Year 6

Welcome back to Term Four

We have a teaching team of six in Year 6 in 2019 and their contact details are listed below.

The protocol we are adopting to contact teachers is as follows:

  • If you wish to contact one of the teaching staff, email should be the first option
  • You are always welcome to meet with our Year 6 teaching staff but please make an appointment via email beforehand
  • We would love parent involvement in this year so let us know how you can best contribute
  • Phone extension for all Yaer 6 teachers is: 160 or voicemail 260

Aaron Cullen- 6A

Jane Leighton - 6B

Shaun Andrews - 6C

Jen Raven - 6D - 

Luke Ryan – 6E - Team leader  

Ben Lepore - 6E (Thursday & Friday)



Students will also be focusing on their own mental and physical wellbeing over the course of 2019. We are setting aside time to ensure that all social and emotional aspects of their lives are being cared for. This term we will be continuing our work in Respectful relationships. Modules we will be focussing on are:

-       Problem solving in social situations

-       Help seeking

-       Positive gender relationships

We will also be spending time being mindful. Here children will have an opportunity to read, meditate (smiling minds) or complete mindful colouring.



In maths, we will be immersing our students in context driven work, where they can see the purpose of what they are learning and how it will apply to their lives outside of school. During each of these contextual numeracy units, students will be explicitly taught the skills before application. All context units will have support and extension opportunities for children.

Students will be analysing data from the recent World Athletics championships in Doha. They will be selecting data appropriate to their level and completing an array of data displays including column graphs, histograms, scatter plots, box & whisker plots, comparison graphs, line graphs, MMMR and more. 

We will be getting set up for High School during our timetable unit. Students will need to analyse timetables, create individual timetables, use directional language and location skills whilst map reading. We will also be working on scale, graphing, mathematical reasoning and elapsed time problems. 

Real life maths has never been more prevalent than in our ‘Budget Your Life’ unit. Here students will select a job which will determine their personal budget. They will then perform calculations including all four operations in order to budget for rent, bills and utilities and more. 

There will also be a focus on problem solving, where students will have to apply a variety of strategies to solve multi-step problems.




Students will be discovering how they can solve a problem by following the design process during Non-Fiction Literacy ‘Choose Your Own Solution’. Students will identify and investigate problems affecting the world, their community and themselves to help them discover how they could make an impact. They will plan, create, test, reflect and improve upon their solutions to come up with something that will make an impact towards improving their problem.  We are looking forward to seeing what the Year 6 come up! 

In our Reading Comprehension sessions we will be focusing on applying all comprehension strategies to texts. We will continue our text study in to the ‘Maze runner’, as well as looking at a comparison with the film. Students will have an opportunity to analyse and discuss similarities and differences. 

We will also be focussing on short, thought provoking texts in our Reading Groups focussing on discussion, opinions, justifications and comprehension. 

Students will also be completing a film study, using the documentary, ‘I am Eleven’. Here we will complete a series of activities linked to the film to broaden their understanding of the world, enhance empathy and engage in discussion around differences in life as a child around the world. Students will be working in groups to promote questioning and deepen their understandings. 

In Writing, students will be focusing on a range of topics that will build upon the skills taught in previous terms. Students will continue to develop seeds for writing utilising the 3 levels of thinking and practise selecting a clear purpose for each of their writing pieces. Students will incorporate the 6 traits of writing to strengthen their writing style.


Passion Project

Passions come alive on Friday afternoons as the Year 6 explore, learn and create through their Passion Project. Students will be given the opportunity to traverse an independent learning journey to hone a new skill, deepen knowledge of an exciting hobby and create an insatiable interest in something new.  Whilst the focus of each project is varied and open, all students will further develop their self-management skills and build resilience, overcoming the challenges associated with learning a new skill or topic.



Following on from last term viewing the biological sciences of animal and plant adaptations, we took part in a national initiative “The Aussie Backyard Bird Count”. Over two sun filled mornings the students went to Royal Park, observing the appearances and behaviours of birds, classifying them and in the process learning more about the environment around the school than ever before.

After this the students will delve into the physical sciences learning about the essential energies and their different forms (kinetic, potential and electromagnetic etc). Students will consolidate these understandings by getting hands on with creating electrical circuits and exploring the hidden energies in water, creating their own working model water turbines. 


High School practice

High school practice is designed to do exactly what it says - practise for high school. During weeks six to nine, students will participate in a range of new and exciting subjects. Psychology, textiles, microbit coding, geography, personal training and photography are to name a few. They will move between different spaces, address teachers formally and be expected to organise themselves to follow their personal timetable.


Other important information:

  • Year 6 Fun Day - Friday 29th November
  • Year 6 Graduation - Thursday 5th December
  • Race Around Melbourne - Friday 6th December
  • Swimming programme begins on Monday 9th December & lasts for the final two weeks of term. (8 days)
  • High school transition - Tuesday 10th December

At NMPS we have high expectations of ourselves and our students and we will look to extending and supporting our students in all learning areas. Students today lead busy lives and we are conscious of their mental wellbeing and work readiness if tired. Please provide designated opportunities for your children to have some time to rest their minds and bodies, spend time with them, get outside and experience all that Melbourne has to offer as this will enrich the learning we do in the classroom this year. We would love for all year 6 students to finish the year off strongly and we will continue to focus on positive learning behaviours. If behaviour and effort does not meet expectations students may miss out on events such as Race Around Melbourne and fun day.