Year 4

Term 4


Our final term is centred upon consolidating and strengthening the student's foundational skills in Reading, Writing and Numeracy, and preparing students for their upper years of primary school through our wellbeing curriculum. 


In Writing, students will continue to focus on spelling and grammar while exploring and creating texts of their choice during Writer’s Workshop sessions. There will be an explicit focus on word choice, sentence fluency and developing their attention to writing conventions.


In Reading, the students will respond to texts that they read in a manner of their choice, being sure to analysis the text using their comprehension skills, and include evidence from the text and their own knowledge to produce more sophisticated responses.



Numeracy will see students revise various mathematical concepts and apply multiple strategies to solve worded problems. There will also be an explicit focus on collecting, analysing and representing data, as well as reviewing volume and capacity, and exploring shape translations and rotations.


Science will be centred on developing an understanding of forces and friction. They will follow the scientific method to participate in various hands on experiments that explore how forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct and indirect contact. 



Homework will be introduced in Week 3 this Term, and will continue to have a spelling focus, and various numeracy concepts. 

The Year 4 Team