Errol Street News #14 Arts Festival & Book Week Special Edition

27 August 2015

Message from Sally

I write this reflection on Thursday evening as staff and parents are packing up the last of the Arts Festival bits and pieces. We have truly had a remarkable month of special events with Book Week, Science Week & the Arts Festival turning our school into a hive of excitement and creativity.

As you know I have worked at many schools, but this one is so special. The words that come to mind to sum it up are community, collaboration, fun and festivity.

Everyone who had any part in making the Arts Festival successful, should feel so satisfied - it was a $3-figure event on a shoe string budget! Followed by our annual Book Week celebration which inspired so much passion for literature & dressing up!.

Thank you to:

  • our librarian Kathy for arranging the Book Fair to get us all in the head space of books and celebrating! Kathy has written later in detail thanking specific parents for their enthusiasm and assistance.
  • Arts Staff Nerinda, Melissa and Yolanda. To see the works of art created by the students work en masse is always a stunning experience and logistical feat.
  • Jane and music staff Jenny and Yolanda who worked with all students to create unique musical performances with such care, patience and talent
  • dance staff Jenny and Yolanda whose trained the class Flash Mobs. These were a delight not only for the audience but judging from the gleeful smiles, also for the students.
  • our staff who dressed up, set-up, packed up, moved classrooms, organised, cleaned, wrangled students into performing groups etc etc; you are marvellous and the school would be lost without your support and passion.
  • the Parents & Friends Committee who continue to support our school in a myriad of wonderful ways.
  • our grounds and maintenance person Rob whose generosity of time and knowledge is the backbone of all of the peculiar events that take place in our school.

Principal Sally


Book Festival

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adventure time
hey jack 15 book slipcase

Kathy, Library

Book Fair

The Book Fair was a huge success. We made record sales of $12,456.60. This equates to a commission of $2,450.00.

Thanks must go to the parents and students who came along and purchased so many books. It really was a joyous occasion to see all the excited faces. Looks like North Melbourne Primary School students proved books are still extremely popular.

I was overwhelmed with the support shown by the parents and staff who gave up their time to support the Fair. Thanks to the following Amal, Cate, Annette, Genevieve, Colette, Jeevanie, Lisa, Thao, Christine, Jessica, Melissa, David ,Meg, Mandy, Hilary, Ting, Lenny and Staff  members Jenny, Matt, Katie, Nerinda and Julie. Also, Jean for the mammoth task of counting all the money. I hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as I did.


Book Week

Congratulations to the Year 6 Book Week Committee who did a fantastic job making displays and posters. Alex and Hannah had the exhausting and difficult task of selecting the recipients of the Book Vouchers and prizes. The costumes were amazing and thanks to students and parents for their incredibly creative efforts.

Congratulation to the following students who won a book voucher prize for their costumes:

Max-Foundation Year, Cooper-Year 1, Luca-Year 2, Archie-Year 3, Charlie-Year 4, Mia-Year 5, Josh-Year 6.


New Titles Donation

On behalf of the students I would like to thank Hilary Rogers for a very generous donation of some beautiful new books. The new series Lola’s Toy Box is proving to be extremely popular.



Book Week Reflections

Loved the enthusiasm and effort put in by the kids and especially the teachers.  The atmosphere this morning was 'magic'! Kristina, mum to James Grade 3.

During the Book Fair, I loved watching all the enthusiastic readers pour through the doors of the library, scour the shelves for the perfect book and leave the library clutching a personally chosen book or even better, a collection of books to devour. Gen, mum of Lila Year 2.

Thank you to all the Preps for putting a lot of effort into their Book Week dress up day on Friday. Congratulations to Mila Cheung and Max Collison. It was a great day that promoted some great writing about their outfits!, Foundation Teaching Team



Arts Festival Reflections

We really loved the flash mob! It was so much fun watching the children enjoying dancing together. Paula, mum of Alice and Ellen-Emma, Year 2.

My son's excitement in anticipation of his friends' performances at the festival. Nadia, mum of Quinton Year 5.

I loved that the Arts Festival had the kids at the centre of the event. Peter, dad of Hugo Year 5.

Great to see so much wonderful art and to hear and experience so many talented kids at the festival, well done to every teacher and volunteer for facilitating that - great job! Pete, dad of Charlie Year 4

We loved the art festival. Very thoughtful idea to display the kids' work and celebrate along with their performances. Awesome work done by volunteers! Bageswari Raju, Mom of Sahana Year 2.

