Errol Street News #17

26 October 2015

Message from Sally

I am delighted to have been nominated for the 2015 Victorian Education Excellence Awards which you will read about in this newsletter.

With the awards presentation coming this Friday, I will take this opportunity to thank my ‘teams’. The staff at our school have been selected because they strive to provide opportunities to give students extraordinary learning opportunities and to support them becoming positive contributors to their local, national and global communities. Thank you to each and every one of my staff for this commitment. Thanks also to the parents, carers and North Melbourne Community who make this school a truly multi-cultural and diverse place to learn together, to achieve great results.

Our next big event is the Super Reno. Day which we plan to be fun and successful. We need lots of adults to pop in and help the students and teachers to make this a viable annual event. Like any working bee we need adults to bring their own tools; wheelbarrows, gloves, rakes, spades and outside brooms (please label with your family name). More details later in this newsletter.


Important Dates to Remember

 30 Junior Assembly
 30 Sally to attend the Department of Education Excellence Awards
2 School as usual
3 Melbourne Cup Holiday
6 2016 Foundation Students orientation 9.30 -11am #1 of 2
6 Senior School Assembly - Distinction & High Distinction Maths Awards to students
6 Uniform Take-Home Day 11am - midday in the office
12 Foundation Year Information Night in Gymnasium 6-7pm
13 2016 Foundation Students orientation 9.30 -11am #2 of 2
13 Junior Assembly
13 Uniform Take-Home Day 11am - midday in the office
16-19 Swimming Program for Foundation, Year 1 Year 2 (not Fridays)
16-18 Year 6 High School Practice Week #1/2
20 Super School Restoration Renovation Day - all day all welcome
20 Year 6 Interschool Sports
20 Whole School Assembly
23-26 Swimming Program for Foundation, Year 1 Year 2 (not Fridays)
23-25 Year 6 High School Practice Week #2/2
 Year 3 Forest Edge Camp
27 Year 6 Interschool Sports
27  Junior Assembly
30 Nov-3 Dec Swimming Program for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 (not Fridays)
4 Senior Assembly
4 Year 6 Race Around Melbourne
7-10 Swimming Program for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 (not Fridays)
10 Year 6 Farewell Dinner
11 Uniform Take-Home Day 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
14 Uniform Take-Home Day 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
18 Whole School Assembly 1.15pm
18 Last Day School Year (1.30 dismissal)

We need your help!

snow globes window edit

Small jars for the Art Department

We are making snow domes!





Victorian Education Excellence Awards - Sally Nominated Outstanding Primary Principal 2015

Sally tigerturf2015

A Message From School Council President Dayle Stevens

A big congrats to our Prinicipal, Sally Karlovic, who is a finalist in the Victorian Education Excellence Award 's Principal of the Year Category. The Awards recognise inspirational teachers, principals and support staff who improve young lives and give Victorian children the skills, courage and curiosity they need to be their best.

Sally’s selection as a finalist is in recognition of her warm and innovative leadership style and the achievements of the school as a whole.  Sally’s vision and leadership in implementing world class learning improvement models, student-centred learning environments and beautiful learning spaces has been great for our school, our teachers and our children too.

Thank you Sally for your passion for our school, students and our community and for what you do every day to make a difference to young lives.  We're very proud of you Sally and wish you all the best.  A great result for our school all round.  Go Sally!!


About the awards

The Victorian Education Excellence Awards celebrate educational excellence by recognising the outstanding achievements and practice of education professionals.

Victorian State Government states:
Recognising great work is not enough. We want these awards to show the wider community what excellence in public education really looks like. We want the community to understand what you do every day to make a difference to young lives.

Twenty-nine finalists from government schools across Victoria have been shortlisted for the 2015 awards which will be presented on Friday 30 October when Australia celebrates World Teachers' Day.


