Errol Street News #19- Reno Day Edition

23 November 2015

Message from Sally

Principal Sally Reno Rumble 2015

Reno Day
A few months ago when we confirmed that we would have access to the fabulous ‘Deloitte Impact Day’ staff.  I therefore proposed a whole school working bee to the Building and Grounds Committee. I had heard from a colleague in Sunbury that it was a terrific approach to build school pride; B & G agreed to give it a try!
What happened was absolutely incredible; the energy and interest was terrific. We were fortunate to have about 10% of our parent population represented as volunteers; a challenge to increase our numbers for next year.
The grounds are a joy to wander through and we have developed some new places for our kids to play.
Thanks to Kimalee for her outstanding organising skills and the B & G committee for their invaluable support; Tanja, Tamara, Jason, Anthony, Mark and Torben.

School Disco
The end of year Disco is an opportunity for your children to use some of their well-developed movement skills in a shared and social learning environment.
We expect that they will have fun, safely and enjoy a final farewell to some friends.



Important Dates to Remember

23-26 Swimming Program Week Two for Foundation, Year 1 Year 2 (not Fridays)
23-25 Year 6 High School Practice Week #2/2
Year 3 Forest Edge Camp
27 Year 6 Interschool Sports
27 Junior Assembly
30 Nov-3 Dec Swimming Program Week One for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 (not Fridays)
4 Senior Assembly
4 Year 6 Race Around Melbourne
7-10 Swimming Program Week Two for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 (not Fridays)
10 Year 6 Farewell Dinner
11 Uniform Take-Home Day 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
11 School Disco Evening
14 Uniform Take-Home Day 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
18 Whole School Assembly 1.15pm
18 Last Day School Year (1.30 dismissal)

We need your help!

helping hands

School Disco Friday 11 December (evening)

Parents to help check in kids & set-up.

Contact Parents & Friend Committee:








Super School Block Buster Restoration Reno Day!

IMG 5721
IMG 5805
IMG 5843
IMG 5947
IMG 5959
IMG 5972
IMG 6034
Reno Zones

Tanja, Buildings & Grounds Committee

Whose CRAZY IDEA was this then?
Who had the vision, creative energy and organisational drive to take us all on an amazing journey?
Kimalee NMPS Landscape Guru - aka Year 2 Teacher
Who helped?
Deloitte’s Team, B+G Committee and Rob
Who made happen?
Our amazing NMPS Teachers, Students and Community!


Our garden now features:

Secret Circle Garden (it's behind the Flex)

Cubby Village

Fresh Air Game Boards

Bright Red Raised Garden Beds

Herboreum with recyled plastic bottles (near staff room)

Mystery Tiny Tunnel

We are not finished yet.

Look out for the Year 6 Mural and Picket Fence.





Reno Day - Vox Pop

Leanne, parent of Will, Year 4
We worked on spreading tanbark on area around top oval, around playground and throughout garden beds.
It was great fun working with other parents to improve the look of our school and to see so many students embrace the whole idea of contributing to the improvement of the outdoor space. Beats doing schoolwork! I overheard a student ask her friend "is someone special coming to visit?"!!!

Sadia, Year 4

At the reno rumble it was really fun because we had to renovate the school.  We all had different areas, some people cleaned up the school, some people put up gutter guards, some planted plants in recycled bottles.  Everyone put it a lot of effort to make our school look great.

Christine, parent of Lottie, Year 2 & Amelie, Year 5
We worked on the Mini-beast Garden.
It was great to see children from many year levels all work together so well to help the Year 2’s achieve their vision of an interactive garden. Dozens of children worked through their lunch break to help move stones, to create a pathway which represents the labours of so many wonderful children. Well done!

Much Ado About Literacy and Language

IMG 2916 1
IMG 2928
Amanda, Literacy & Languages

Pigeons Post at 100 Story Building
We have had two students published in Pigeon Post by 100 Story Building and some students' writing that will be published in future editions. These students were invited by their teachers to submit some writing and they then completed the task independently in their school holidays!  Upload Pigeon Post here.
Congratulations to Matty Year 3, Giselle, Year 4, Lara Year 5, Hannah Year 3, Christophe Year 6, Harriet Year 5, Lachlan Year 4 and Sylvie Year 5.

