Errol Street News #15

27 August 2015

Message from Jane Rocca Principal for a Day 2015

Today I had the pleasure of joining your principal Sally Naylor as a guest at your school via a program called Principal For A Day. It was an opportunity for me to put aside my role as a Fairfax journalist to see how North Melbourne Primary School operates under her bright leadership. Of course I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard a lot about Sally and first visited the school when I worked as media adviser for the then Education Minister Bronwyn Pike in the mid 2000s.

I was warmly welcomed by Sally and her staff and got to see how each of the classes run. From Prep students engaged in reading to Grade 5 and 6's in the Flex Building embracing fractions and numeracy — it was all systems go and well mannered kids paying attention to their teachers which was delightful to witness.

I saw children in the garden exploring to those repeating Italian phrases about Venice in an Italian class — which took me back to my own primary school memories.

Sally runs a great school — and as a principal for a day I saw her deal with welcoming new students who were enrolling for next semester, taking calls from parents and always keeping the student's interests close to her heart.

Your school is focused on community — from a recent Art Show to a Father's Day BBQ — it's clear that being involved and keeping families and students united is the emphasis here.

I was really impressed with the art room and the talented student works on display — particularly the sculptured shoes that were painted brightly. Even the famous artist Henri Matisse got a mention on the whiteboard via a quote, which put a smile on my face.

As a journalist I was impressed that every class was all about books and the importance of reading and writing — it really is the key to being able to express oneself in life. Mastering language in the written and oral form is the key to a bright future.

I'd like to thank Sally Naylor for being a welcoming principal who took the time to show me around the school and introduce me to her staff.

There's a real buzz at North Melbourne Primary School and I can see why it's a popular destination in the inner city. Congratulations on your amazing school — you should be proud.

About the Program
Principal for a Day gives a wide range of community and business leaders from all walks of life a first-hand experience of a normal day in a Victorian government school. Many business and community leaders are repeat participants, including high-profile people such as James Merlino MP, Minister for Education; and Emma King, CEO, Victorian Council of Social Service, with prominent first-time participants this year including Tim Wilson, Australian Human Rights Commissioner; and Michelle Plane, CEO of Netball Victoria.
After the main event day, principals for a day and their host principals will have the opportunity to come together to discuss the common ground they share around leadership and ways of creating ongoing and productive relationships.
Principal For A Day is delivered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training (through the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Queensberry Street North Melbourne).

Who is Jane Rocca?
Jane Rocca is a freelance fashion editor, music and lifestyle journalist based in Melbourne. With more than 18 years experience, she currently writes for The Age and Sydney Sun Herald's Sunday Life Magazine, The West Australian and as fashion editor for The Weekly Review in Melbourne. She writes about everyone from celebrities to musicians, fashion designers to interior design gurus - the movers and shakers that make Melbourne and beyond. Her past roles include as Media Adviser to the Victorian Minister for Education.

And now from Sally

IMG 4352

I would like to thank Jane Rocca for her visit today; Joe asked me who learnt more, I did absolutely! The opportunity to discuss your work with someone as passionate about their work as you are about yours, is a rarity.  Leadership of North Melbourne PS is a privilege and as you may or may not be aware I take every opportunity to share our work. One of our conversations centred around the inspiration of teachers, Jane commented that many people she interviews speak of that influential teacher. I agreed and we both shared our stories; I’m thinking of creating a BLOG to offer our students the opportunity to do just that – maybe it will go viral and teachers all over the State may enjoy some appreciation for the work they do?

We now have two new members to our school ‘Family’. Year 6 Luke Ryan and Rachel welcomed Evan Willow, and Joanna, our garden specialist, and Chris welcomed Remy.

Important Dates to Remember

8 Principal for the Day -Welcome Jane Rocca
9 Robogals Science Club 2nd Lunch BIZ E KIDZ ALL Year 3-6
10 Year 1 Camp 'Dinner at School' 3.30 - 7.15 pm at The Flex.
10 Robogals Science Challenge 1st Lunch BIZ E KIDZ GIRLs Year 3-6
11 Senior School Assembly & Maths Competition Result Grade 3
16 Robogals Science Club 2nd Lunch BIZ E KIDZ ALL Year 3-6
17 Robogals Science Challenge 1st Lunch BIZ E KIDZ GIRLs Year 3-6
18 Whole School Assembly & Last Day of Term 3 (1.30pm dismissal)
5 Pupil Free Day
6 1st day of Term 4
13 Oct-1 Nov Foundation Year & Year 1 Swimming every Tuesday
18 Spring Fling
2 School as usual
3 Melbourne Cup Holiday
20 Super School Restoration Renovation Day - all day all welcome

We need your help!

helping hands

Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Program

Volunteers in the KITCHEN always welcome on Thursday & Fridays. Link here for details.

