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All classes are currently in remote and flexible learning mode. 

Your child has access to their teacher and class content using Compass, SeeSaw, Webex and Google Classroom. 



Term 3 remote learning overview

In Reading

We are focussing on strengthening our understanding of non-fiction and fiction texts we have read. Exploring the different features and purposes of these texts and justifying our reasoning.

We are learning to summarise by identifying the important ideas and keywords in a text, and putting it into our own words. We are developing our ability to refer back to information within texts to answer questions, and increase our understanding of what we read. We are also working hard on building our independent reading stamina, aiming for between 15 - 30 minutes of real reading a day.

In Writing

We are focussing on developing ideas from seeds (writing/picture prompts) and writing for specific purposes. This will involve learning to use familiar ideas, experiences, narratives and illustrations to base our own writing on. We are also learning to spell high-frequency words more accurately and work on ou sentence fluency, to help make our writing more engaging and easier to read.

In Maths

We have a focus on numbers. We will start off learning about fractions, with the ​focus of recognising halves of a whole (shape) and collection (group of objects). 

Throughout the term we will be exploring the mental strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems, presented as worded problems, number sentences and picture prompts. ​

Students will be given many opportunities to practise and consolidate their skills in these areas. Many tasks will be open-ended and will provide support or extension based on your child’s learning needs. 

Building on our knowledge of equal parts, we will engage in Division, applying strategies to share collections into equal groups. 

We will finish off the term with Time, learning to tell the time to the half-hour on both analogue and digital clocks. We will continue to practise our fluency throughout the term.