Lila Year 2 and Andy Griffiths @ Early Harvest Launch
It was very exciting to attend the launch of Early Harvest at 100 Story Building on Saturday 14th November. Our wonderful Lila read her poem "Technology in the wild" and then Andy Griffiths launched the latest edition of Early Harvest. Congratulations again to Lila! There are copies of Early Harvest in our NMPS Library for borrowing.

Results of the Dante Alighieri Poster Competition
Congratulations to all of our "fantastico" students who entered the Dante Alighieri Poster Competition this year. Some of our students have received some outstanding results. Tina Jiao  - Honorable mention, Lara Karunajeewa - High distinction,  and the following students received Certificates of Merit. Tao Hollingsworth-Magee,  Jocelyn Conley-Evans, Georgia Karunajeewa , Lily Brett, Zasha Amor-Redl, Seongju Kang and Elina Yang. Auguri a tutti, siete bravissimi!

Images: Lila Year 2, reading her poem, Andy Griffiths at the Early Harvest Launch.

The Yarragong Story by Lara Year 5 for Pigeons Post


Take home readers due back Friday 4th of December!

ALL take home readers are due back Friday 4th of December! Yes folks we need you to look under beds, in your book shelves and under the couch to find any take home books from NMPS.   This allows us to check our supply levels and ensure that all books will be ready for Day 1 2016!
BUT, this does not mean that your child should stop reading or using literacy in the home! On the contrary, at NMPS we encourage daily reading and loads of supportive literacy activities in the home.

Please find a list of suggestions for literacy based activities that will support literacy in your home, not only for the final weeks of school, but the whole of the Summer period.

  • Visit a Public Library and borrow books. North Melbourne Library has a great collection and very friendly staff!
  • Sort out the bookshelves in your home and find books you might like to read or re-read. (It is ok to re-read books. It allows children to practise their fluency and expression)
  • Books as Christmas presents
  • Start a great chapter book with your child and read and discuss it over Summer
  • Create home made Christmas cards with a special message inside written by your child
  • Send post cards when you travel this Summer
  • Play games together with your child and read the rules together
  • Turn the television off and encourage conversation, reading and writing time
  • Make books- NMPS kids are great writers!
  • Get your child to make a phone call to a family member and talk about something special
  • Ask your child to write the shopping list with you
  • Chat about what your child is playing/doing and encourage them to use rich vocabulary
  • Use a recipe to cook with your child and ask them to read the recipe and retell afterwards what you did including the steps in the cooking process. Encourage them to use the appropriate vocabulary
  • Provide access to many types of texts such as picture books, novels, fiction and non-fiction texts, kindles and iPADS.
  • Watch and DISCUSS movies together
  • Use Book Creator to write a summer tale
  • Discuss what you are reading with your child. Parents make great role models
  • Make comics
  • Write notes in the sand at the beach
  • Swap books from your own collection with a friend
  • Draw pictures and then write in the captions or add voice bubbles     
  • Make an iMovie about something that you did
  • Write a letter to Santa with your wish list
  • Leave a letter /note for Santa on Christmas Eve

100 Story Building has summer courses for enthusiastic writers or give a writers course as a christmas or birthday gift

Wishing you all the best for a restful and happy Summer break!

School Disco is Coming

Start getting your glitter-disco, fancy-dance, sports-lycra or snappy-formal gear ready to try out all your new 'Footsteps' dance moves learnt this year.

The annual School Disco will be held on Friday 11 December in the school gym. Times are split between two age groups:

  • 6.00 - 7.00pm   Foundation to Year 2
  • 7.15 - 8.30pm   Year 3 to Year 6

There is no charge.

Music, DJ & Dance inspiration is provided by Footsteps who run the dance program at NMPS.

Parents and/or carers are required to sign their children in and leave the school premises. Adults will then sign children out upon collection.

This student social evening is organised by the Parents & Friends Committee.



