Year 6

 Term 4 Overview

We are very excited to be moving back to face to face teaching and learning!

We are going to continue with ongoing reports this term. This means that we will be posting assessments to Compass once units of work are completed. Progression points will not be available until the end of term. We also have two student teachers joining us for the first half of this term.

Maths (Weeks 1-3)

In Fractions we will be focussing on:

-        Ordering fractions

-        Simplifying fractions

-        Applying the four operations to fractions

-        Factors

-        Making fractions

-        Conversion between fractions, decimals, and percentages

-        Applying fraction skills in Minecraft worlds


Once this unit is complete we will send you information about what our next unit will be.

Reading (Whole term) - Students will continue to strengthen and extend their reading comprehension skills through differentiated text studies. They will identify, describe, and discuss the similarities and differences between a diverse range of texts and evaluate characteristics that define an author’s individual style. They will also identify the relationship between words, sounds, imagery, and language patterns in narratives and poetry.


Writing (Whole term)

Students will focus on their writing craft. They will experiment with a variety of writing strategies to improve their ‘Voice’ and reader engagement. Throughout each session students will be given time to collect writing ‘seeds’ (ideas and inspiration) within their Writer’s Notebook and improve their writing Conventions (spelling, punctuation, grammar) through revision and editing. These strategies will coincide with the writing pieces throughout Humanities.


Humanities (Whole term)

Students will explore how the influences of different nationalities and First Peoples have contributed to Australian perspectives and society.  They will apply the taught strategies in Writing, compiling a collection of factual and opinion based writing pieces and concluding with an original biography/memoir.


Wellbeing (Whole term)

Students will follow the Respectful Relationships program, exploring respect and diversity, breaking down stereotypes and social norms, and investigating healthy ways to express emotions and develop relationships.


Science (Whole term)

Students will use the Science STILE site to deepen their understanding of energy/electricity. Alongside working on STILE, students will complete a STEM Aviation project where they will construct an aircraft following a design process, making changes to improve performance.


Relationship and Sexuality Education is covered in the curriculum will act as a foundation for students to build upon in their secondary school education. These RSE sessions will focus on the physical, social and emotional changes of puberty. We will also cover conception, pregnancy and birth and the names and functions of reproductive parts. This information will also be focused on relationships, managing friendships and respect for self and others. It will also include the responsible use of technology and social media with key messages towards ‘body safety’.  


High school practice is designed to do exactly what it says, practice for high school. During weeks seven to eleven, students will participate in a range of new and exciting subjects. Psychology, textiles, micro bit coding, geography, personal training, and photography are to name a few. They will move between different spaces, address teachers formally, and be expected to organise themselves to follow their personal timetable.


Key dates for Term 4

These dates and activities are not confirmed due to current COVID-19 restrictions. We will communicate with families once we know more information about what these events will look like.

●      Grade 6 Fun Day - Friday 27th November

●      Grade 6 Graduation - Thursday 10th December

●      Race Around Melbourne - Friday 4th December

●      Swimming programme begins on Monday 7th December & lasts for the final two weeks of term. (8 days)

●      High school transition - Tuesday 8th December


Communication Process between families and teachers for the term.

A reminder that families are not permitted on site.
If you wish to contact one of the teaching staff, email should be the first option. This can be done through Compass. If you would like to phone, the extension for year 6 teachers is 120 (Before or after school, not during school hours).


Amanda Stevens - 6A


Risa Hammel - 6B


Shaun Andrews - 6C (PLT Facilitator)


Jane Leighton - 6D


Luke Ryan – 6E