Errol Street News #20 - Last newsletter for 2015

07 December 2015

Message from Sally

The Finale

Thank you to the energetic, collaborative, dedicated North Melbourne Primary School Community for a wonderful 2015 School Year.

Last night the staff brainstormed the new & exciting aspects of the year; we stopped fifty!

Staffing for 2016 is still not finalised but we do have a few who will not be returning.


Staffing changes for 2016

  • Congratulations to Amanda Williams who will be transferring to Tarneit College as a senior Assistant Principal
  • Julie Spencer will not be returning but also taking on a senior leading teacher position at Brunswick North West PS
  • Carmel McNally will not be returning as her first baby is due in February
  • Maggie Spillane will continue on long service leave for 2016
  • Michael Stephens who has a promotion position at Brighton Grammar
  • Carmel Cosgrove and Julie Bateman Education Support Staff have also decided not to return- Julie after many, many years as our #1supporter!

These staff will be missed for their positive contributions they have made over many years at our school.
IMG 4478

Amanda Williams during Book Week 2015

Class structure for 2016

  • Six Foundation teachers in the east wing
  • Five Year One teachers in the central area of the original school
  • Five Year Two teachers upstairs and downstairs in the administration building
  • Four Year 3 teachers in 'The Hive' (old library)
  • Four Year 4 teachers in 'The Comm'
  • Five year 5  teachers in the downstairs Flex
  • Four year 6  teachers in the upstairs Flex

The benefits of these collaborative teaching and learning spaces is that all students in years 3-6 will have a team of staff to work explicitly at the point of need, as based on individual, student-centred, evidence and data.

Foundation - Year 2 students will also benefit from collaborative teaching and learning and their focus will continue to be 'learning to learn'.

All the best for a wonderful holiday season, and remember to remind your children that sally says; 'Keep safe and listen to those looking after you!", Sally.

IMG 3050Year 1 fence palings continue to be painted for the NMPS Reno.




Important Dates to Remember

7-10 Swimming Program Week Two for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 (not Fridays)
10 Year 6 Farewell Dinner
11 Uniform Take-Home Day 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
11 School Disco Evening (see times following)
14 Uniform Take-Home Day 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm
18 Whole School Assembly 1.15pm
18 Last Day School Year (1.30 dismissal)
26 Australia Day Holiday
27 Teachers back at NMPS - Pupil Free Day
28 Term 1 Starts for Years 1-6
29 No school Assembly
1 Term 1 Starts for all Foundation Year Students
3 Foundation Year Rest Day (Every Wednesday in February)
5 3.15 Senior School Assembly
23 5-7pm Open Classrooms & International Picnic
29 Feb - 4 Year 6 Canberra Camp
18 3-8pm Twilight Fete

End of Year Special Events

Friday 11 December 3pm Assembly - all welcome

NMPS Choir will be singing Christmas & holiday themed songs

Year 5 & 6 band, Spectrum will also perform

Thursday 10 December - Farewell Year 6

The annual tradition of farewell to Year 6 features speeches, presentations, band performances and dance performance.


School Disco is Coming

2015 Disco flyer

Year 2 Build A City

1. brainstorming
2. early stages of building
3. time for a break
4. a blank canvas city limits
5. our city starts to grow
6. city centre
7. Our City and proud producers

Year 2 Teachers

Images above:

1. brainstorming
2. early stages of building
3. time for a break
4. a blank canvas - city limits
5. our city starts to grow
6. city centre
7. our City and its proud producers!

Monday 7th January was no ordinary school day for the Year 2s. We began with a whole lot of cardboard, and ended with a beautiful city complete with parks, hospitals, libraries, an airport, housing, hotels, shops, roads, and even a rocket launcher! The collaboration, cooperation and creativity from all of the kids was outstanding. They combined imagination and problem solving to produce a livable city with public necessities and thoughtful infrastructure. An exciting day for children, teachers and parent volunteers alike.

The day would not have been possible without the amazing help of Leah Heiss, design extraordinaire, who envisioned and guided this fantastic project from start to finish.

Huge thanks for all of the cardboard donations that made the Year 2 Build A City experience possible today. Since the event has now concluded, we do not require any more donations.


Looking for a Rainbow

20150426 43473p1 500

Rainbow Buddy Benches are coming to NMPS. Keep a look out in the school yard for a colourful change to happen to two of our park benches.

The idea came from Kristina Forbes when she read about a young student Christian from Roundtown Elementary School, Pennsylvania. Here is his video: What is a Buddy Bench?

This is Christian pictured on his bench in 2013.

How does the buddy bench work?

If students feel lonely in the playground, without anything to do, they can go to the buddy bench, and another student will come to the bench and ask if they want to play or talk.

If two people are sitting at the bench, they could ask each other if they want to play.  This is a great way to help other kids who might feel lonely or left out from time to time.  It shows we care about others when we ask others to play. It is hoped that new friendships will be made because of the Rainbow Buddy Bench.

The bench is meant to provide a physical space where children who are lonely can go. When other kids see them there, they can ask them to play, or talk or walk.

Let’s spread the message of inclusion and kindness!

Kristina's Motivation for Organising  Buddy Chairs for NMPS

Every parent loves their child.  Sometimes more than life itself.  You would do anything for them. But what about when you are faced with a situation where you can’t *fix* the problem.  This is what I encountered upon asking my then 7 year old, how his day was when I picked him up from school one day.   “Not so good”, he replied.  “Why not?”  I asked him shocked and confused.  “No one would play with me.”  I was devastated!  My child is a good kid.  How could someone not want to play with him?  Not being able to fix this for him broke my heart.

