Year 4

Term 4 Overview 2020



Year 4 students will continue to use the Writer’s Workshop and explore a variety of genres in their writing. Students will work on their sentence fluency with a focus on varying sentence leads, lengths, and structures in their writing. They will also study the flow of ideas, reading and editing their writing to check it makes sense, and editing where needed.

Students will publish three pieces of writing this term, which will be displayed in our ‘Writer’s Gift’ to share and enjoy. 

Spelling / Word Study

During our Word Study sessions, we will work on spelling rules, encouraging students to apply these to their writing. We will also revise knowledge of letter-sound relationships, recognise high-frequency words and letter blends. 


Teacher-led reading groups to support and extend students at their point of need will continue this term. Students will explore online texts and focus on their different features and the effect they have on the reader. They will also continue to revise comprehension strategies e.g. inferring, summarising and predicting.

Speaking and Listening

Year 4 students will have regular opportunities in all areas of the curriculum to share their learning and listen to others. Students will be encouraged to collaborate in a team learning environment to develop social skills and understand the various language contexts of English. This will allow students to understand specific and appropriate vocabulary for learning areas and develop their content knowledge.


In Numeracy, students will consolidate their knowledge of money (calculating change to the nearest five cents), mass and capacity (measurement and comparison activities), time (calculating elapsed time and telling time to the nearest minute) and location (interpreting information contained in maps). These will be explored through hands-on investigations and open-ended activities and rich tasks, ensuring that every student is working at their point of need.

Other Learning Areas (OLA)


We currently run the Respectful Relationships Rights and Resilience (RR) wellbeing program at NMPS. Students will explore Mindfulness and Growth Mindset through meditation. 


This term the Year 4s will be exploring Physical Sciences by looking at Forces (the effect of forces on objects). They will also study Chemical Science by exploring the change of states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) through different experiments.

Home learning: 

Year 4 students are expected to read for 20 minutes per night to improve their reading ability, and in turn, their writing and vocabulary acquisition. Students can use Epic, Reading Eggs and SORA for their reading, as well as their own home book collection. To support your child’s reading at home, encourage nightly reading & conversations about reading (which may include short periods of reading aloud).  


Year 4 Teaching Team:  4A Tom, 4B Elly, 4C Hilary, 4D Emma, 4E Esther and Georgie.
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