Errol Street News #16

12 October 2015

Message from Sally

Welcome back to school for our last term of 2015.

Recently I had a trip to Singapore and was so impressed at how litter-free the public spaces are. Whilst the windy days didn’t help our litter issue – neither did the quick return of drink containers!

zero waste lunchslideshow 337x278

A few tips on keeping our school super clean ‘Singapore Style’:

  1. Everyone should contribute every day.  Once a day pick up rubbish and put it in the bin. If you are at school early you could probably collect 20 bits and the school would look better because of you!
  2. ‘Pack it in – Pack it out’ every day (take your rubbish home with you)
  3. Our school is committed to the health and well being of everyone, we're now asking that all of those sugary drinks are kept as treats at home and kids make use of our free, freshwater when at school.
  4. Do not bring any drink containers that cannot be re-used – no Poppers or milk drinks or juice boxes or Yakults or squeezy fruit or yoghurt drinks.

Thank you for your help.


Important Dates to Remember

13 Year 5 Sustainability Excursion
16 -26
Foundation Year - Year 2 Swimming not Fridays
18 Spring Fling
30 - 10 Dec Year 3 - Year 6 Swimming not Fridays
2 School as usual
3 Melbourne Cup Holiday
20 Super School Restoration Renovation Day - all day all welcome
 25-27 Nov  Year 3 Forest Edge Camp
4 Year 6 Race Around Melbourne
7 - 10 Year 3 - Year 6 Swimming not Fridays
10 Year 6 Farewell Dinner
18 Last Day School Year (1.30 dismissal)

We need your help!

helping hands
snow globes window edit

We need stall-holders, set up & pull down-ers!

NMPS Spring Fling Stall is this Sunday 18 October.

Please contact Megan at

We also need donations of CDs DVDs Box Games Computer Games

Please tape lids on and cases closed. Drop into office all this week.

For more details contact Robyn 9326 3774

Whole School Working Bee on 20 November

Donations needed:  cubby house/hut, plants

Small jars for the Art Department

We are making snow domes!



Year 2 Sleepover Camp News

IMG 0500
IMG 0505
IMG 0547
IMG 0550
IMG 0551

Poem by Year 2 Eleanor

Last Thursday was a special treat,

Pizza for dinner we got to eat.

A camp experience for all of Year two,

We slept at school and the teachers did too.


I can’t say that we got much sleep,

On Friday we collapsed in a heap.

The floor of the library is where we made our bed,

‘Shhh, no talking’ the teachers said.


After school we ate some fruit,

Then to our activities we did scoot.

Games in the gym and bubbles galore,

Science is fun - I want to do more!


After dinner we watched Inside Out

On the floor of the flex - What fun! No doubt.

Although it was tiring, we smiled ear to ear,

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

Year 5 Science Fair

File 000 1
File 000 2
File 000 3
File 000 4
File 000

Eve, Year 5 Teacher

If you had a child inquisitive about mould, with an eagerness to delve into the contents of your cupboards and fridges and put on their science hats in order to decipher the bacteria within, then you may already be aware that the school’s inquiry topic for Term 3 was ‘Growth’.
However, Grade 5 took this concept further and looked at not only literal growth (of plants, bacteria and mammals), but growth of the community, across history, and most importantly, the growth of their knowledge.
To this end, a term’s worth of science investigation culminated in a FLEX Science Fair whereby the students presented their findings to the school community, tying together all aspects of the Inquiry topic!
They came up with a testable question, created a hypothesis and planned their investigations accordingly. There were no restrictions on what could be explored, and this resulted in a wealth of interesting and innovative science experiments.
The FLEX was a hive of activity with students keen to pass on their findings and visitors from across the school curious about what had been explored.
Take a look at some of the wonderful investigations in this article!

NMPS students perform in Italian at the Melbourne Museum

20150908 112624 1

Amanda Williams, Languages Coordinator

Late last term a team of students from Years 4-6 represented NMPS at the VAATI/Co.As.It Italian Performing Arts Competition. Our performance was written by the students and responded to the phrase “Chi dorme non piglia i pesci- The early bird catches the worm”. You may have seen their performance at the Arts Festival- they were FANTASTICO!

Their performance was outstanding and our students’ pronunciation was just like the Italians! Congratulations to our performers who put in so much effort and hard work… Dusty Bursill, Harriet Warren, Tina Xiao, Emma Lang, Tamsin Gard’ner, Mia Gionfriddo, Oskar Sandon, Jacqueline McBratney-Owen, Eloise Ong and Tahra Sharif.