Here's what the Regional Advisor, Department of Education wrote in support of Sally's application:

·         Sally is a deserving applicant for the Educational Excellence awards and is to be commended that the school is appropriately resourced for optimum performance and for the work done to embed a strong learning culture across the school and to achieve good learning outcomes.
·         The latest school review has provided an excellent assessment for the school and  Sally  is to be commended for expertly managing the school despite consistent pressure on enrolment demand.
·         Sally has focussed on creating a healthy school culture as evidenced by the Students’ Attitudes survey results which indicate that Year 5 and 6 students’ connectedness to school is significantly greater than 60% of Victorian Government Schools and above the median.  The results for the Parent Survey are also positive.
·         Sally has focussed on establishing and maintaining positive partnerships.  The Melbourne Graduate School of Education (The University of Melbourne) endorses North Melbourne school as a base school for the School-University Partnership Model for teacher education.  The school also has a strong relationship with the Royal Children’s hospital which provides education to siblings of patients attending  the hospital and support to parents at a difficult time.
·         Sally has focussed on enriching student’s experience by providing a range of excellent extra curricula programs including  a sequential camping program from the Foundation to Year 6.  The school also has a  Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program which provides students with experiences in planting, harvesting, cooking and sharing healthy meals, with much of the produce coming from the vegetable garden.
·         A proportion of students in North Primary School experience socio-economic disadvantage or are newly arrived refugees from the neighbouring public housing estate.  Sally has been active in providing relevant educational and wellbeing programs to assist these students and their families and to offer additional assistance to further the students’ learning.
·         Sally is a system leader and is actively involved in the Regional Principals Advisory Group and actively coaches other less experienced principals.



New Tiger Turf on the Hardcourt

NMPS now has four soft surface foursquare courts, a basketball/netball court and a grassy soccer pitch. Students are reveling in the newly arranged space.  We also saw some budding gymnasts creating a pyramid on the new soft surface the other day!

The bitumen hard court, knee-tearing gravel and white painted sports courts are a distant memory.

The School Council accepted a recommendation from the Building and Grounds Committee to add this feature to our playground and we are very happy with the results; it was partly funded through tax deductible donations to the Buildings and Grounds Fund.

Sensational Maths News

Numero demo orange

Craig Turner, Assistant Principal

Numero Tournament

On Monday 12th October, students in years 5 and 6 participated in a Numero Tournament. Numero is a fun mathematical card game which is ideal for developing and reinforcing mental computation, problem solving and algebraic understanding. It was a fun and interactive learning experience for all students that complemented the classroom maths program. It was also a fundraising event and raised just over $300 for the Royal Children’s Hospital.
The event occurred in The Flex with the Year 5 students participating in sessions 1 & 2 and the Year 6 students participating in sessions 3 & 4. The top 16 Year 5s and the top 16 Year 6s then battled it out in a final 32 competition in sessions 5 & 6 where finalists participated in a series of games and challenges.
All students received a certificate for participating and prizes were awarded to the top five place getters. A similar Numero competition is planned for the Year 4s on Monday 2nd November. It is also hoped that an interschool Numero competition can be organised in which a team of students from Years 5 & 6 will go off and play Numero against another school later in term 4.


Year 6
1st: Alex Teo
2nd: Louis Hoppe
3rd: Bosco Leung

Year 5
1st: Wayne Wang
2nd: Caitlin McClare
3rd: Fergus Moorhouse


The Australian Mathematics Competition 2015

This year, 173 students from Years 3 to 6 completed the Australian Mathematics Competition which was held on the 30th July. The results were very pleasing and our students did very well.

The results are as follows: 1 High Distinction 27 Distinction 59 Credit 64 Proficiency 22 Participation
The certificates finally arrived at school on Friday 9th October and were presented at Year assemblies on the following Friday. The 28 students who received high distinctions and distinctions will have their certificates presented at a senior assembly in week 5 on Friday 6th November.

Competition Results 2015 

Year 3 (Notable Results)

1 Elina Yang: Distinction (Top 8% in Australia)

2 Oliver Hermans: Distinction (Top 12% in Australia)

3 Hannah Kilpatrick: Credit (Top 19% in Australia)

5 Terry Kang: Credit (Top 19% in Australia)

6 Marcus Di-Luca: Credit (Top 21% in Australia)

7 Celia Chang: Credit (Top 21% in Australia)

8 Charley Lin: Credit (Top 24% in Australia)


Year 4 (Notable Results)

1 Andy Gong: High Distinction (Top 2% in Australia)

2 Arush Jhunjhunwala: Distinction (Top 4% in Australia)

3 Meilan Whithe: Distinction (Top 4% in Australia)

4Lachlan Houghton: Distinction (Top 5% in Australia)

