Errol Street News #8

01 June 2015



Important Dates to Remember

5th Grade 6 Interschool Sports NMPS vs Moonee Ponds West
5th Junior School Assembly (F - Year 2) 3.10pm
8th Queen's Birthday Weekend - no school
11th Western Metro Region Cross Country
12th Grade 6 Interschool Sports NMPS vs Ascot Vale West
15th School Tours
15th Last Year 6 Sex Education Session 3/3
16th Foundation - Year 3 First Aid Course 1/2
18th Foundation - Year 3 First Aid Course 2/2
19th Grade 6 Interschool Sports NMPS vs St Mary's 'A'
19th Student reports home
 23-24th Student Conferences
 26th Last day of Term 2 (1.30 dismissal)
13th Pupil Free Day
14th First Day of Term 3

Year 4 Camp to Anglesea

20150527 145002
IMG 2223
IMG 2292
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IMG 3754

Sadia & Christian, Year 4 happy campers

On Wednesday 27th of May to Friday 29th May the Grade Fours went to Anglesea for their camp.
It took approximately 1 and 1/2 hours to get there by bus.

One the way there, everybody was excited and loud. However, on the way back everyone was quiet and tired!

The activities were: fishing, canoeing, the giant swing, surfing and also orienteering. Fishing was about patience, not many of us caught a fish but we had fun.

Canoeing was fun because we had to go UNDER bridges and we had to lie down on our backs to make it under, also your arms got really sore!

The Giant Swing was 18m high and when you pull the string it feels like it snaps and then it swings you. Orienteering was where you had to find letters and clues for stuff, it was very fun and you had to do a lot of work.

Surfing was really good. You went to the beach and tried to catch a wave, then stand up. They are all the activities at camp.

The food was delicious. On the first night we had fried rice and chicken and dessert was ice-cream with chocolate topping. For breakfast we had fruit-salad, yoghurt, toast or cereal. We had burritos for lunch on Thursday and pasta with garlic bread for dinner. We also got pannacotta for dessert. On the last day for lunch we had burgers made from turkey or ham.

On Friday we had a surprise, it was a beach carnival and the teams were black, pink, green, red, purple, and pink. The activities were digging the biggest hole, showing tennis balls with material on the back through hoops, filling a bucket of water up the quickest and then tug of war. In the end, black team won!

We had a great time on camp. We were sad to leave but at the same time happy to see our families again on Friday!

Library News

IMG 0296
IMG 0299
IMG 0300

Kathy, Library

It was wonderful last week when the Library was partially restored to its original glory. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The students love the new seating and the wide open spaces as they called it.  There are now many more students coming during break times and the craft work is wonderful. A special project was the making crowns to coincide with National Simultaneous Storytime.

The books purchased with funds raised by the Parents  Friends Committee's Spring Fling fundraising in 2014 continue to be added to the shelves. Please keep a look out for the acknowledgements in the front of the Library books.

An article published in the Age this week lists the most popular books currently being borrowed by children. I was delighted to note that we have all these books in our wonderful Library. Don’t forget parents you can also come along and borrow books.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is still open. If you or your child is having trouble entering the data please come and see me at any time.

The Library is currently involved in a 30day Trial of Story Box Library. The students are able to listen to a story being read by some famous authors and various celebrities on the big screen TV. So far it has been very popular.



SRC News

school box2 L

Teachers vs Students Run for Nepal Raises $600

On Friday 8th May, the Student Representative Council organised a successful and novel event to raise money for students effected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Many students including Ella, Niki, Alex, Brett and Hazel ran a race against teachers Tyson, Anna-Maire, Julia, Eve, Tom, Luke, Joe and Mark.

During the run, donations were given by the school community and $600 was raised . These funds will purchase two Schools in a Box for Nepal. This UNICEF project  provides resources for children to be educated while their schools are in ruins. 

This is all thanks to you all here at NMPS!

Thanks again for sponsoring the athletes who ran for Nepal.

Words from Nikki and Ella's assembly speech.



Internet Safety at Home - NMPS website resources

As a parent or carer, you can play an important role in helping children have safe and positive experiences online.

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) webpage has a thorough overview of how technology is used at NMPS.

Specifically Joe our ICT coordinator and staff, have created tailored videos and information links to support parents monitor internet use at home and advise what happens at school.

Excellent resources include:



Learn about the technology

Cybersmart Cybersafety Guide 

Bully Stoppers



Introducing our SAKGP volunteer

IMG 1453
Photo: Katrina with Alice, Isabella & Mietta & home grown lemons needed in the kitchen next week

Welcome to Katrina who is a volunteer with the Year 5's each Thursday in Stephanie Alexander Kitchen.

She grew up in Creswick on a dairy farm and apprenticed as a chef in Daylesford. Last year she came to Melbourne and she looked up the SAKGP website to find a local school where she could offer her skills. Luckily she found us!

Katrina the SAKGP teaches kids to try different foods that they might not experience at home and importantly, how to cook.


tiqbiz - how to send an absent note

tiqbiq is not only about receiving information from the school, you can also make contact directly to the email of your child's teacher.

Go to Inbox, then Whole School.

Hit on Absence.

This proforma allows you to place dates, duration, reason, comments and add contact details for yourself.

Be sure to use the pull-down menu to choose your child's teacher.

Have an explore of the other options: contact, newsfeed & calendar!


Not on tiqbiz yet?

Go to our website for instructions on how to set up on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, Android Tablet and Windows phone devices.



Biz – E – Kidz News

The Winter Holiday Program bookings have opened.
Bookings for the winter holiday program have opened! To make a booking, return a filled in copy of the holiday program plan to Sharon, Eva or Leah at Biz – E -Kidz.
For a copy of the program plan, please see Errol Street News #8 or drop by Biz – E - Kidz
Other important dates are:
Friday 5th June: Holiday Program bookings close. Bookings can still be made after this date, but will be subject to availability and will not be eligible to be considered in the first round of priority of access.
Monday 8th June: Places in the holiday program or on the wait list will be mailed to families this week.
Friday 19th June: All holiday program deposits and before and aftercare fees are due to secure your holiday program booking. Any changes to bookings made after this date will incur a $30 cancellation fee.
Assessment and rating results
I am pleased to announce that we received the assessment and ratings report for the assessment and ratings visit that was conducted in late June. The service received a ‘meeting requirements’ in 3 of 7 quality areas, and an ‘exceeding requirements’ in 4 of the 7 quality areas. This gives us an overall rating of ‘exceeding requirements’. A copy of the report is available at Biz – E – Kidz and further information on the assessment and ratings process is at
The overall feedback from the visit was:
Throughout the program, children demonstrated a sense of ownership within the environment as they actively participated in creating their own learning opportunities.  Educators utilised respectful and responsive interactions with children to develop meaningful relationships and to support children’s sense of belonging within the program.  Collaborative partnerships with families further contributed to maintaining an inviting and engaging play and learning environment that met the needs of each child.  The service is rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standards.
A really big congratulations and thank you to the Biz – E – Kidz team, The Biz – E – Kidz Committee, Sally, the school staff and community and most especially all the families and children for the support through the ratings and assessment process
Do you have any suggestions questions or feedback about Biz – E – Kidz or anything else childcare related? Email Please be sure to subscribe to the school newsletter to say up to date with Biz –E – Kidz news.


Biz – E – Kidz Winter Holiday Program & Permission Forms

July Holiday Program


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