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Year 1

Term 4 Overview

Wow, can you believe it’s term 4 already! We are ready for our final 11 weeks of learning to commence with lots of exciting experiences organised for our eager students.


Arriving at school

We appreciate your support in ensuring all students are at school by 9:00 am as we start our teaching promptly and don’t want them missing out on important instruction.


Sunsmart & Not Thirsty

Term 4 is a hat term. Children must wear a hat every day, or they will be required to sit in the shade during play times. Please ensure your children have a labelled hat with a full brim (no caps) to wear.

We also recommend providing a water bottle to use in the classroom.


Year 1 Swimming

With summer fast approaching and warmer weather it is important that our students are educated in water safety. We are lucky to have access to a two week swimming and water safety program which will run in week 8 and 9. More information will be sent out via COMPASS so keep an eye out.


Melbourne Cup Holiday

Week 5 there will be a modified curriculum on Monday (teacher planning day) and no school on the Tuesday (7th of November).


Reno Rumble

Our annual school improvement day will be happening this term. More information closer to the day.


Independent Reading and Word Work

We are continuing our Home Reading routine and ask that students continue to practise with their chosen ‘Just Right’ book each day. At home you are also welcome to continue practising our ‘sight words’ and will be sending home the Magic 200 Word lists too. This could take the form of word hunts in books, flash cards or constructing silly sentences. In class students will be continuing to work on their sight words as well as participating in Guided Reading groups and independently reading for a target of at least 30 mins. 


Show and Share

Show and Share presentation will continue to be on a Wednesday. A roster with topics for each week will be sent home ready for this week. This term we are focusing on students delivery (using interesting words, gestures, facial expression etc ).  

Community Reading in the classroom

With a busy term ahead  you are welcome to come and read with us 1A and 1C will be on Thursday from 9.00- 9.15. 1B and 1D will be on Friday mornings from 9.00 -9.15.  



We will be starting another Science unit this term based on weather, geography and the environment. We always appreciate extra help or guest speakers.  Please email your interest and availability to your child’s teacher.


Contact emails:

1A - Jane:

1B - John (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri):

      Georgie (Wed):

1C - Viv:

1D - Svetlana:


Specialist Timetable: Tuesday specialists begin at 9.00 am







1 A  


Art and Italian


Parent Reading 9.00


1 B

Library and Italian

PE and Music



Parent Reading 9.00

1 C


PE and Art

Italian and Music

Parent Reading 9.00


1 D


Drama and Italian




Parent Reading 9.00

What we are Learning in term 4:


Image result for reading

  • Practise reading High Frequency Words (sight words)

  • Revise all the comprehension strategies (Summarising, Visualising, Predicting...)

  • Use ‘Think Alouds’ when reading a text

  • To independently use decoding strategies especially chunking with syllables

  • Read independently for at least 30 minutes.

  • Exploring aspects of different text types

WritingImage result for narratives

  • Exploring the writing traits (voice, organisation, ideas, character, engagement, structure, presentation)

  • Experimenting with blends and letter patterns to spell new words

  • Discussing how to improve writing pieces (ideas, spelling, punctuation)

  • Reviewing the silent e (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e), vowels and word endings  

Speaking & ListeningImage result for show and tell

  • Exploring different ways to engage and audience, including verbal, visual, body language and facial expressions

  • Interacting in pairs, group and class discussions and taking turns responding.

Number & Algebra Image result for place value addition

  • Review Number (counting, addition, subtraction, fact families)

  • Exploring Chance and the likelihood of something happening

  • Revising shape

Earth Science

  • Exploring weather, geography and our environment

Personal, Social and Community HealthImage result for emotions

  • Practising independent learning behaviours- resilience, problem solving

  • Self motivation and engagement

  • Working collaboratively

  • Revising emotions

Critical And Creative Thinking

  • Identifying, describing and using different kinds of question stems to gather information.

Digital TechnologiesImage result for scratch jr

  • Solving problems by using  iPad Apps (Coding)

  • Follow, describe  and represent a sequence of steps and decisions needed to solve simple problems.

  • Using media technologies to capture and edit images and sounds and text to tell stories.


How you can help at home

·    Continue to support your child reading every night and practise their focus on a book independently.

·    Practise their sight words (reading and writing in sentences or stories)

·    Ask your child questions about what they have read (how was the character feeling? What does this word mean?)

·    Ask your child to teach you a Numeracy game they know from class

·    Give them opportunities to write- shopping lists, invitations, stories, letters/emails, posters etc.