If anyone has any spare seedling pots, we are always keen for more.

Spring is a beautiful time to be in the GARDEN, we welcome parents grandparents carer & guardians to join us.

Please contact Megan at




National Science Week Report

IMG 3224
IMG 3232
IMG 3234
IMG 3250

Julia, Year 4 Teacher

Question: Did our students at NMPS unlock the mystery to discover how the Egyptians sourced enough light (without the use of flame) to create hieroglyphics deep within the Pyramid of Giza?

Answer? Yes!

Through discussion and hands-on tasks, students developed a basic understanding of the effects of carbon monoxide, and how light travels and reflects. Students led their investigation to test and trial how the Egyptians achieved such a feat. 30 students from Years 1-6 attended the Science Week activity on Wednesday 19th August, with a few students from Years 3-5 attending the second day to take their learning even further. Their investigations led students to hypothesise, test and trial ways of getting the suns light source into the chambers of the pyramid using mirrors. It was tricky and it tested many, suffice to say students needed to step well away from their current ways of thinking to trial new ways of achieving what seemed impossible.

A special mention to Ryan Lee from 5 Bryony for his unwavering commitment to the task - he certainly led a very in-depth investigation!

Well done to all that attend the Science Week sessions. Science Club continues to run on Wednesdays, second lunch (1:10-1:40pm).

Melbourne Zoo Excursion Report

Alans butterfly
IMG 1853
Zoo group

Alicia, Foundation Year Teacher
Foundation Year had a wonderful excursion to the Melbourne Zoo last week. They participated in an information program about animal features which related to our Inquiry unit 'How living things grow, live and survive'. Thank you to all the parent helpers who were able to attend.

School Council Meeting Report - 19 July 2015

Justin Kennedy, School Councilor
In mid July, the School Council met for an engaging and wide ranging discussion traversing the topics of children’s hand washing and soap dispensers, deciphering the latest NAPLAN results, installation of new notice boards and ground breaking improvements to the playground.
A lengthy discussion arose from the Department of Education’s new Gift and Hospitality Policy. This was developed in response to the IBAC enquiry and strengthens the governance of the procurement and financial procedures for all Victorian schools. It was agreed that this policy promotes transparency and reporting and encompasses the exercise of the Principal’s reasonable discretion within this framework for the day-to-day operation of the school.
The perennial issue of school uniforms was raised with a proposal to allow the use of the school badge on casual clothes. It was noted that the school uniform was designed and introduced approximately 10 years ago and there is a departmental requirement that the uniform policy is updated on a five yearly basis.
The prospect of a school based instrumental music program was discussed and Sally noted that the problems with space and the supervision largely make such a program unviable. The much-anticipated Arts Festival, and commendable efforts of teachers and volunteers, was discussed.  
Sally reported that enrolment numbers for the new Foundation year has stabilised at approximately 100 new students. With 63 students leaving this year, this will not help the pressures on the school’s capacity.
The hand washing habits of the children was raised with the problems encountered with the battery operated soap dispensers.  These dispensers will be replaced with hand powered soap dispensers to ensure a steady supply of soap.
Sally provided an update on the installation of kid friendly turf on the basketball court area of the playground. The new turf, that may be either decided dark green or blue, is expected to commence in September.
Craig provided an update on the latest NAPLAN results that showed promising improvements in a number of areas.  The Education Committee will work with staff to develop an overview of the NAPLAN results for the broader school community.
The Building and Grounds Committee reported a promising partnership with the Melbourne City Council to provide planting advice and materials to improve the greenery of the school grounds.
Other issues discussed by Council included:
·         External notice boards will be installed around the school
·         Positive survey results for the Student Led Teacher Conferences held last term.
·         Contribution of the eco-warriors in reducing playground litter
·         Consideration of restrictions on packaged drinks in children’s lunches to reduce waste
·         Jane Rocca, author and local resident will be the ‘Principal for a Day’ shadowing Sally on 8 September 2015.

