Year 6

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Term 4 Overview

Welcome back to Term 4!

We have a teaching team of 7 in Year 6 in 2017 and their contact details are listed below. The protocol we are adopting to contact teachers is as follows:
● If you wish to contact one of the teaching staff, email should be the first option
● You are always welcome to meet with our year 6 teaching staff but please make an appointment via email beforehand
● We would love parent involvement in this year so let us know how you can best contribute

We are looking forward to another exciting term.

Emily Marlow – 6A
Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Luke Ryan – 6B
Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Lisa Higgins - 6B (Thursday & Friday)

Tom McCormick – 6C
Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Helen Benjamin – 6D
Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Eddie Alexander – 6E
Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Danica Cashman – Teaching Support

Our teaching foci for Term 4 is as follows:

● Mini-golf course design - Angles, shape, measurement, geometric reasoning, trigonometry, area & perimeter
● Budget your life - Fractions of money, 4 operations, averages, mapping, estimating, rounding and graphing
● Problem solving - Focus on math proficiency across all numeracy strands
● Maths pathways - This is a personally tailored numeracy program that based on diagnostic results will have students working at levels they should be in all numeracy areas. We will be working on pathways twice a week.

Non-fiction Literacy
● Drug education - Awareness of legal and illegal drugs, coping with peer pressure and looking their effect on people and communities
● Fit living and healthy eating - Looking at the importance of diet, fitness and mindfulness
● Scrapbook - Constructing an anthology of their lives so far

Fiction Literacy
● Prediction and prior knowledge
● Text analysis
● Reading comprehension - Heraldsun kids, Readworx and explicit comprehension from short texts
● Reading for pleasure
● Creative writing - Converting an animation into a narrative using the skills we have learned in Term 3

● Think before you act online and in life
● Zero tolerance to bullying, mental and physical abuse
● Conflict resolution

● Biological - Adaptations

High School Practice
● During this period we will be running a variety of subjects that the students will encounter at High School

Excursions and Incursions
● Science focus - Melbourne Zoo: Call of the Wild

Other important aspects of our term:
● Race around Melbourne
● Graduation
● Inter-school sport
● Grade 6 fun day
● High School transition
● Swimming program
● Assisting in prep camp day

At all times we will be asking our children to apply the 21st century learner competencies to their studies as they think critically, collaborate, explore their creativity, ask questions as curious learners, develop their character and communicate to the greater community as global citizens.

The Year 6 teaching team