Errol Street News #13

24 August 2015

Message from Sally

Melbourne is known as the festival city and we have are having our own North Melbourne Primary School mini-festival month. I have been so impressed and excited by the creativity and cultural activity happening at our school through August. The Robogals have been stretching the imaginations of those students keen on science and last week's Book Fair showed just how passionate our students, parents and teachers are about all things books and literature. Coming up this week, students will be showcasing their visual arts and performing talents at the bi-annual Arts Festival. I look forward to seeing our student's work on display and welcome our extended school community into the school this Wednesday and Thursday evening. 

Congratulations to the Student Representative Council for their second fabulous fundraising efforts, the Crazy Hair Day. 

Crazy Hair Day


Important Dates to Remember

26 Robogals Science Club 2nd Lunch BIZ E KIDZ ALL Year 3-6
26-27 Arts Festival
27 Robogals Science Challenge 1st Lunch BIZ E KIDZ GIRLs Year 3-6
28 Book Week Dress-Up Day theme 'Books Light Up Our World'
2 Robogals Science Club 2nd Lunch BIZ E KIDZ ALL Year 3-6
3 Year 2 Sleep-Over Camp at School
3 Robogals Science Challenge 1st Lunch BIZ E KIDZ GIRLs Year 3-6
4 Bring a Bloke Breakfast for Father's Day
4 Junior School Assembly
9 Robogals Science Club 2nd Lunch BIZ E KIDZ ALL Year 3-6
10 Year 1 Dinner at School
10 Robogals Science Challenge 1st Lunch BIZ E KIDZ GIRLs Year 3-6
11 Senior School Assembly & Maths Competition Result Grade 3
16 Robogals Science Club 2nd Lunch BIZ E KIDZ ALL Year 3-6
17 Robogals Science Challenge 1st Lunch BIZ E KIDZ GIRLs Year 3-6
18 Whole School Assembly & Last Day of Term 3 (1.30pm dismissal)
5 Pupil Free Day
6 1st day of Term 4
13 Oct-1 Nov Foundation Year & Year 1 Swimming every Tuesday
18 Spring Fling
2 Public Holiday
3 Melbourne Cup Holiday

We need your help!

helping hands

Arts Festival

Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th 2-8pm (a couple hours at a time)

We need:  food handlers, set- up & clean-up

Contact Cath on:


Bring A Bloke Father's Day BBQ Breakfast

Friday 4 September 7-9am

We need:  food handlers, set- up & clean-up

Contact Meg on:


Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Program

Volunteers in the KITCHEN always welcome on Thursday & Fridays. Link here for details.

If anyone has any spare seedling pots, we are always keen for more. Please contact Megan at




Book Week Dress Up Day

faraway tree 006

This Friday 28th August.

Theme: Books Light Up Our World

or any character from your favourite book.

Book Voucher Prize for Best Costume for each year level.

Check out the Year 6 Book Week Committee posters and Stargazer set up in the Library.


A full report on the tremendous success of this year's Book Fair will be in the next newsletter. Until then, Kathy our librarian extends an enormous THANK YOU to the school community for all the help and support.

Arts Festival Program - PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE

Performances are spread across two stages & two nights.

Wander the venues & enjoy. There are no pre-booked seats.

Stage 1 - The main gym stage is for class performances

Stage 2 - Library Verandah is for specialty bands, singers, magicians & buskers


Wednesday 26th August

5.00pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah - School Bands

5.10pm Stage 1 - Gym - Foundation Year performance (Georgie/Esther & Tali) – Gadigi Nyain, Peace Like a River, Flea

5.20pm Stage 1 - Gym - Year 1 Performance (Nicky, Michael & Josie– A wise old owl, 3 little Birds, Many Rivers

5.35pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah - Magic show – Joe & Hugo Yr 5

5.40pm Stage 1 - Gym - Year 2 – Sky Machine, We’re Going, Tongo (Eleanor & Katie)

5.50pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah - Sarah’s piano students, Jocelyn, Melinda, Gina & Emily, Nina & Sadia, Olive.

5.55pm Stage 1 - Gym - Year 3 – Fish fingers, I saw a little bird (Sophie & Mark)

6.10pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah - Singers – Dusty & Miranda, Sylvie Yr 5

6.15pm Stage 1 - Gym - Year 4 – Get Funky, Paint you a song. (Lucy & Tyson)

6.20pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah - Piano performance – Wayne Yr 5

6.25pm Stage 1 - Gym – Drama Club (3 Performances) & Italian performances

6.40pm  Stage 1 - Gym -Year 5 - Trundah, Riptide, class compositions. (Bryony & Eve)

7.00pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah - Piano performance – Roddy - Viola performance, Jaqueline Yr 5

7.05pm Stage 1 - Gym – Year 6 musical play – class compositions. (Luke & Cat)

7.25pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah – Bands to play.



