Year 1 Team T3 2019

Year 1

Term 4 2019






  • Searching for key information in a text
  • Identifying differences between text types (imaginative, informative and persuasive)
  • Reading and self-correcting





  • Accurately using punctuation
  • Rereading and making edits to writing
  • Attempting to use a range of text types when writing

Number & Algebra 




  • Fractions- understanding that a half is one of two parts of a whole group
  • Measurement and Geometry- Capacity
  • Chance- identifying outcomes of familiar events

Physical Sciences (OLA)




  • Objects are made of materials that have observable properties
  • Everyday materials can be changed
  • Use technology to design solutions

Wellbeing (Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships)

  • Comparing personal preferences, likes and dislikes
  • Identity 


Year 1 Timetable Term 4 

1 Teaching Team (pictured above)

All Year 1 classes are located in the old building.

1A (Room 4)

Sarah Mountain


1B (Room 7)

Kale Vagnoni & Gabi Panozzo


1C (Room 6)

Matt Schouteten

1D (Room 8)

Svetlana Blagojevic & Yolanda Andrews


1E (Room 6 & 7 rear)

Tess Vu