5 Ryan Kim: Distinction (Top 6% in Australia)

6 Felix McArthur: Distinction (Top 6% in Australia)

7 Seongju Kang: Distinction (Top 7% in Australia)

8 James Brunton-Yeung: Distinction (Top 8% in Australia)

9 Eric Zhang: Distinction (Top 9% in Australia)

10 Adam Liang: Distinction (Top 15% in Australia)

11 Lily Tran: Distinction (Top 16% in Australia)

12 Tina Jiao: Credit (Top 18% in Australia)

13 Max Jiang: Credit (Top 19% in Australia)

14 Katrina Dinh: Credit (Top 19% in Australia)

15 Felix Barnard: Credit (Top 19% in Australia)

16 Hongzheng Fang: Credit (Top 26% in Australia)


Year 5 Notable Results

1 Du-Monette Luu: Distinction (Top 5% in Australia)

2 Emily Duan: Distinction (Top 5% in Australia)

3 Chi Nguyen: Distinction (Top 7% in Australia)

4 Yaoheng Liu: Distinction (Top 7% in Australia)

5 Elizabeth Vincent: Distinction (Top 10% in Australia)

6 Jacqueline McBratney-Owen: Distinction (Top 11% in Australia)

7 Roderick Dong: Distinction (Top 11% in Australia)

8 Fergus Moorhouse: Distinction (Top 13% in Australia)

9 Wayne Wang: Distinction (Top 15% in Australia)

10 Jocelyn Wang: Credit (Top 18% in Australia)

11 Hien Nguyen: Credit (Top 18% in Australia)

12 Ethan Di Luca: Credit (Top 18% in Australia)

13 Lara Karunajeewa: Credit (Top 19% in Australia)

14 Alannah Tieu: Credit (Top 20% in Australia)

15 Shashwata Majumder: Credit (Top 24% in Australia)

16 Sylvie Bell: Credit (Top 24% in Australia)

17 Miji Ollquist: Credit (Top 25% in Australia)

18 Abbey Walker: Credit (Top 27% in Australia)

19 Harshil Pareek: Credit (Top 27% in Australia)

20 Emma Lang: Credit (Top 27% in Australia)

21 Dusty Bursill: Credit (Top 27% in Australia)

22 Grace Hessian: Credit (Top 27% in Australia)


Year 6 Notable Results

1 Bosco Leung: Distinction (Top 3% in Australia)

2 Angel He: Distinction (Top 4% in Australia)

3 Alex Xenos: Distinction (Top 11% in Australia)

4 Tony He: Distinction (Top 12% in Australia)

5 Anita Yang: Distinction (Top 13% in Australia)

6 Annabelle Shaw: Credit (Top 22% in Australia)

7 Jiaxu Shi: Credit (Top 27% in Australia)


Prudence Award

Bosco Leung: (Highest number of consecutive answers)

Eco Warriers Club

20120225172705 b lunch
eco warrior
zero waste lunchslideshow 337x278
  • Tuesdays
  • 2nd lunch
  • Room 15 (upstairs from office)


Update for parents and carers.

Our keen ecologically passionate club has been busy making posters and spreading the word about bringing rubbish free lunches to school. There has been a tremendous response to this. Thanks everyone.

Eco Warriers are now encouraging NMPS to use water bottles and bring water only to school. Let's try to remove all that unnecessary waste and extra sugar found in pre-packaged drinks.

Science Club

  • Wednesday
  • 2nd lunch
  • iPad (if possible)

Origami Club

origami angelfish image
origami foxes image
origami rabbit image
origami t rex image
origami turtle image
  • Tuesdays
  • 2nd Lunch
  • Develop Your Skills
  • Old library classroom (now known as ‘The Hive’).

Reno Rumble Invite

Parents & Friends Spring Fling Stall

Spring Fling 2015 Logo RGB

The NMPS Spring Fling Stall was another success this year, held last Sunday 18 October in and around Errol Street, North Melbourne. We had a fabulous range of donations from our school community, loads of great books from 2015's stall and produce from the SAKGP student gardeners.

Visitors to the stall in Raglan Street were delighted to hear about the gardening program and the seedlings were very popular. Mr Price's Food Store purchased an entire tray of our marigolds! Our hand-drawn seedling packets received lots of compliments too. Thanks to Megan our gardening expert for her green thumb and encouraging our students to be excellent gardners.