Thursday 27th August

Stage 2 - Library Verandah - MC's – Yr 6 Ella, Hannah & Nikky

Stage 1 - Gym - MC's Yr 6 - Josh TC & Riley

5.00pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah School Bands

5.10pm Stage 1 - Gym – Prep performance – Gadigi Nyain, Peace Like a River, Flea (Alicia, Annelise, Viv)

5.20pm Stage 1 - Gym – Year 1 Performance – A wise old owl, 3 little Birds, Many Rivers (Amanda & Leah)

5.35 Stage 2 - Library Verandah – Magic show – Michelle & Oskar Yr 5

5.40pm Stage 1 - Gym – Year 2 – Sky Machine, We’re Going, Tongo (John & Elly)

5.55pm Stage 1 - Gym – Year 3 – Fish fingers, I saw a little bird (Natalie & Matt)

6.10pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah– piano performance – Emily Yr 5

6.15pm Stage 1 - Gym – Year 4 – Get Funky, Paint you a song. (Anna-Marie & Julia)

6.20pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah –piano performance – Henry Yr 5

6.25pm Stage 1 - Gym – Drama Club (1 performance) & Italian performances

6.40pm Stage 1 - Gym - Year 5 - class compositions., Trundah, Riptide, (Phil & Jane)

7.00pm Stage 1 - Gym - Piano performance – Michelle Yr 5

7.05pm Stage 1 - Gym – year 6 musical play (Tom)

7.25pm Stage 2 - Library Verandah – Band to play.



Parent responsibilities:

Please ensure that your child is assembled on the basketball court with their classroom teacher ten minutes before they are due to go on stage.

You can collect your child immediately after the performance at the gymnasium. Check off your collection with their teacher.




All student's represented in one huge gallery in the gymnasium.

Come and see - both nights of the Arts Festival!

20150615 013


Arts Festival - Dinner & Snack Menu

images 1

In keeping with a cultural evening of viewing our students creative talents the Parents & Friends Committee, along with our fabulous local community are providing a delicious feast.

Arts Festival Menu:

Royal Mail BBQ- Spit Roasted Lamb with Tabouli & Tzatzki $12 or Snag in a Roll $8

Warung Agus Balinese Express Packs $12

Balinese roast pork with crackling and spicy sauce (shrimp paste) vegetables and rice (Gluten free)
Sticky pork ribs caramelized in sweet soy sauce with vegetables and rice
Pan fried fish filets with coconut and tamarind sauce, vegetables and rice (Gluten free)
Stir fried wheat noodles with vegetables and tempeh (Vegan)

Auction Rooms Hot Drinks (English Tea, Peppermint Tea, Hot Chocolate, Coffee) $3

Handmade Sweet-Things by Karelay Cakes & NMPS Year 6 Students

Cheese Platters - $8

Clever Polly's Wine Bar - Wine Makers' Selection Per glass $8

Mountain Goat Beer - Organic Steam Ale $5


Arts Festival - Customised T-Shirts, Bags & Aprons

Art Show P1160282

At the Arts Festival every student will have work on display.

If you LOVE the design of your child's work, you can have it printed onto a garment or a bag. This is wonderful keepsake or gift 

To order, find NMPS parent Nadia whose business bubbleblue will be taking orders and payment on both Wednesday and Thursday evening of the Arts Festival.

Options are a white bag, apron, adult or child's T-Shirt ranging from $20 - $25.

Products are on display in the school office.


Arts Festival - Bid on a bold canvas created by NMPS Students

20150615 025

Help us fund raise by bidding for a painting created by individual NMPS classes

How to bid?

Go to the office and find the corresponding bidding sheet. Write your bid.

Bid at the Arts Festival.

The highest and final bid wins the painting. This is called a 'silent auction'.

Last bids

The final bid must be make by 3pm on Friday 28th August.

Painting collection and payment can be made at the office from 3.30pm onwards.

To view all painting go to the school website link here.

Father's Day Treat-Bring A Bloke Breakfast

images 2

Kids - bring your uncles, grandpas, important fellas and your wonderful dads to school for a catch up with friends & breakfast !!

Friday 4th September 2015

BBQ fires up early: food served from 7.30 – 9.00 am

  • $5 for a snag & drink (real coffee or juice box)
  • $5 for vege breaky & drink
  • $8 for gourmet snag & drink
  • All meat is Halal.


