Year 6

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Year 6 Term 2 Curriculum Overview 2018

We have a teaching team of six in year 6in 2018and their contact details are listed below. The protocol we are adopting to contact teachers is as follows:

  • If you wish to contact one of the teaching staff, email should be the first option.  
  • You are always welcome to meet with our year 6 teaching staff but please make an appointment via email beforehand. 
  • We would love parent involvement in this year so let us know how you can best contribute. 

We are looking forward to another exciting term.

Teacher Contact:

Luke Ryan – 6A - Team leader

Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Lisa Higgins - 6A (Tuesday & Thursday)

Emily Marlow – 6B

Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Helen Benjamin – 6C

Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Eddie Alexander – 6D

Phone extension: 160 or voicemail 260

Ann Morrison – Teaching Support


In term two, our focus will be on Geography, investigating cultures and the characteristics of countries around the world. Students will be given choice of the countries they wish to investigate as well as how they present their findings and understandings. Teachers will help guide investigations, provide support and pose questions to deepen thinking. 


The literacy skills that will form the basis of these investigations will be:

  • Skimming & scanning
  • Questioning
  • Summarising
  • Text Structures (knowing how to read a map, graph, text boxes, etc)
  • Responses to text


Through pre-tests (tests prior to the unit commencing) we will determine student’s current skill level and create workshops for students to attend where they can extend their abilities. Personal goals will be set so that students are aware of targeted areas they can improve and the strategies they can use to do this. 


We will be continuing our weekly creative writing workshops by looking at narrative features and writing techniques that authors use to engage their audience. These include: 

  • Dialogue 
  • Physical and psychological narrative distance
  • Character development
  • Poetic & literary devices (similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification) 


Our reading comprehension focus for this term will mainly centre oninferencing.  Students will be combining their prior knowledge and text clues to infer from a variety of texts. We will also be completing levelled comprehension activities using programs such as: 

  • Reading Eggspress
  • Readworks
  • Herald-Sun Kids news


In math, we will be immersing our students in context-driven work, where they can see the purpose of what they are learning and how it will apply to their lives outside of school. We will be providing support and extension to all students in all numeracy aspects, with a key focus this term being multiplication and division support. During each of these contextual numeracy units, students will be explicitly taught the skills before application. 

They will work as holiday planners in our Travel Agent unit looking at mapping, location, elapsed time, time zones, money maths and more. Take to the markets during our VicMarket Wholesalerunit investigating profit/loss, measurement unit conversions, volume, area and more. We will reflect on the Commonwealth gameswhilst analysing data, creating and interpreting graphs, applying percentages, calculating averages and more. 

We will continue to spend time each week working on the Maths Pathwayprogram. This is an online personalised maths program where students are given a series of diagnostic tests to determine abilities in all math concepts. Maths Pathways allows us to personalise the work for each student’s needs and extend/support where required. 


Our science investigations this term will be centred on the Physical sciences. We will look at current advancements in this area as well as investigate different aspects of energy and circuitry. We will also continue our work in computer sciences, using programs like Hopscotch.


The well being programs will continue during Term 2, including:

  • Aristotle- developing and improving emotional intelligence
  • Respectful Relationships-focussing on character strengths
  • Smiling Minds-mindfulness practise 


Homework will continue on weekly basis. It will mirror the work we are completing in class and will be an opportunity to further practise or might require students to get front loading in terms of their understandings before a session. We will continue to communicate homework expectations on COMPASS to families.


All work that students are completing can be viewed through your child’s access to Google classroom.


Other important information:

  • Interschool sport continues this term. Thesports offered are AFL, Netball and T-Ball. We will be competing in the Ascot Vale district Friday mornings, playing against different schools each week. 
  • High school transition – placement forms must be completed and returned by 11thMay. 
  • Three-way conferences will take place on the 26th& 27thJune. Further information to come. 
  • District and regional cross countrycompetitions will take place this term for students who qualified. 


At NMPS we have high expectations of ourselves and our students and we will look to extend and support our students in all learning areas. Students in 2018 lead busy lives and we are conscious of their mental wellbeing and work readiness if tired. Please provide designated opportunities for your children to have some time to rest their minds and bodies, spend time with them,andget outside and experience all that Melbourne has to offer. This will assist in further enriching the learning we do in the classroom this year.