Books, games & DVD's were rifled through by the Spring Fling crowds while listening to buskers on the stage adjacent.

The ever-popular Spring Fling Dog Show featured many NMPS students and their furry family members.

Thanks to the Parents & Friends Committee Members for running this event, especially:

  • Everyone who donated goods.
  • Phelan/Steudle Family for the loan of their garage as stall venue.
  • Meg Moorhouse for her coordination, selling and setting up.
  • Sellers: Gen Kelly, Leanne Ryan, Elkei, Penelope, Kate Bramley and lots more.
  • Setting Up and Pulling Down: Deanne Hocking, Ingrid Weisfelt, Jane Shannon, Chris Bohan, James Myers.



Uniform Recycling Program

PastedGraphic 5

The school is pleased to launch a uniform recycling program with the aim of ensuring NMPS uniform items no longer used by families are made available to those keen to give them a new home.

We expect Foundation and other families new to the school in 2016, existing school families considering trying the school uniform, or families wishing to add to their current uniform pieces, will be pleased to have the opportunity to acquire previously loved garments!

We  are ready to start collecting  so please consider any items you may have for donation and they will be gratefully received. Items for donation may include the NMPS summer and winter dresses and the school logo T-shirts, long sleeve tops, bomber jackets and sun hats. Collection of uniforms will continue throughout this term and early into Term 1,  2016.

To Donate items, simply place them at any time in the marked GREEN wheelie-bin located in the school administration foyer from this Monday 26 October. The bin will be cleared weekly and donated uniforms sorted and itemised for the Take-Home days.

Uniforms to be donated should be laundered, and in a good state of repair with any zips, hems and buttons in tact.

To Take-Home items, please feel free to come along to the school administration foyer only on the designated Take-Home days/times where a temporary space will be set up for families to select garments.

Garments may be acquired for a gold coin donation to the school Parents and Friends Association fund raising program.

The designated Take-Home days, with the first two scheduled to coincide with upcoming 2016  Foundation orientation sessions, are:
Friday  6 November 11.00am - 12.00 noon
Friday 13 November 11.00am - 12.00noon
Friday 11 December 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
Monday 14 December 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Additional Take-Home days will be scheduled for early 2016 - exact date /times to be advised.

Pick Up and Drop Off Safety


A reminder that DOUBLE PARKING to pick up your child is a Vic Roads traffic offence and extremely dangerous for your child and others around you. Double Parking is Infringement 0729 and will incur a fine of $91 and .60 infringement points.


2016 Before and Aftercare Enrolments: Bookings open Friday 13th November
Biz – E – Kidz is starting to get ready for 2016! We anticipate that demand for Before and Aftercare places will be high, so please take note of the important dates below. Families with current enrolments are reminded that Before and aftercare bookings do not carry over from year to year, and need to be resubmitted for each school year.
Biz – E – Kidz will be closed after Friday 18th December until the holiday program commences on, Monday 11th January 2016.
·          Week beginning 26th October: families with current enrolments will receive enrolment forms by mail. To make the process easier, Biz – E – Kidz will be mailing current families with a partially filled in form that simply needs to be checked, the forms signed and the booking form filled in before returning to Biz – E – Kidz. New families can collect a blank form from the Biz – E – Kidz building. Prep families will receive an enrolment form in their prep information pack at Prep orientation / information sessions
·          Friday 13th November: 2016 Before and after school care bookings open Bookings can only be made by returning a completed enrolment form to Sharon (the coordinator) Leah or Eva (the assistant coordinators). PLEASE NOTE: bookings WILL NOT be accepted if forms are returned early, left at the school office, with teachers or other staff
·          Friday 20th November: 2016 Bookings close. Applications for bookings can still be made after this date, but will be ineligible to be considered in the initial ‘priority of Access to childcare’ allocation. For more information see:
·          First week December: Confirmations of 2016 Before and aftercare places Confirmations of bookings and waitlist allocations will be made to families via mail.
·          Friday 11th December: All before and aftercare fees are due To secure 2016 bookings all before, after care and holiday program fees and deposits are due by Friday 11th December

