Year 1

Welcome back Parents and Carers!

We are excited to begin our 10 Week term and have lots of fantastic learning experiences planned.

Independent Reading and Word Work: We are continuing our Home Reading routine. Please encourage your child to read each day as well as record the title of their book with a comment. We are going to revise ‘Just Right’ books with our classes and ensure a not too difficult, not too easy book is being selected for home. In class students will be working in Guided Reading groups with their teacher as well as independently reading for a target of at least 30 mins. Reading Eggs has also been introduced to the students and they are welcome to use the program at home as well. Your class teacher has the login and passwords.

Show and Share: This term Show and Share will become part of our Speaking and Listening assessment and it is important that your child participates. We have created small tasks that the students can do independently or with your family.  The students will focus on making eye contact with an audience, using a volume that everyone can hear, being confident in what they want to say and having a clear introduction and conclusion to their presentation. Organising their Show and Share presentation will also be a focus and continue to be on a Wednesday. A roster with topics for each week will be sent home ready for week 2.  

Community Reading in the classroom: We encourage all students to be at school by 9:00 am in order to participate in the program. This term you are welcome to come and read with us. 1A and 1C will have community reading each Thursday from 9.00- 9.15. 1B and 1D will be on Friday mornings from 9.00 -9.15. This is an opportunity to build a love of reading with the students, and we would love to have your support in reading to each child in the class.  


Year 1 Camp experience: The students will stay after school during one night in August (Date TBC). They will participate in four activities, have dinner and then go home after dinner. The aim is to encourage independence and is part of the whole school camp program.


Volunteering: We will be starting a Science unit this term and always appreciate extra help or guest speakers.  Please email your interest and availability to your child’s teacher.


Science Incursion: We are excited to announce that we will be having a science incursion on Thursday of  Week 1. All Year One students will be attending the incursion which will be a great introduction and launch for our Science program this term. Furthermore, we are looking forward to another Science incursion later in the term. Stay tuned in for details!

If you are an expert in the field of Science, please let your child’s teacher know.


Contact: For new families, see the Front Office to receive your COMPASS login as this is the school’s main method for communication.  Alternatively, please contact via our email below. Anything requiring urgent attention please contact the Front Office.


1A - Jane:

1B - John (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri):

      Georgie (Wed):

1C - Viv:

1D - Svetlana:


Specialist Timetable: Tuesday specialists begin at 9.00 am







1 A  


Art and Italian


Parent Reading 9.00


1 B

Library and Italian

PE and Music



Parent Reading 9.00

1 C


PE and Art

Italian and Music

Parent Reading 9.00


1 D


Drama and Italian




Parent Reading 9.00


What we are Learning this term:



  • Explore High Frequency Words

  • Use Questioning and Asking wonderings about books we read.

  • Think about main ideas in texts we read

  • Summarise texts to explain main ideas and identify key words

  • Continue decoding strategies such as chunking

  • Read independently for at least 20 minutes.


  • Explore how to organise writing pieces

  • Create persuasive letters.

  • Create  information texts.

  • Structure and organise  writing pieces using appropriate sequencing.

  • Make purposeful word choices that are beginning to help the audience create a picture in their mind.

  • Use  apostrophes and revise all other grammar already covered this year.

              Word Study:

  • Investigate initial and final blends and sounds

  • Work with letter blends ai, ay, ea, ee, --y, igh, ie, -y, oa, ar, or, aw, er, ur, ir, air

oo, ow, ou, oi, oy

Speaking & Listening

  • Make short presentations, speaking clearly and using appropriate voice and pace.

  • Organise information, ideas and presentations independently

Number & Algebra

  • Strengthen skip counting of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s  and noticing patterns

  • Count and represent collections to 100

  • Partition two-digit numbers using place value. 65 = 60 +5

  • Represent practical situations involving sharing a collection (Division) and making equal groups (Multiplication)

  • Recognise and describe ½ of a shape or ½ of a group

Measurement & Geometry

  • Measure and compare  length, mass and capacity of objects using informal units

  • Give and follow directions to familiar locations using the language of location to describe movement.

Chemical Science


  • Explore the materials objects are made from

  • Investigate  solids liquids and gases

  • Understand that everyday materials can be changed and combined

Personal, Social and Community Health

  • Investigate ways to solve problems independently

  • Think about the emotions of self and others

Intercultural Capability

  • Identify and discussing cultural diversity in the school and/or community.

Digital Technologies

  • Solving problems by using  iPad Apps (Coding)

  • Follow, describe  and represent a sequence of steps and decisions needed to solve simple problems.



Please contact with via our email or using Compass as we will be teaching from 9-3:30. Anything requiring urgent attention please contact the Front Office.

1A - Jane:
1B - John (Mon, Tues,
Thurs, Fri):
Georgie (Wed):
1C - Viv:
1D - Svetlana: