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Sewing Boomerang Bags for Sale at Harmony Fete

We are making recycled shopping bags to sell at the fete. We need donations of fabric to make the bags out of. 

best = curtains or table cloths or similar. New fabric is OK although we are trying to recycle.

good = clothes with a flat section at least 40x50cm, e.g. long skirts, men's shirts, wider trousers

please do not donate = stretchy clothes (e.g. no t-shirts), "skinny" clothes (e.g. skinny jeans), small clothes (e.g. short skirts), kids clothes (they're too small). 

The item should be in good condition, i.e. minimal stains - think about whether you would want to buy a bag with that mark on it!

Please wash the item before donating it.

You can leave your donations in the plastic tub next to the lost property baskets near reception. 

If anyone wants to help with sewing the bags, please let us know. You don't need to have used a sewing machine before - it's really simple and we can  give you on-the-job training. If you don't want to sew, you can still help. We'd love to hear from people who want to help with ironing and or cutting out too. 

You can ask for more information or offer your help to Leonie at leoniesimpson10@gmail.com or 0425 736 844.

1st Harmony Fete Meeting - All Welcome

Tuesday 13 February from 7.00-8.00pm

Staff Room

Contact nmpsfete@gmail.com

Our school fete is on 

Saturday 24 March 2018

Time: 11 am-5 pm

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