Our thanks to the Food Sponsors:

Sausages Made Simple, Melbourne City Meat, Miss Love-A-Coffee, Bakers Delight, The Auction Rooms, Nth Melb IGA for supplying the bread, rolls, fresh coffee, and sausages.


Raffle tickets

Tickets have been sent home already. Please return your stubs to the office.

You may also purchase at the office or at the BBQ.

$2 each, $10 for the booklet.

Raffle will be drawn at School Assembly on the afternoon of 4th September.
(If you purchase a whole booklet, don’t forget to write your child’s name in the cover for “ticket seller’s prize”)
Many great prizes from our wonderful local businesses (see below)

Our thanks to the Raffle Sponsors:

Bunnings Brunswick, Aesop, Café Metsa, Quirk and Co, Bernard's Magic Shop, North Melbourne Books, Mork Chocolate, All the Kings Men, The Parkville Store, Vintage Cellars North Melbourne, Sausages Made Simple, Di Bella Roasting Warehouse, Hardy Grant Egmont Publishers, The Auction Rooms.

When you visit these local businesses, please thank them for helping their local school.


Year 2 Sleep Over Parents:

Unique to this year, Bring A Bloke Breakfast coincides with the Year 2 Sleep Over Camp. All Year 2 Students will be joining in for breakfast BBQ on the oval from 7.30 onwards.

All proceeds go to our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden scheme!

Year 4 Olive's Diving Ambition

Buy a raffle ticket at the Office to support Olive's ambition to attend the National Swimming Championships.


Biz - E - Kidz - updates

Sharon, Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator

Change to Holiday Program due to public holiday
Last week the Victorian Government announced a public holiday for Friday 2nd of October. As a result, Biz – E – Kidz has had to cancel and will now be closed Friday 2nd of October: ‘I will survive’ Survival day
The rest of the program remains the same and will run as planned. Any bookings already made will stand except for Friday 2nd of October which will be cancelled.
Biz – E – Kidz Apologises for any inconvenience this cases.
Biz – E – Kidz relocating for the arts festival
On Wednesday 26th August and Thursday 27th August the Arts Festival will be using the Biz – E – Kidz building as a stage and back stage area. As a result, Biz – E – Kidz will be relocating aftercare to ‘the flex’ located on the south side of the school. Before school care will be in the Biz – E – Kidz building as usual
Not using aftercare because of the arts festival? Don’t forget to let Biz – E – Kidz know!
If your child will not be attending on Wednesday or Thursday due to the Arts Festival, please let Sharon, Leah or Eva know or phone 9329 5529 or 0400 838 448 and leave a message. Also, don’t forget to let us know if your child is to be collected by another parent from Biz – E – Kidz. We require written authority for children to be collected by someone not currently authorised on the enrolment form.

If you have any questions about the above or anything else Biz – E – Kidz related, please get in touch via the contact details below.

210 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051  ph.(03)9329 5529  mob.0400 838 448


Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.


Step-a-thon for Kids - Registrations now open


From 31 August – 6 September, primary school kids from around the country will be counting their daily steps using a fun slap-band pedometer, encouraging them to get into the habit of an active lifestyle from an early age, while raising funds for our research.  Step-a-thon for Kids was first launched in 2012 and since then has seen over 36,000 kids from right across the country take part to get active and raise funds. The campaign has raised over $1.3 million so far.
With around 25% of school-aged children and 20% of preschoolers now overweight or obese, Australian children are heavier and less fit than ever before. That’s why with this campaign, we’re focused on disseminating health and wellbeing messages, including research around obesity, to Australian families.

Register Here

Register as NMPS or join the MCRI team
We want as many children from the MCRI community stepping up to the Step-a-thon challenge. That means encouraging your children, nieces and nephews, family and friends to sign up, get walking and be our best ambassadors.
When you register your child/children, make sure you join the MCRI team. We will keep track of the team’s progress, step count and track our fundraising progress.
Sign up today using the link above. Be quick… the first 25,000 children to sign up receive a free slap-band pedometer!
New ambassadors
This year we have an incredible group of ambassadors supporting Step-a-thon:
Tim Cahill*
Socceroos and Shanghai Shenhua soccer star
Commando Steve
Health and fitness expert, author, trainer on The Biggest Loser
Sarah Murdoch
MCRI Board Member and ambassador
Liz Ellis *
Former Australian Netball team captain ever, media commentator
*This year there will be special Tim Cahill and Liz Ellis pedometers. Limited numbers are available so be quick!