School Council Finance Request

Leon Prentice, School Council Treasurer, Year 3 dad.

While most of the school's funding comes from the government, the school also relies on family contributions.

We're pleased that around 85% of our families have contributed financially to the school (for classroom materials, excursions, swimming, buildings and grounds, and so on), and on behalf of staff and School Council: thank you.

Similarly, our school benefits incredibly from the non-financial contributions of our school community - volunteering, arts, activities, excursions, and so on; again, thank you.

However, around 15% haven't yet contributed, making our community and school poorer. Those 15% are also benefiting from others' contributions (we don't actively limit their kids' activities). Is this you?

Please check what you owe - you can ask Sally or Jean - and talk with us about it.
We certainly acknowledge that there are families for which the contribution would be a significant financial strain, but sometimes it's a matter of forgetting, or failing to plan. We can also help plan: even $20 a week would be useful to the school. Just like volunteering to help, your bit contributes to making our school an even more fantastic place for our kids to learn and grow.

Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2015

A reminder to all students that the Premiers’ Reading Challenge closes on

Thursday 10th of September.

Well done to everyone who has taken part. Also a thank you to the parents of the younger students who have entered the books on behalf of their children.

PRC website link

I hope the students who complete the Challenge are looking forward to the celebrations.

Super School Restoration Reno Day - Update


Have you heard about the Block Buster Super School Restoration Renovation Day?

This is a major whole school working bee generated by the Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee of the School Council and NMPS teacher Kimalee.

Plans to date:

  • Renovation Day is Friday 20th November.
  • All parents, carers & friends are welcome to attend.
  • Our school grounds have been divided into 'make-over' sections and 'owned' by different year levels (see the plan above)
  • The day will consist of landscaping, planting, weeding, cleaning.
  • Ask your child about what their class plans are.

Unknown 4

Father's Day Treat-Bring A Bloke Breakfast

images 2

Meg Moorhouse, Parents & Friends

images 2

Last Friday 4th September showed how early our blokes and our kids can appear at school if food is on offer!  Our annual Father’s Day celebration saw an unprecedented number of sausages served – close to 600 snags were consumed!!!  We went a little bit gourmet – offering upmarket sausages and vegie burgers, more drinks, cakes and seedlings.  We started even earlier this year, serving the Year 2 sleep over students at 7 am, and those parents who came to collect their sleeping bags enjoyed hugs and snags!  By 8 am the courtyard was packed and smoke and cooking smells drifted over the whole area. By 9 am some lucky kids were polishing off left-overs and fellas left to face their jobs and responsibilities, and kids went off to classes.

Thank you to all those in our community who brought raffle tickets and came along to buy breakfast, in great humour, catching up with teachers and friends, enjoying school with their children.  Men being involved in our school are vital. It was wonderful to see so many involving themselves in their community. 

Profits – this even, as well as being a celebration of our male parents and carers, raised vital funds for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program (for which we need to raise money externally to continue to pay staff and upkeep the equipment).  Our calculation is that we made between $2500 and $3000 from the breakfast BBQ and raffle.  A significant amount.

Our thanks to the BBQ Breakfast Sponsors:

Sausages Made Simple, 118 Ireland St, West Melb - for the delicious gourmet sausages and raffle prizes

Melbourne City Meat, Shop 21, Queen Vic Markets - for discounted snags

Miss Love-A-Coffee - for barista coffee

Bakers Delight North Melbourne - for rolls

The Auction Rooms - for hot chocolate, perculated coffee and raffle prizes

North Melbourne IGA - for supplying extras

Karelay Cakes, for supplying orange cake


Our thanks to the Raffle Sponsors:

Bunnings Brunswick, Aesop, Café Metsa, Quirk and Co, Bernard's Magic Shop, North Melbourne Books, Mork Chocolate, All the Kings Men, The Parkville Store, Vintage Cellars North Melbourne, Sausages Made Simple, Di Bella Roasting Warehouse, Hardy Grant Egmont Publishers, The Auction Rooms and Pony Bikes

When you visit these local businesses, please thank them for helping their local school.


Our thanks to the Breakfast Volunteers:

Colossal thanks to Meg for her logistical coordination of this event. Also to Elspeth and Kristina for pulling together a covetous range of raffle prizes and delicious foods. To Tamara and Gen, for setting up and running stalls, to Megan at the garden for the seedlings, to Helena for organising and cooking vegie burgers, to Charlie, and Mandy for cooking, selling and tidying, to Torben for bringing extra BBQ and cooking, and to those wonderful teachers who appeared out of nowhere to help out too.  Again, special mention goes to Rob, the lifter, gas bottle filler, barbeque cooker, table shifter and electrician – every school needs a handyman like Rob!!