January 2016 Holiday Program Important dates
Biz – E – Kidz will be running a Summer Holiday program from Monday 11th January to Wednesday 27th January, and will commence before and After school care on the first day of school, Thursday 28th January. Please note: 2016 Foundation (prep) students cannot attend the Summer 2016 holiday program
·          Tuesday 10th November: Holiday program release The holiday program will be available at Biz – E – Kidz and via the school newsletter
·          Monday 23rd November: Holiday Program bookings open. Bookings can be made by returning your booking form to Sharon (the coordinator ) or Leah / Eva (assistant coordinators). Please DO NOT leave your booking form with the school or other staff
·          Friday 27th November: Holiday program bookings close. bookings can still be made after this date, but will be ineligible to be considered in the initial ‘priority of Access to childcare’ allocation. For more information see:
·          First week December: Confirmations of holiday program places Confirmations of bookings and waitlist allocations and deposits owing will be made to families via mail.
·          Friday 11th December: Deposit and before and aftercare fees due To secure summer holiday program places all before, after care and holiday program fees and deposits are due by Friday 11th December
·          Friday 18th December: Last day of school. Biz – E – Kidz will be closed after Friday 18th December until the holiday program commences on, Monday 11th January.
·          Monday 11th January: Holiday Program commences and runs until Wednesday 27th January excluding Public holiday on Tuesday 26th January
·          Thursday 28th January: First day of School  for grades 1 – 6 children

Biz – E – Kidz 2015 family feedback survey.
In preparation for 2016, Biz – E – Kidz would appreciate if all families who have used the program this year could take a couple of minutes to complete a feedback survey. The information from this survey is important for assessing our current performance and planning on how we can better meet the needs of families in the future. The survey should only take a couple of minutes and feedback can be given anonymously. To complete the survey, please go to:
Biz – E – Kidz appreciates any feedback and suggestions you may have anytime, please get in touch on the contact details below or use the suggestions box located in the sign in / out desk.

If you have any questions about the above or anything else Biz – E – Kidz related, please get in touch via the contact details below.
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051  ph.(03)9329 5529  mob.0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.


d donnelly ad oct 15
NMRC Swim school 2015
NMRC Swim school 2015COVER
yogaessence single NthMelb2015Sept

North Melbourne Recreation Centre aquatic education program

Get in quick as enrolments open on Thursday 1 October!

North Melbourne Recreation Centre aquatic education program caters to all abilities, from the complete beginner with no water experience to the competent swimmer looking to refine their technique in a squad environment. Children aged three and over participate in a fun and engaging aquatic learning environment where they will develop personal survival and water safety skills.

Classes are run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings of the school term (commencing in November).

For further information please contact a Leisure Service Officer on 9658 9444.

A message from the Department of Education and Training is currently reviewing SCHOOL PROVISION in the Docklands.

A workshop is being held to ask local people for feedback on the review’s approach and help develop a rigorous process for determining school provision needs, as well as share information and explore local issues and perspectives.
As a member of the local community, we would like to invite you to participate in the workshop.
The review is expected to focus on the Docklands and the immediately surrounding areas of North Melbourne, West Melbourne, Melbourne, Parkville and Flemington. The opportunity to refine the review area will be provided during the workshop.
This project is delivering on the State Government’s election commitment to recommence education provision planning for Docklands residents.
When: Thursday, 29 October 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where: Melbourne Star Observation Wheel - 101 Waterfront Way Docklands



DATE: 15 OCTOBER 2015(bookings are still open)

The Girls Make Games Summer Camp will return to Melbourne in 2016,  inspiring young girls to be the next generation of game developers.

Already an institution in the United States, Girls Make Games strives to address the fact that 47% of gamers are women but women make up less than 12% of the games industry.

Aimed at girls aged 8-15, the Melbourne Summer Camp will introduce fundamentals of game design including gameplay models, mechanics, and terminology. The course also includes an introduction to game art and programming, with kids learning the fundamentals and logic of visual and script coding.

The Summer Camp includes plenty of hands-on activities such as audio engineering, 2D art and animation and board game design, while field trips will introduce the girls to local games and tech companies.

The 2016 Girls Make Games Melbourne Summer Camp will be held at RMIT University from 18-29 January.  

The program costs $1300 however financial aid is available.

Read more and register via Girls Make Games