Year 5

Term 4 Overview

During Term 4 students will be investigating science as an overarching concept where they will have the opportunity to explore Sustainability.

In Writing, students will commence the term writing explanation reports, moving on to exploring  and creating transactional and newspaper writing, before concluding the term with creative writing. Students will  focus on following the writing process and using strategies to guide their research on Sustainability. Students will also continue to focus on their spelling and grammar.


In Reading, students will be using prediction as a strategy to aid their comprehension of texts and understanding of unknown words. They will also be analysing newspapers and exploring the particular techniques they use to engage readers. Finally, at the end of the term they will engage in a book study.


In Numeracy, we will continue to immerse students in context driven project work supporting them to make connections with numeracy in real life situations. This will begin with our Masterchef project which will involve students comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. Students will also complete a series of lessons involving identifying, continuing and creating number patterns, together with introducing early algebraic concepts. Finally, students will explore 3D shape.  


Year 5 students will also continue the trial of the Maths Pathways program. The focus of Maths Pathways is to provide students with targeted differentiated learning tasks. For further details about the Maths Pathways learning model you can go to their website or watch


In Science this term, students will conduct investigations in Earth & Space sciences. This unit will cover the history of space travel, the Solar System and Earth's place in space.


In addition, students will get active through our swimming program during the last two weeks of this term.  


Homework requirements

Tasks will include a combination of Literacy and Numeracy activities to be submitted fortnightly. The tasks will be an extension of work being conducted at school and will generally not exceed one hour per week. In addition to this, student’s homework routine should include daily independent reading for at least 30 minutes.



Families are reminded that Term 4 is a sunsmart term. All students are expected to dress appropriately for the warmer weather including:  

  • A sunsmart hat to wear during all outdoor activities.

  • Covered shoulders (no singlets)

  • Appropriate footwear (no thongs)


Teacher contact details


5A - Phil -

5B - Jack -

5C - Amanda  -

5D - Annelise -


You are always welcome to meet with a Year 5 member of staff should you have any concerns or queries throughout the year. Please contact us via the email addresses listed above in order to organise a mutually convenient time to meet.