Yr 4 Staff

Year 4

Term 3 is centred upon developing and strengthening our students as local, national and global citizens. We are exploring this through our History and Citizenship units this term.

In Writing, students will continue to focus on spelling and grammar while exploring and creating texts of their choice during Writer’s Workshop sessions. There will be an explicit focus on text organisation, sentence fluency and developing voice in their writing.

In Reading, the students will learn how to decipher clues in text and print, in order to make valuable inferences, and extend their research skills by learning effective summarising strategies in both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Numeracy will see students apply their developing Number strategies to Fraction, Time and Location units.

History will begin with an exploration of Australians and communities before moving onto  the effects of European settlement and perspectives of people in the past.

Homework will be introduced in Week 3 this Term, and will continue to have a spelling and multiplication focus alongside a History element too.

The Year 4 Team