Errol Street News #22

15 February 2016

Message from Sally

About Our School Grounds
Fifteen years ago, when I first started at NMPS we had nearly 300 students and the Principal at the time and I supported and encouraged families to use the school grounds out of hours as much as possible in order to reduce vandalism and graffiti. The actual reduction on graffiti and vandalism was not significant and with the gates open all weekend the school became a bit of a teenage hangout; deducted by the litter we found on a Monday!
At this time I was the staff/school representative on the committee that introduced a before and after school program that parents valued and paid for; for about 30 children. The square meter-age required for accreditation currrently is quite different.
Our school numbers and Biz-E-Kidz numbers have increased significantly and in order to meet regulations and accreditation we need to provide the students with greater play and inside areas. Regretfully, this is why we need all families to leave the school grounds at 3.45pm when the teaching staff supervision concludes. It is not safe or realistic to expect the Biz-E-Kidzstaff to maintain adequate duty of care if there are children who aren’t booked into the program still playing on the school grounds.
Families have begun to gather to play and chat in the park at the end of Errol Street. We thank them for their solution focussed approach.
We appreciate that change is not always easy and are pleased that our school is so valued as a part of the community, but we are bound by rules and regulations.
May I also remind families that children are not permitted to be in the school grounds before 8.45am if they are not at Biz-E-Kidz either; they are unsupervised before this time.  
Some changes in the office

Anne Wrigley is the NMPS Finance Manager who works Monday and Tuesday from 8.30am – 4.30pm.
Jean Tongs is the Human Relations Manager and Staff & Student Manager who works Monday to Friday from 8.00am - 2.30pm.

Sandra Demir continues as Administration Manager handling student enrolments, front office, uniform and payments from 8.30am – 4.00pm


School Council Elections 2016

What is a school council and what does it do?

All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.

Who is on the school council?

There are three possible categories of membership:

  • A mandated elected Parent category. More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DET) employees can be Parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not employed at the school.
  • A mandated elected DET employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.
  • An optional Community member category. Its members are appointed by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. DET employees are not eligible to be Community members.

The term of office for all members is two years. Half the members must retire each year, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections.

Why is parent membership so important?

Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school.

Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No. What you do need is an interest in the school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.

What do you need to do to stand for election?

The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations following the commencement of Term 1 each year. All school council elections must be completed by the end of March.

If you decide to stand for election, you can arrange for someone to nominate you as a candidate or you can nominate yourself in the Parent category.

DET employees whose child is enrolled in a school in which they are not employed are eligible to nominate as parents for the school council where their child is enrolled

Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the principal within the time stated on the notice of election.

If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted during the two weeks after the call for nominations has closed.


Calendar of Special Events




Notice of School Council election and call for nominations


Prep Students rest day


School Council meeting


Cross Country Run Years 3-6


Senior School Assembly 3.15pm - Cross Country results & JSRC Years 3-6 announced


Student Led School Tours 9-10


Open Classrooms & International Picnic 5-7pm


Closing date for School Council nominations


District Swimming Carnival @ Queens Park Pool


Junior School Assembly

29 Feb-4 March

Year 6 Canberra Camp






Urban Biodiversity Day @ Royal Park - group of Yr 5s


Close of school council ballot


Senior School Assembly 3.15pm - run by Year 5


Declaration of ballot


Combined Division Swimming @ St Albans Leisure Centre


Junior Assembly 3.15pm


Labour Day Holiday - no school


NMPS Twilight Fete 3-8pm


No assembly


Student-led tours 9-10am


Regional Swimming Finals @ Kardinia Aquatic Centre


Parent Teacher Meetings- Student Goal Setting


Parent Teacher Meetings- Student Goal Setting


Whole school assembly 1.25


End Term 1, 1.15pm Assembly 1.25, Dismissal 1.30pm


Good Friday - Start of Term 1 Holidays





Term starts - PUPIL FREE DAY


1st Day school for term 2


School Council & AGM



Who's Cooking in the Kitchen?

Tuesday 9-10.50am  6A Luke & 11.20-1.10pm 6B Cat

Wednesday 9-10.50am 6C Tom & 11.20-1.10pm 6D Emma

Too much home grown bounty?

Donations of your fruit, herbs & vegies are very welcome in the kitchen.

Summer Vegetables


Open Classrooms & International Picnic

On Tuesday 23rd January, we will Open our Classrooms at 5.00pm and we encourage all students to bring their families to see where they learn; and some evidence of their learning.