Lila Kelly from 2A to be published in the latest edition of Early Harvest

IMG 2872

Congratulations to Lila from 2A for her successful submission into this year’s edition of Early Harvest by 100 Story Building. 100 Story building is a non profit organisation delivering creative publishing programs and projects to young people and students and develops resources for teachers and parents in Melbourne. With over 100 entries submitted this year, it is wonderful that one of our NMPS kids has been selected for publishing. Well done Lila, we are so proud of you!


Technology in the Wild by Lila

My eyes can see in the dark

Better than any night vision goggles

My sense of danger is

Better than any alarm

My whiskers can sense

Better than any radar

My ears can pick up sounds

Better than any microphone

My claws rip and tear

Better than any axe

My teeth slice through meat

Better than any knife

My paws can run across any landscape

Better than any wheels

My fur keeps me warm

Better than any heater

I am a lynx

New library - a purposeful learning space

IMG 1759
IMG 1760

Our marvellous library now has a new location: downstairs  in The Comm.
The space features wonderful circular activity tables and cozy soft reading places, the coliseum for picture story books and  cleverly designed laptop chairs for staff. 
The old library space will become another flexible learning space currently being referred to as 'The Hive' for Year 3 2016.
All Year 4’s will be continue to be located in The Comm. Additional upstairs space will be available when our 'weather blinds' have been installed and lockers have been moved outside of the classroom.

Science Club is back for the final term of 2015!!


We will be:

  • Experimenting
  • Making models and objects
  • Using iPads to capture and explain our thinking and learning
  • Drawing and writing to express our thinking and learning

Time: Every Wednesday second lunch 1:10pm-1:40pm

Location: BIZ E KIDS

Equipment: iPad (if possible)

All students are welcome!!

Reno Rumble Invite

Spring Fling Stall

IMG 1024
IMG 1053

Parents & Friends Committee


Images from the last years Spring Fling stall.

Our Spring Fling Stall is on next Sunday 18th October 11 am - 6pm.
This is a marvellous day, an excellent source of fundraising for our school & a great place to pick up a treasure.

We need help in two areas:


Box Games  (please sticky tape together if complete)
Jigsaws (please sticky tape together if complete)
Computer Games
DVDs & CDs (Yes, people still luv 'em)

Donations to be dropped off all this week until School Assembly Friday 16 October.
Pop your goodies in a shopping bag and deliver to the school office.
Any questions please contact Robyn on or 0430214664

Coming to Spring Fling on Sunday 18th October?

Why not help out for a couple of hours!

Our stall is at 16 Raglan Street North Melbourne.  Located again in the middle of the craft market & music stage lane were there is a fun and friendly vibe for the day.


Set Up  9am - 11 am: Setting up tables, displaying games, pricing.

The Garage Stall & Market Table 11am - 6pm: Selling, organising stock, greeting. 2 HOUR SHIFTS WOULD BE GREAT !

Pack Up 6pm - 7pm: Clearing left over games, and packing up tables and equipment.
Please reply to this email with your name, mobile, and time that you can help:

Interschool Skiing Results


The Victorian Interschool Skiing this year was at Mt Buller. The whole team stayed together for a bit of team bonding and pool playing in between events. The Opening Ceremony on the first night was spectacular with the North Melbourne Primary School banner being held proudly aloft as the team marched into Buller Square. The atmosphere with fireworks and dancing by all was reminiscent of recent Sochi games. It was a fine prequel to two days of fun and endeavour.

James Houghton and Mija Ollquist skied up a division in Division 4 this year (Grade 5 and 6) and competed beautifully as a team. The North Melbourne Primary Div 4 team skied in the GS, Skier-X and the challenging mogul event. Against much bigger Grade 6 boys the team finished 7th overall in the moguls narrowly missing out making it through to the Nationals. James made it through to the finals in both the Skier-X and the GS which was a wonderful outcome.  James and Mija had fun together as a team and represented North Melbourne with pride.

Lachlan Houghton, Storm Ollquist and Corbin Livingstone competed together in Division 5 (Grade 4 and under) in GS, Skier-X and Moguls. Lachlan was brilliant in the Skier-X and made it through to the finals, which meant a quick ride up the lift to steady himself for the next run down the course. Well done Lachlan! Storm danced his way down the moguls after a great 'shifty spread' jump and also made the finals. The Division 5 team as a whole  made it through to nationals after finishing 4th as a team - narrowly pipped at the post for 3rd by Falls Creek Primary - by less than 0.1 point!  Last Friday the Div 5 boys headed to Mt Buller again for a gorgeous spring day of skiing with Corbin, Lachlan and Storm tackling the more difficult moguls course set up for the Australian Interschools. It was a great day and the team placed 12th overall.

