Errol Street News #10

09 July 2015

Message from Sally

Welcome back to term three, following our successful ‘Student Led Conferences’ at the end of term two all students should be focussed and ready to start learning.

Student Led Conferences

The ‘Student Led Conferences’ provided all families with an opportunity to share their child’s learning in their  supportive classroom environment. Students and teachers discussed the personal learning goals and the pieces of work to be shared with families at the conferences. The atmosphere was very positive and it was wonderful to see their achievements and witness them sharing so proudly.
The change in process is due to the multi-faceted approach we are now taking toward our ‘Student Reporting’. The first aspect was the introduction of the Open Classrooms at the International Dinner; followed by the end of Term one progress reports and Parent-Teacher interviews. The new style Semester One, end of Term Two report provided families with an indication of the specific work students had  uccessfully completed. The conferences and ‘exhibitions’ of student work were the culmination of work around our central concept of ‘Identity’ in semester one. The enquiries particularly related to history.
The main, overarching concept for semester two will be ‘Growth’; the intention is that this will be a more science/maths/technology based concept.


Important Dates to Remember

14th First Day of Term 3
30 Australasian Mathmatics Competition
17 Parents & Friends Committee Meeting
19 School Council Meeting
18-21 Book Fair
26-27 Arts Festival
28 Book Week Dress-Up Day theme 'Books Light Up Our World'
3 Year 2 Sleep-Over Camp at School
4 Bring a Bloke Breakfast for Father's Day
10 Year 1 Dinner at School
18 Last Day of Term 3 (1.30pm dismissal)

We need your help!

helping hands

Volunteers needed for:

The Arts Festival is coming. Urgent help with:

  • providing or sourcing external lighting suitable for marquees and stages
  • connections or recommendations for lighting businesses
  • set up and pull down of the event

 SAKGP - Volunteers always welcome on Thursday & Fridays. Link here for details.




Clubs - Every Day @ 2nd Lunch

  SRC Matt & Lucy  
  Choir Jane  
  Art Play Nerinda  
  Running Club Tyson, Mark, Luke, Tom  
  Orchestra Jane  
  Book Club Eleanor Library
  Craft Club Georgie  
  Eco Warriers Cat & Matt  
  Music Practice Club Jane  
  Drama Annelise  
  Science Club Julia Biz-E-kidz
  Yoga Bryony & Eve Lower Flex
  Drawing Club Michael & Nicky  
FRIDAY Rock Band Jane  
  Creative Activities Viv  
  Lego Club Josie  

2015 BOOK FAIR - announced today

Book Fair

Kathy, Library

The students have been asking for months if we are having a fair this year and we are all delighted that we will be able to run a Fair just prior to Book week.

18th August - 21st August

The Fair will be held in the Library before and after school. Every purchase will benefit the Library. There will be a large variety of books at a wide price range.

If there are any parents who can spare half an hour before or after school to assist with sales please see me in the Library or phone school.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Fair.



Year 2 Time Capsule

Katie, Year 2 Teacher

To celebrate the Year 2’s fantastic learning around ‘Identity’,  students have been working on creating a digital time capsule using their iPads and the 'Explain Everything' app.

Through the course of the last semester,  students have explored life 100 years ago and now with their time capsules, they are exploring the fact that we are making history everyday. These time capsules will be placed on a USB stick and buried at the start of Term 3 in the garden outside the Art Room. 

Captured on the USB stick is Year 2’s everyday history. They have drawn pictures, taken photos and moving image, labelled images and included text to describe their favourite activities during and after school, how they get to school, favourite books, what they want to be when they are older, and much more. 

The Year 2’s will open the Time Capsule in 2019, when they are in Year 6 and preparing for graduation. Look out for a beautiful mosaic created by Kimalee which marks the location of this historic treasure.



Arts Festival Announcement

ArtFair 2015

Into the kitchen for Year 4


This term, every Thursday & Friday Year 4 students will be cooking and sharing a meal in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program.

Bring an apron and a good appetite. Parents, you may like to pack a little less for lunch box today.

Parent & Carers are completely treasured in the kitchen. Contact Sam on to join in.

Exact classes and times coming this week on tiqbiz.

Image:  produce table in the SAKGP

Message from School Council

Wednesday 17 June meeting summary, Justin, School Councilor

On a wintry evening in mid June, the School Councillors met for a couple of hours in the convivial setting of the Royal Mail Hotel to discuss the current challenges and future directions of our School.