The Arts Festival was such a wonderful event! Prep Tali and Esther and Georgie's grade performed Wednesday and Alicia, Annelise and Viv's grade performed on Thursday. The Preps sang so proudly and enthusiastically. A big thank you to the Arts specialists for all their hard work. Foundation Year Teaching Team.

Our Generous Arts Festival Sponsors


Clever Polly's 

313 Victoria St, North Melbourne 3051

Clever Polly’s isn’t just a wine bar, but a retail shop stocking an interesting range of wines, sake, beer and spirits from small, innovative producers while serving food that's equally clever.

Thanks Lou & Clever Polly's for serving a magnificent range of wines.




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The Royal Mail on Spencer 

519 Spencer St, West Melbourne

The Royal Mail on Spencer St, Melbourne is a family-operated pub serving quality Australian cuisine and aged meats.

Thanks Michael & The Royal Mail for the succulent roast lamb & sausages. Michael & Dale (School Council Member) are parents of Oliver and Luke.



IMG 1246

Warung Agus Balinese Restaurant

305 Victoria Street West Melbourne
Since 1989, the family-run, family-friendly Warung Agus has been sharing incredible Balinese food with the people of Melbourne. This family has had two generations of children attend NMPS.

Thanks Mary, Shanthi, Suci, Lestari, Setia & Agus for serving a delicious dinner. Setia is currently at NMPS , Suci & Lestari both attended.



six degrees 4 auction rooms

Auction Rooms & Small Batch Roasting C.

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

Auction Rooms is favoured by locals for its reasonably priced and adventurous brunch menu. But while you may come for the food, you will definitely stay for the coffee. Specialty blends are roasted on site, and the cafe offers a ‘coffee of the day’ alongside its regular variety.

Thanks Gen & Andrew for keeping us warm with your coffee tea & hot chocolates, their daughter Lila is currently in Year 2.



Mountain Goat Beer

Mountain Goat Beer is successful microbrewery based in a large warehouse in Richmond. Goat beers are legendary beer brewers into their second decade of serving some of the most interesting craft beers in Melbourne. 

 Thanks to Tom, dad of Foundation Year Harvey for supplier a range of refreshing beers on both nights. 




26 Ebden St, Moorabbin

A proudly 100% Australian owned family business, supplying product nationally to the major and independent supermarkets, food services, retail fast food outlets, and the route trade.

Thanks to Tamara mum of Sassy & Indi for supplying delicious sweets & cakes from your family business.



1-3 Provost Street North Melbourne

bubbleblue was founded in March 2007 and we have steadily grown helping small and medium enterprises, schools and clubs to fulfill their branding and apparel needs, no matter how small or big they were.

All of the design and production is done in-house: this allows us to be faster and cheaper whilst being able to closely control quality.

Thanks Nadia for all the splendid signage you produced for our school and also for the artwork printing on tees & bags. Nadia's son Claudio attended NMPS and Marco has just started his time here.




Relume Consulting is dedicated to the delivery of lighting designs that are driven by narrative and inspired by the spatial poetic. We believe lighting should support a journey of discovery through architecture and be underpinned by thorough technical knowledge and documentation.

Thanks John for ordering and setting our lighting for the ENTIRE festival. Both of John's children Willem and Saski attended NMPS.



IMG 0009

Karelay Cakes

Welcome to Karelay's where we can design, bake and make cakes for all occasions.

Thanks to Elkei mum of Erel Year 5 , Kaan Year 2 , Ayten Year 1  for her amazing sweets skills and hard work.

Thank you Parents

Tremendous thanks to the energies and ingenuity of the Parents and Friends Committee and our logistics team of Cath Taylor, Meg Moorhouse & Robyn Phelan for creating  an evening of good dining and social ambiance at the Arts Festival.

Thanks to the following parents:

Food & Drink Expertise: Gen Kelly & Tamara Ryan

Food stalls: Cristina Apostolou, Collette Boskovic, Katrien Janssen, Lisa Choi, Jane Shannon, Emmy Chung, Lisa Franchi, Annette Sloan, Bec Iseli, Jessica, Mandy Coulson, Jade Hoang, Kate Barnard, Anthony.

Maquee Wranglers: Cath Taylor, Robyn Phelan, Gen Kelly, Rob

Poster Design: Shannon Lamden

Signage: Nadia Palmeri

Sound/Roadies: Pete Forster, Dave Bursill, James Milne, Sarah Keating

Lighting: Brent McDonald & Robyn Phelan