Months later, I came across an article which peeked my interest.  It was a possible solution for my son James.  It was about a boy named Christian Bucks who lived in America.  There was a possibility that his family would be moving to Germany. They were looking at possible schools in the area on websites.  Christian came across a picture he saw and was interested to find out more about it.  Looking further into it, he discovered is was a ‘Buddy Bench’ for lonely kids at school.   The buddy bench was a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship in the playground.

Christian and his family never made it to Germany, but the Buddy Bench made its way to Christian’s school.  He contacted the principal and explained what the buddy bench was and the principal agreed to get one for the school. Since then, more than 200 schools around the world have followed Christian’s lead.

There are buddy benches in many states across the United States, and in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Italy and Canada, according to Christian's family.  “It's about having a place on the playground where a kid can feel comfortable going, and know they can feel accepted by their peers”.

Why am I telling you this you may ask?  I put the idea to our principal Sally, who was very happy about the idea, as she had always wanted a Rainbow Friendship Seat.  So with the help of City Wide donating benches to the school, the ‘Rainbow Buddy Bench’ was born! 

Huge thanks again to Rob for his help in installing the benches.

Also, thank you to NMPS staff who will be discussing how to use the Rainbow Buddy Benches with their students.

Origami Club

origami lina lottie

Students have been very busy at our popular Origami Club this term. Please enjoy the thoughts below from our creative creatures.

"I like origami club because you can make different things. I like making dogs and I'm learning how to make a spinning top." - Vincent, 2C Elly.

"It's great! You should come here because it's crafty, but people also come here to make things to play with outside later." - Lottie, 2B Eleanor.

"It's about making stuff out of origami, like paper aeroplanes." - Ben, Prep Viv.

"I've been learning from other people, and I think it's really good because you're learning things you could never do by yourself, but in Origami Club we all help each other. It's also really fun because you get to spend time with your friends and have a go." - Cleo, 3C Mark.

  • Tuesdays
  • 2nd Lunch
  • Develop Your Skills
  • Old library classroom (now known as ‘The Hive’

Reno Day - Many thanks to you

PB206480 1
PB206530 1
PB206597 2
PB206673 1
PB206806 1

Thanks to Kimalee's dad, Jim Weatherill for these beautiful portraits of the Reno Day.

Again, thanks to Kimalee for her outstanding organising skills and the Buildings & Grounds Committee for their invaluable support; Tanja, Tamara, Jason, Anthony, Mark and Torben and the staff of NMPS.

Families and Friends who lent their skills and energies on the day were:

Abhilasha Jadhav
Stuart Wyithe
Shareen Wong
Craig Thompson
Charlotte Clarke
Jed Corbett
Vanessa Sellick
Melissa Cowles Tyyler
James Milne
Amanda Hood
Michael Fantauzzo
Leah Heiss
Amanda McArthur
Leanne Ryan
Pamla Terrori
Rod Payn
Charlie Salloum
Rebecca Iseli
Joy Curley
Jim Gardiner
Julia Fahey
Alice Yong
Yuwei Ley
Juliette Barr
Catherine Olsson
Felicity Jackman
Amy Lee
Rene McClare
Greg Gokavi-Whaley
Nicholas Searle
Critina Garduno Freeman
Kate Bramley
Andrew Barnard
Vasuti Hood
Bronwyn Stocks
Kirsty Harvison
John Coomans
Shetu Mitra
Gen Kelly
Scott Waite
Suzy Kosmider
Rebecca Jones
Kathryn McGrath
Nick Berryman
Nina Grosse
Renee Whight
Richard Vanderlilly and

Megan Moorhouse

Plus so many more that did not print their name on the sign in forms, and just provided a signature. I apologise to these people for not being able to acknowledge their amazing efforts, from Tamara.

Last but not least, thanks to all our energetic students for their splendid work.

For additional images of the day please go to: Events on the website


Have you noticed?


....our new notice boards?

(Pardon the pun!)

During the next couple of weeks, three large noticeboards can be seen around the school.  These will be where newsletters and important information will be displayed of you to see and serve as reminders.

Thanks to Rob our school handy man for installing them and to Kristina Forbes of the Parents & Friends Committee for organising this fabulous communication system.

ms poster 2016

New School Uniform options

image001 1

Lisa, Parents & Friends Committee

Available in 2016 is three new uniform items – a reversible hat (navy and red), a fleecy crew neck windcheater and a polar fleece jacket.



Reversible hat


Crew neck windcheater


Polar fleece jacket


Sports t-shirt


All items will be available for sale in the new year.

Uniform Recycling Program

PastedGraphic 5

James, Parents & Friends Committee

Last take-Home day for 2015:

Monday 14 December 8.45am - 9.15am and 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Biz – E – Kidz to expand in 2016

Biz – E – Kidz has just been notified that it was successful in its application to increase the maximum number of children it can care for in 2016. This is great news as it enables Biz – E – Kidz to accommodate most of the families on the waiting list. If you have been notified that you were places on a waiting list for afterschool care, we will contact you this week to reconfirm your afterschool care places.
2016 Prep / foundation student program.
To accommodate the larger aftercare program, Biz – E – Kidz will be trialling running a separate ‘prep / Foundation student’ aftercare program in 2016. This is ensure the safety of preps as they transition to school by providing a more structured and intimate environment for their care.  At this point, it will only apply to after school care, not before school care or holiday program.
Although still in the planning phase, please get in touch if you have any feedback or questions.
Accounts due this Friday
A reminder that all Biz – E – Kidz before and aftercare fees and holiday program deposits need to be paid by Friday 11th December to secure your 2016 bookings.
Happy holidays
Biz – E – Kidz would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holidays and to thank everyone for their support on what has been a very busy year. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2016! 

If you have any questions about the above or anything else Biz – E – Kidz related, please get in touch via the contact details below.
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051  ph.(03)9329 5529  mob.0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.