In lively discussion between Sally, Staff and the Councillors, three key themes emerged from the two-hour discussion – enrolment pressures, resource constraints and engagement.

Enrolment Pressures

The growth in the student enrolments, at 104 for Prep this year, is slowly being accommodated by a number of initiatives. The new two storey portable classrooms the “Com” has alleviated the immediate pressure, but further long term steps need to be taken.

A letter to the Minister for Education from the School Council is seeking to reduce the local neighbourhood zone, or catchment area, by redirecting the families living in Carlton, CBD or Docklands to the Carlton Primary School. There is a precedent with a similar rezoning for Mt Alexander College and University High two years ago.  This would decrease student numbers by approximately 65 students.  The letter to the Minister will also seek to set an enrolment cut off date at the beginning of the year.

Demand is also expected to decrease with the State Government’s promise of new primary school for Docklands or South Melbourne by 2018 – the year of the State Government’s next election.

Resource Constraints

A proposed conversion of the library into a flexible learning space ‘The Flex” is seeking to maximise the use of our resources. This will shift the library to the lower level of the “Com” for a more accessible shared work area.  The addition of the “The Flex” will provide a learning space for year 3 students. The reconfiguration of these spaces will promote collaboration between classes in “The Flex” and extend library-based learning in a more adaptable library resource in the lower level of the “Com”.

The under-utilisation of parts of the playground, specifically the asphalt surface bounded by the gym and classrooms, is a concern in an increasing crowded playground.  The proposed resurfacing of this area with a more child friendly turf will draw students away from the overcrowded areas and disperse students more evenly across the playground. 


A stronger culture of engagement with the school community and broader community may provide opportunities to lobby for greater resources and strengthen the sense of pride in our School.

Activities are planned in the coming months for the broader school community. A ‘Super School Rumble Restoration Renovation Day’ is planned for later in the year by the Grounds and Facilities Committee in the year to bring together student families to improve our School’s facilities. An Arts and Music Festival is planned for later in the year by the Parents and Friends Group.

A public forum for the local community was proposed to highlight the enrolment pressures facing our School. The forum may be timed with any upcoming elections to invite local candidates and target pre-school parents in the local area

A new framework was proposed to strengthen parent teacher engagement and improve learning outcomes for our students. This parent teacher partnership model has been trialled in other primary schools and may prove to be of benefit to our School.

Beyond these three themes, the reports from the Principal and the Biz-E-Kids, Buildings and Grounds, Parents and Friends, Education and Finance Committees updated the Council on a range of issues including:

  • The unmet demand for the Biz-E-Kids Holiday Program
  • The relocation of the cubby to a sunnier area in the playground
  • The entry of 180 students into the Australian Maths Competition
  • The student led parent teacher conferences conducted in June
  • Training opportunities for School Councillors provided by the Department of Education
  • The requirement of half of parents voting to confirm any changes to the current school uniform policy
  • The purchase of new furniture for the staff room.

The next meeting of the School Council will be held on 19 August at the School.

Parents are welcome to approach any of the School Councillors to discuss any issues and are welcome to attend any of the Committee meetings. 



Student Led Conferences

IMG 0209

Eve, Year 5 Teacher

As Semester 1 came to and end, Week 11 of Term 2 marked the first implementation of Student Led Conferences at NMPS. The lead up to the event saw students’ eagerly preparing their ePortfolio for their presentations, teachers unsure of how the students were going to take the challenge and parents both curious and intrigued about what to expect. But to everyone’s delight, the conferences were a success and met with a wealth of positive feedback.

The FLEX was a hub of activity; filled with enthusiastic students, attentive parents and proud teachers. The students did an absolutely fantastic job of reflecting upon their learning as they shared their work. They took their parents through each subject, discussed their favourite units from the past semester, and articulated their areas for improvement with ease.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what some of the parents of Grade 5 had to say!


'His obvious pride and enthusiasm for his work was an absolute pleasure to be a part of.'

' It was a great experience for me to have my child lead the interview and it feels amazing to know my daughter gets a really good education! It was also amazing to see how many children write about Aboriginal people in their memory box. This made me feel proud.'

'I am super impressed with the idea that your child is actually doing the talking.'

'It was fantastic to have him lead the interview and tell us about his learning. A great initiative.'

'It was a great experience for me to have her lead the interview and feels amazing to know my daughter gets a really good education!'



