Year 5


We are greatly looking forward to closing the year out on a fun and positive note in classrooms, supporting our students in the return to face to face learning, with student wellbeing and engagement continuing to be our main focus.

Term 4 Overview

We will begin the term settling back into our homegroups and establishing learning routines consistent with the FLEX Essential Agreements developed by the students back in Term 1. Our focus initially will be ‘Learning to Learn’, then on setting up classroom routines, group work and collaboration, with student wellbeing fundamental throughout the remainder of the teaching year.

Students will re-establish their Writer’s Notebooks, using their entries to organise and develop their ideas across a range of genres. Term 4 has the Writer’s Workshops focusing on using the writing process to develop writing skills in preparation for Year 6. Students will also be developing a range of ‘real-world’ writing tasks such as letter writing, experiment reports, and research assignments in Other Learning Areas (OLAs).

Students will study Text Structures and Features in a variety of self chosen and prescribed texts. Students will also develop their ability to use metalanguage to describe influence, bias and perspective in a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction.

The key focus areas in Numeracy is exploring equivalent number sentences (solving unknowns/algebra), investigating fractions and finally, chance and data. These learning areas will lead students to project-based maths commencing Week 3. In Shape and Geometry, students will be investigating the relationship between 2D and 3D shapes, perimeter, area, and volume through a range of group work activities pitched at a point of need.

In Inquiry, the key focus will be students developing their understanding of Australia’s connections to countries all over the world. This will be achieved through an open-ended research project called Around the World, where students will research five different countries from five different continents using online resources to create a ‘hand-made’ project portfolio.

In Science, students will study Chemical Sciences - solids, liquids, gases. This unit will commence Week 5 and will involve a variety of hands-on experiments involving the scientific method, science reports, and group work.


Contacting Staff
You are always welcome to contact a Year 5 member of staff should you have any concerns or queries throughout the term. As parents are, at this stage, unable to enter the school grounds due to restrictions, please contact us via the email addresses listed below in order to organise a mutually convenient time to meet via Webex or over the phone. 

5A - Celeste Grifa - 

5B - John Giles - 

5C - Ben Lepore - (Every day except Tuesdays)

5C - Mark Quinn - (Tuesdays)

5D - Catherine Coley - 

5E - Stefan Condello -