Year 6

Term 1 2020

The final year in primary school is a special time for students as they transition out of a learning environment where they have formed strong bonds and relationships over the past years. Many opportunities arise in Year 6, as the students take leadership and mentoring roles with the younger students.

It is a good opportunity for our Year 6 students to give back to the NMPS community and leave a legacy for future years.

We have a teaching team of five in Year 6 in 2020 and their contact details are listed below. The protocol we are adopting to contact teachers is as follows:

  • If you wish to contact one of the teaching staff, email should be the first option
  • You are always welcome to meet with our grade 6 teaching staff but please make an appointment via email beforehand
  • We would love parent involvement in the classroom this year so let us know how you can best contribute
  • Phone extension for all Year 6 teachers is: 120


Teaching Team 

Amanda Stevens - 6A

Risa Hammel - 6B

Shaun Andrews - 6C (PLT Facilitator)

Jane Leighton - 6D

Luke Ryan – 6E


Strengths of what we do in Year 6: 

  • Team teaching allows us to target children at all ability levels more effectively
  • Goal setting and conferencing with children regularly let the children have a greater understanding of the next step in their learning
  • Access to a variety of teaching staff allows the children to learn from multiple sources and develop stronger relationships
  • The use of the Hive and Upper COMM gives the students greater choice as to what working zone they want to study in depending on the task
  • Use of Google Classroom, Google Drive and other file sharing APPS allow students to access learning resources and tasks at school & home, and at their own pace. It also allows transparency of what we are doing for families at home
  • Context-driven learning greater prepare students for their life after primary school
  • Organizational skills, independence, and personal responsibility are key focus points in Year 6 as we look to prepare your child for secondary school
  • Student's voice is a key element in all learning, where we allow the students to drive the context to their own interests


Year 6 Canberra Camp

We will be heading to Canberra for a 5-day camp where we will have the opportunity to experience aspects of our government, the electoral process and explore our nation’s great history. There will also be a key science element to camp when we visit the National Arboretum, Questacon Science Museum, National Geoscience Centre and the CSIRO Discovery Centre.

Just a short note to keep families updated as to where we are at with Canberra camp. We have tentatively booked in a backup date in May if the fire situation poses any sort of threat. We are also looking at the option of splitting the camp into two groups in different weeks.

Meetings with management from Educational Tours and Safaris (the company organising the camp) have been happening every couple of days, and we will be meeting them this week to go over all possible options. We will not be making any decisions lightly and the safety of the children and staff is the absolute priority in our decision making.

A final decision will be made by the 13th of February.

All families will be kept updated on all our conversations and decision making.



Students will also be focusing on their own mental and physical wellbeing over the course of 2020. We are setting aside time to ensure that all social and emotional aspects of their lives are being cared for. This term we will be developing emotional intelligence through our Respectful Relationships program. We will also investigate how to be safe whilst online and developing other cyber safety skills.



In Maths, we will be immersing our students in context-driven work, where they can see the purpose of what they are learning and how it will apply to their lives outside of school. They will develop their spatial awareness, shape-sense, mapping and location skills in our Canberra Capital Relocation Unit, where we look at re-establishing main elements of Our Capital, also a great lead into camp (Coordinates, cartesian plane, perimeter, area, shape, scale & number skills).

We will spend time exploring Probability looking at chance language, fractions, decimals, percentages, sample space & size, outcomes, tree diagrams and much more! During each of these contextual numeracy units, students will be explicitly taught the skills before application.

We will also be working on open-ended problem-solving tasks where students will have an opportunity to apply a variety of strategies whilst solving multi-step problems. Time will also be allocated to further develop number skills and strategies with a focus on multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, negative numbers, factors and order of operations.



In Literacy, students will be focusing on civics & citizenship within our humanities-based literacy. Students will be creating their own countries. This will involve them beginning with research looking at aspects including:

-       Government types

-       Policies: Education, economics, history, geography, public transport, etc. 

Once they have researched all the aspects of their country they will then make informed & justified decisions as to how their country will be run. We will then be getting into a debating focus where students will have the opportunity to debate policies in a formal debating style. This is a great lead in to our Canberra camp. 

The Year 6 students will be developing their comprehension skills by breaking down a variety of texts, with a focus on nonfiction articles. Students will be focusing on effective questioning to guide their analysis of the texts.

In Writer’s Workshop, students will be developing their ‘voice’ as writers.  Setting goals, making appropriate choices and ultimately completing a variety of pieces that showcase their understanding of the writing traits. Students will be encouraged to work with a teacher to set goals and take ownership of their pieces.


Interschool Sport

The interschool sport takes place in Term 1 in 2020. We will be playing sport every Friday morning against local schools in the Ascot Vale sports district. The focus is on participation and the importance of team sports and fitness. The sports that students will be playing are European Handball, Hot shots mini-Tennis and soccer. There will be an opportunity for the winning teams to continue through to the Regional finals. Students not participating in interschool sport will be developing their sports skills at school.


High school transition

We will communicate the timeline for the high school transition process once the education department releases it. This process begins in Term 2 2020. 

At NMPS we have high expectations of ourselves and our students and we will look at extending and supporting our students in all learning areas. Students today lead busy lives and we are conscious of their mental wellbeing and work readiness if tired. Please provide designated opportunities for your children to have some time to rest their minds and bodies, spend time with them, get outside and experience all that Melbourne has to offer as this will enrich the learning we do in the classroom this year.



About USA Steam Camp 


USA Steam camp - Parent info night - Wednesday 5th February  

The parent information evening will be on Wednesday 5th February at 6 pm in the HIVE. All families are welcome to attend, this should run for approx. 45 minutes.

North Melbourne Primary school is exploring the opportunity of conducting a Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) Frontiers & Applications Tour.

Linked below is a website that has been created for a prospective NMPS 2020 camp:

You are welcome to register your interest on this website following the info night.

This tour would need a minimum of 10 students to be feasible.


2020 tour - Year 6 students

2020 tour - Current year 5 students

This tour will be held in Huntsville and Los Angeles, USA. This experience is offered as an optional excursion to immerse in the field of STEAM. On this tour students are given the opportunity to attend the Marshall Space Flight centre to complete a 5-day Space Camp, Universal Studios and Disneyland. A sample of the itinerary for the tour has been provided.



STEAM: Missions & Applications tour is priced at $6,000 per person (broken down into payment installments over a 9-month period), with only the following items not included:

  • The cost of a passport ($143 AUD for students aged under 16, $293 for those aged over 16)
  • The cost of an ESTA (VISA application for Australian citizens - $14 USD)
  • Any discretionary spending money

If you are interested in having your child attend this tour, could you please contact me via email. Teachers would accompany students on this tour at a ratio of  2: 15. 

Please note, returning this expression of interest, does not confirm your child’s attendance on the tour, nor does it obligate you to anything financially. At this stage, we are seeing if there is enough interest. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.