Biz - E - Kidz - updates

Sharon, Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator

Spring Holiday Program is booked out and CLOSED ‘Grand Final’ Public holiday.
The Biz – E – Kidz Spring Holiday program has booked out, with positions on the wait list being all that is currently available. Confirmations were mailed to families last week notifying them on places received and deposit amount which is due by this Friday 11th September.
If you need a holiday program, please visit the ‘My Child’ website at and use the ‘Find a local childcare service’ search function to find an alternative holiday program.
Due to late notification of a new public holiday that is scheduled for Friday 2nd October, Biz – E – Kidz has had to cancel its planned ‘I will survive” survival themed day and any bookings made for this day. Apologies for any inconvenience this cases.
End of Term
Friday 18th of September is the last day of term 3 and so school finishes at 1:30pm. To accommodate this, Biz – E – Kidz will open at 1:30pm and remain open until the usual closing time of 6:00pm.
Operating hours
During school term Biz – E – Kidz operates before school care from 7:30am – 8:45 am (breakfast served until 8:30am) and afterschool care from 3:30pm – 6:00pm. Holiday program runs from 8:00am – 6:pm and is closed public holidays. Please note the later opening time  (8:00am) on the holiday program and 6:00pm closing time for both afterschool care and holiday program. If you are unable to collect your child by 6:00pm, please telephone Biz – E – Kidz on 9329 5529 to let us know. A late fee of $1.00 per minute applies for all collections made after 6:00pm.
Don’t forget to cancel
If your child or children will not be attending aftercare for the day due to illness, holiday or change of plan, please don’t forget to let Biz – E – Kidz know! Cancellations can be made by phoning 9329 5529 or 0400 838 448 and leaving a message.
If you no longer require care or need to change your booking, please fill in a ‘Change of Permanent Booking’ form (available near the Biz – E – Kidz sign in/out desk) or email on
Keeping Biz – E – Kidz up to date with your requirements means that we don’t need to follow up your children as ‘no-shows’.

If you have any questions about the above or anything else Biz – E – Kidz related, please get in touch via the contact details below.

210 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051  ph.(03)9329 5529  mob.0400 838 448


Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.

A message from Jenny Mikakos MP

Minister for Families & Children & Minister for Youth Affairs

Work has already begun on making Victoria the Education State. We’ve been hearing the community’s views on how we can lift our education system from good to great.

Now we want to hear more about the future of early childhood.

Today (26/8/15) I am launching a two-month state-wide consultation to build a shared vision for the future of early childhood health, development and learning in Victoria.

To help start the discussions, we have released a consultation paper which you can find here: Education State Early Years Consultation

We know that effort and investment well spent during children’s early years repay themselves many times over in better lives and in fairer, more prosperous societies.

Victoria’s young children have some of the best learning and development outcomes in the nation, but we know that we can do more to help them achieve, and to make sure you as professionals, educators, teachers and nurses have the support you need to excel.

We want to make sure that all Victorians – including parents, carers and early childhood professionals – have the opportunity to contribute their ideas for how to create a truly outstanding system.

There are three ways to get involved:

  • Head to and take part in the conversation
  • Host your own conversation using the conversation toolkit, and send in the outcomes
  • Sign up for one of the roundtables running across the state over the next two months.

I look forward to working with you on this important discussion about how we might transform our early childhood services in the next decade and beyond.


Kensington Junior Cricket Club

We are a community based club competing in the NWCA.

We are part of the Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club and are based at Holland Park in Kensington.

Features are a strong Girls program (more than 20 female cricketers), a large MILO program, a well organised coaching program with specialised coaching.

Registration is open to boys and girls for,

MILO, U10, U12, U14 & U16 age groups.

MILO In2Cricket registrations – on line thru club web site or Cricket Victoria.

Training begins at JJ Holland Park in early September- under 10’s and under 12’s Wednesdays - Under 14 and 16’s,Tuesdays (See web site for details).

Sign On Day/Season Launch: October 4th at 10am -12:00 Holland Park Pavilion.

For more information please contact :

Richard Frazer: 0408 308 984

Rob Moore : 0403 659 659

or http://