If your child is attending Biz–E-Kidz they need to be signed out by their guardian or parent before they can go back to the classroom. If you do not attend Biz-E-Kidz then the school ground needs to be free of all students except Biz-E-Kidz from 3.45pm.

All of this walking and sharing will make you hungry so at 6.00pm when the classrooms are locked up we invite you to join us for an event we call the ‘International Picnic’.

This has become one of the most popular events at the school because it allows our true multiculturalism to be appreciated. You need to BYO (bring your own) everything for a picnic; food and drink, rugs or seats, plastic drink glasses, plates etc.

We also encourage you to take your litter home as up to 500 families tend to create quite a bit of litter!

The event concludes at 7.00pm so everyone can get home, to be ready for bed at a reasonable hour.

Twilight Fete 2016 Newsletter

clusters 16 Feb

(4 weeks countdown!)

Friday 18th March 2016 from 4-8pm

Week 7 of this term

This year’s fete is causing a stir with the kids already – has your child discussed what their grade is doing on the night?

Our fete committee are sourcing donations, sponsorship, organising food, displays and decorations and we are very excited.

The most exciting announcement this week is that Hocking Stuart, our local Real Estate Agents have come on board to sponsor our fete! This sponsorship will help us cover some of our costs on the night but will also add to the fun with real auctioneers running our fundraising auction. Thank you Hocking Stuart North Melbourne.

New members are always welcome to join the fete committee. If you would like to be involved, join our regular meeting held every Friday 1:15 in Josie’s grade 1 classroom, room 4.

If you are unable to attend a meeting but would still like to be involved, contact or phone Meg on 0411 755 421 or leave your details with Sandra at reception.


The lead teacher from each year level has now chosen a cluster of fete activities they would like their grade to focus on for the fete. Have a look below to see what you can get involved with, to help your child and their year level. The lead parent for each year is helping the overall set up of that cluster of stalls.
1. HELP IN THE LEAD UP: Your assistance will be appreciated in the next few weeks to provide specific donations, supplies or talents to set up the stall e.g. chocolates, painting signs, sourcing supplies, sorting out displays etc.
2. FILL A HAMPER: You will be asked to help fill your year level hamper by donating a couple of items. Each year level will have a theme eg. gourmet treats, pamper package etc – these hampers will be raffled off during the fete to raise important funds
3. CHOOSE A TIME ON A STALL: You are kindly asked to be choose a time to help on a stall – put your name next to a time (one parent for each child, for one hour – kids also encouraged to help with you)


Donations and Contacts

  • If you have contacts in the business world that would be open to being asked for donations (vouchers, time, expertise, goods, treats etc.) please let us know and we can send a letter or visit or call….
  • If you have contacts in the food industry that may possibly help with supplies, or wish to have a presence at the fete, again let us know.
  • If you or your child is a part of a community service, cultural group, club, activity or similar – we might like to have them perform for us, demonstrate or educate us – our fete is a community event and we’d love to invite external participation.

Collect Items for Stalls

  • RIGHT NOW: BRING IN PLANTERS, JARS AND POTS: For the SAKG plant sales and the Craft Stalls we always need a stock of clean jars, tins, pots and other receptacles as well as material and other craft supplies.
  • WEEK OF THE FETE: SECOND HAND ‘STUFF’: The Recycle Shed will need: toys, puzzles, games, books (both adult & kids), Cds and DVDs, and school uniforms.  Box them up now – but don’t bring to the school until the week of the fete please! Contact Nina or Jane if you need further info: or

Special Jobs and Talents

Email if you can help

(NB volunteering in another role on the night means you don’t have to do a shift on your class stall)