Biz - E - Kidz - updates

Sharon, Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator

2016 Before and Aftercare Enrolments
Biz – E – Kidz is starting to get ready for 2016! We anticipate that demand for Before and Aftercare places will be high, so please take note of the important dates below. Families with current enrolments are reminded that Before and aftercare bookings do not carry over from year to year, and need to be resubmitted for each school year.
Biz – E – Kidz will be closed after Friday 18th December until the holiday program commences on, Monday 11th January 2016.
·          Week beginning 26th October: families with current enrolments will receive enrolment forms by mail. To make the process easier, Biz – E – Kidz will be mailing current families with a partially filled in form that simply needs to be checked, the forms signed and the booking form filled in before returning to Biz – E – Kidz. New families can collect a blank form from the Biz – E – Kidz building. Prep families will receive an enrolment form in their prep information pack at Prep orientation / information sessions
·          Friday 13th November: 2016 Before and after school care bookings open Bookings can only be made by returning a completed enrolment form to Sharon (the coordinator) Leah or Eva (the assistant coordinators). PLEASE NOTE: bookings WILL NOT be accepted if forms are returned early, left at the school office, with teachers or other staff
·          Friday 20th November: 2016 Bookings close. Applications for bookings can still be made after this date, but will be ineligible to be considered in the initial ‘priority of Access to childcare’ allocation. For more information see:
·          First week December: Confirmations of 2016 Before and aftercare places Confirmations of bookings and waitlist allocations will be made to families via mail.
·          Friday 11th December: All before and aftercare fees are due To secure 2016 bookings all before, after care and holiday program fees and deposits are due by Friday 11th December

January 2016 Holiday Program Important dates
Biz – E – Kidz will be running a Summer Holiday program from Monday 11th January to Wednesday 27th January, and will commence before and After school care on the first day of school, Thursday 28th January. Please note: 2016 Foundation (prep) students cannot attend the Summer 2016 holiday program
·          Tuesday 10th November: Holiday program release The holiday program will be available at Biz – E – Kidz and via the school newsletter
·          Monday 23rd November: Holiday Program bookings open. Bookings can be made by returning your booking form to Sharon (the coordinator ) or Leah / Eva (assistant coordinators). Please DO NOT leave your booking form with the school or other staff
·          Friday 27th November: Holiday program bookings close. bookings can still be made after this date, but will be ineligible to be considered in the initial ‘priority of Access to childcare’ allocation. For more information see:
·          First week December: Confirmations of holiday program places Confirmations of bookings and waitlist allocations and deposits owing will be made to families via mail.
·          Friday 11th December: Deposit and before and aftercare fees due To secure summer holiday program places all before, after care and holiday program fees and deposits are due by Friday 11th December
·          Friday 18th December: Last day of school. Biz – E – Kidz will be closed after Friday 18th December until the holiday program commences on, Monday 11th January.
·          Monday 11th January: Holiday Program commences and runs until Wednesday 27th January excluding Public holiday on Tuesday 26th January
·          Thursday 28th January: First day of School  for grades 1 – 6 children

Biz – E – Kidz 2015 family feedback survey.
In preparation for 2016, Biz – E – Kidz would appreciate if all families who have used the program this year could take a couple of minutes to complete a feedback survey. The information from this survey is important for assessing our current performance and planning on how we can better meet the needs of families in the future. The survey should only take a couple of minutes and feedback can be given anonymously. To complete the survey, please go to:
Biz – E – Kidz appreciates any feedback and suggestions you may have anytime, please get in touch on the contact details below or use the suggestions box located in the sign in / out desk.
If you have any questions or comments on the above please get in touch on the contact details below

If you have any questions about the above or anything else Biz – E – Kidz related, please get in touch via the contact details below.

210 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051  ph.(03)9329 5529  mob.0400 838 448


Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.


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email zoom

My name is Kaliopi Alvarez and I work in the Dental Teaching Clinic of the Royal Dental Hospital in Carlton.
As part of a student’s education with the University of Melbourne, they have extensive fully supervised clinical sessions seeing patients and as such, the Dental Teaching Clinic provides free dental treatment to eligible children and youth.
Children 0-12 are able to be booked in and receive treatment for free.  No concession cards are required.  Youth between the ages of 12-18 with a valid concession are also able to be seen by our students and all treatment will also be free.  Here is some further information about the Teaching Clinic