New School Uniform options

Lisa, Parents & Friends Committee

Available in 2016 is three new uniform items – a reversible hat (navy and red), a fleecy crew neck windcheater and a polar fleece jacket.

The reversible hat is made from microfibre which draws moisture away, keeping the kids nice and cool. The towo new winter options are warm and cosy, machine washable and quick drying during those wet winter months. Hopefully these will be popular items with both students and parents.

Also, approved is a set of school sports team t-shirts, with extras for sale for anyone who wishes to purchase their own. When our students are competing at inter-school sports, we will clearly be recognised at the NMPS team.



Reversible hat


Crew neck windcheater


Polar fleece jacket


Sports t-shirt


All items will be available for sale in the new year.

Many thanks to Lisa, James and Georgina for their work on the uniform sub-committee.

Uniform Recycling Program

PastedGraphic 5

James, Parents & Friends Committee

Our first take-home day was a tremendous success, thank you for your donations.

There is still a big demand for summer and winter dresses. Will your summer dress last into 2016? If not, donate now!

To Donate items, simply place them at any time in the marked GREEN wheelie-bin located in the school administration foyer. The bin will be cleared weekly and donated uniforms sorted and itemised for the Take-Home days. Uniforms to be donated should be laundered, and in a good state of repair with any zips, hems and buttons in tact.

To Take-Home items, please feel free to come along to the school administration foyer only on the designated Take-Home days/times where a temporary space will be set up for families to select garments.

Garments may be acquired for a gold coin donation to the school Parents and Friends Association fund raising program.

Last take-Home day for 2015:

Monday 14 December 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm

2016 Planner

NP148708 North Melbourne PS Calendar 2016 2
NP148708 North Melbourne PS Calendar 2016

You will all have received your laminated A3 2016 Planner in the last week.

Please find a digital version here.

You can also access the Planner on the NMPS website here.

Happy Planning!


Biz – E – Kidz Overview

2016 Before and Aftercare Enrolments have closed
The closing date for 2016 before and aftercare bookings was Friday 20th November. We are still able to accept bookings, but they are not eligible to be included in the first round of priority of access and place allocation. At this point, there is only places in before school care Monday – Friday and afterschool care on Fridays.
Biz – E – Kidz will be notifying families via mail of Before school, afterschool and waiting list places in the first week of December. All fees need to be paid up to date by Friday 11th December to secure your booking.
Families with current enrolments are reminded that Before and aftercare bookings do not carry over from year to year, and need to be resubmitted for each school year.
January 2016 Holiday Program Bookings are now open
Biz – E – Kidz will be running a Summer Holiday program from Monday 11th January to Wednesday 27th January, and will commence before and After school care on the first day of school, Thursday 28th January. Please note: 2016 Foundation (prep) students cannot attend the Summer 2016 holiday program
·          Friday 27th November: Holiday program bookings close. bookings can still be made after this date, but will be ineligible to be considered in the initial ‘priority of Access to childcare’ allocation. For more information see:
·          First week December: Confirmations of holiday program places Confirmations of bookings and waitlist allocations and deposits owing will be made to families via mail.
·          Friday 11th December: Deposit and before and aftercare fees due To secure summer holiday program places all before, after care and holiday program fees and deposits are due by Friday 11th December
·          Friday 18th December: Last day of school. Biz – E – Kidz will be closed after Friday 18th December until the holiday program commences on, Monday 11th January.
·          Monday 11th January: Holiday Program commences and runs until Wednesday 27th January excluding Public holiday on Tuesday 26th January
·          Thursday 28th January: First day of School  for grades 1 – 6 children

Please remember…
·          It is important to inform Biz - E - Kidz if your child will be absent from after school care. Please phone 9329 5529 and leave a message or speak to a staff member.
·          Biz – E – Kidz closes at 6pm, so if you are running late please call on 9329 5529 and let us know an estimated arrival time. Biz – E – Kidz has a late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute after 6.00pm.

If you have any questions about the above or anything else Biz – E – Kidz related, please get in touch via the contact details below.
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051  ph.(03)9329 5529  mob.0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.