Kitchen Connections

IMG 1474
IMG 1476
IMG 1505
SAKG Sri Lanken 1

Robyn, Parent Volunteer

NMPS has a culturally rich population and this diversity was a direct influence on the range of cuisines chosen by the Year 5 students last term in the Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Program.

Each week different students took pride and leadership over the meals cooked. On the Vietnamese week, one student patiently taught us how to pronounce noodle soup. Pho is 'faharr-a!' like a question, not 'fur' on a cat and not 'faux' as in fake.

German food was chosen one week as my son Hugo's paternal family migrated here in the 1950s. I was gifted a spaetzle press by my mother-in-law, many decades ago but had yet to make this egg-based noodle. With Sam's encouragement and some YouTube research, my group braved the first mix,  they were easy and delicious. In keeping with the healthy program of eating promoted by SAKGP, the heavy cream based sauce was exchanged for school grown rainbow chard, garlic and oil. YUM!

Images above:
Mila & Hugo with a spaeztle board and press
Spaeztle & rainbow chard meal to share
Reflection writings from Izel & Alisha

Arts Festival Fundraiser

20150615 025

Bid for a painting created by individual NMPS classes

Look out for 29 vividly painted artworks hanging around the school from the start of term 3. Created in the art room by each class, these canvasses are for auction as part of the 2015 Art Festival.

How to bid?

Go to the office and find the corresponding bidding sheet. Write your bid.

The highest and final bid wins the painting. This is called a 'silent auction'.

Last bids

The final bid must be make by 3pm on Friday 28th August.

Painting collection and payment can be made at the office from 3.30pm onwards.

To view all painting go to the school website link here.





Missing out on day to day news?

Tiqbiz download flyer 2014 back

NMPS has been using a the application tiqbiz to communicate to the whole school community since March this year.

Not heard of tiqbiz yet?

When you have opted into this application, you receive all the information with a push notification – much like a text message directly to your device. Any last minute changes or reminders, we’ll be able to keep you informed and up-to-date.

Three Hundred NMPS tiqbiz Users!

We have had a tremendous take up and those who have uploaded receive the benefits of daily reminders of calendar events, spontaneous school activities, making contact directly to their child's teacher for absence notes and if needed: immediate emergency information.  

Missing out?

Uploading and registering takes about 15 minutes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, Android Tablet and Windows phone devices. See the NMPS website for detailed instructions:


Biz – E – Kidz News

Sharon, Biz – E – Kidz

Holiday Program Feedback
A big thank you to all the educators, families and children for what turned out to be a very successful, fun and safe holiday program! Some personal highlights for me was my group showing me all their favourite exhibits at the Melbourne museum and the year fives and sixes who surprise decorated Biz – E – Kidz for a party for the foundation – year fours today!

Shorty, Biz – E – Kidz will be sending around a short feedback survey to families on the holiday program email list (if you’d like to join the holiday program email list please email but am happy to hear any feedback you may have otherwise. What was your child’s favourite day? How can we provide a better service? How could we improve our communication?
Don’t forget to cancel your after school care
At Biz – E – Kidz we are aware that your child will not need to attend a regular booking from time to time, whether due to illness, holidays or other unexpected occurrences. Please remember to let Biz – E – Kidz know if your child will not be attending, particularly an after school care session. We are required to follow up all children who fail to turn up to after school care to ensure their safety. The best way is to call 9329 5529 and leave a message. A quick phone call can save a lot of time and stress and is very much appreciated.

Families are charged for casual absences and are allowed to claim child care benefits for up to 42 absences per financial year before they lose CCB and CCR for any further absences. For more information see
For more information on any of the above or anything else child care related, please get in touch with me.


New Netball Team Success

netball team

Shannon, Parent Coach

The Errol Street Angels played in the Waverly District Netball tournament on Sunday the 14th June. Coming third overall in the Under 11 section, this was their first time playing together as a team and led by their captain Lola Neave, they did an awesome job! They are looking forward to playing more games together in the next few months, cementing their position as the tallest bunch of 11 and unders around!




All 2016 enrolments will be confirmed in August

If you know a little person who is eligible for enrolment and  who lives in our neighbourhood area please complete the enrolment procedure as detailed on the web; or pick up a form from the office.

Our website has a detailed section on enroling at NMPS entitled What do I need to do to enrol my child?

All documentation to be returned by the end of July please.