  • CRAFTY PEOPLE JOIN OUR CRAFT ADDICT EVENTS: This Saturday 20th February 1 – 5 pm at 27 Erskine St, and Sunday 6th March 1 – 5 pm at 203 Errol St.  All equipment supplied. Pls email to let us know you are coming!
  • FLYER DISTRIBUTION: if you can drop flyers 2 weeks before around your street, please email your details to us
  • SECURITY: if you are happy to be part of a small number of people available on the night to oversee exits, and be on back up..
  • FAIRY LIGHTS & MARQUEES: can you lend some (labelled, with an extension cord if possible)
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS: we have a great dress up photo studio, and printer for fun family shots ready to go but need a couple of people who have an eye for photography to oversee this stall
  • FACE PAINTERS: is this your forte or hidden talent or maybe you’ve always wanted to try – do let us know – all equipment and designs to copy will be provided, including an ‘expert’ to oversee and give advice!
  • COOKS – get ready to make fair treats (toffee apples, chocolate crackles, honey joys), or posh treats (cakes, slices etc) for our cake and yummies stalls.
  • FOOD PREPARATION – Thurs and Fri of the fete – to help Sam in the Kitchen to set up and prepare our home made food for meals at the fete
  • CAKE AND BISCUIT PACKAGING AND PRICING – on Friday, help our ‘cake stall leaders to take donations and set up
  • BUMP IN CREW FOR MARQUEES, SIGNAGE, TABLES AND DECORATION – we will need volunteers both on Thursday and Friday to consult, stick, move, stack, hang and design - this is the fun stuff when you see our school transform..
  • BUMP OUT CREW – help us beat last fete’s record – we took under 2 hours to fold marquees, stack tables and chairs and collect rubbish – can you help this year?

How to Contact the Fete Committee:


Phone/Text: Meg on 0411 755 421

Many thanks to our major sponsor

 Mail Attachment

Bumper Club Time Listing

art and science

Origami Club - Tuesdays 2nd lunch (1:10-1:40pm) - Prep Eleanor's Room

Science & Art Club - Wednesday 2nd lunch (1:10-1:40pm) - Biz-E Kids - bring an iPad if possible.

If you love science and art, this lunchtime club is for you!

Come and join in some fun-filled science activities where you can express your knowledge and learning artistically. Our focus for the next few weeks is: Space - constellations

Drawing Club - Friday 2nd lunch - Prep - Year 2 - The Hive

Skate Club - Tuesday 2nd lunch - Year 4-6 - Southside

Story Club - Monday 2nd lunch - Prep-Year - Leah & Josie 1A

Chess club - Monday 2nd lunch - Tyson

Sport & Games Club - Tuesday 2nd lunch - UHS Year 9

 Music Clubs

  • Orchestra - Monday - 2nd lunch - music room
  • Choir - Tuesday - 2nd lunch - music room
  • Music Practise Club & Trio - Wednesday (years 3 - 6 only) - 2nd lunch - music room
  • Rock band (Year 5 & 6 only - by audition) - Thursday - 2nd lunch - music room
  • Marimba Band (by audition, years 3 - 6 only ) - Friday - 2nd lunch - music room

Tech tip of the week

Kids games

Having trouble keeping up to date with the latest apps, games and trending sites?

This site can help:

It provides easy to understand information about the things kids are doing and playing online, including potential risks and age restrictions.

Each week I hope to provide a quick tip or useful link for parents and students.

If you have any ideas or questions please email:

School Map 2016

Map of School 2016small

This map can also be referenced in higher resolution on the NMPS website: School Map

Nearby parks for after school play

img 0176
IMG 4842

There are four beautiful parks for after school gatherings within a 5-15 minute stroll.

Ievers Reserve (Rocket Park)

is north, across Flemington Road with the big spider climbing frame.

Courtney Street Park (Fig Tree Park)

is the southern big stretch of lush green grass and the decking directly adjacent to the NMPS car park on Courtney street

The Royal Children's Hospital Playgound (New Park)

is north-west of the school along Flemington Road on the corner of Gatehouse Street, featuring novel play ground equipment.

Villiers Street Park (brand new & no colloquial name as yet)

is at the intersection of Courtney, Villiers and Leveson Streets.

Parents & Friends Committee

Meg Moorhouse

Our next crafternoon is Saturday 20 February, from 1 - 5pm at my house - 27 Erskine St, North Melbourne and we are looking forward to seeing you there.  If you have other ideas, or want to host or attend a kids specific craft session - let me know and if there's enthusiasm and someone to lead it, we'll have to work on that!!

We'll need people to sew bunting - that's a job that could be done in your own time - if you have capacity, maybe email or give Diana a call (, 0438 337 500). If you have anything else to contribute to the stall - don't hesitate!! Donations for silent auction or raffle could be ace too.

Remember, if you'd like to contribute to the fete in other ways, our committee are meeting every Friday at 1.15pm (second lunch) at classroom 4 (Josie's).  Alternatively, there are lots of other jobs, but importantly, check in with your teacher about their needs in setting up their stalls - they'll send out requests for help soon, but even saying HI and checking in now will be great.

Regards and huge thanks from the bottom of my crafty heart.


6004 NAust lunchbox 8 outl web 2

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Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) - Due 29th February


Due to the office 29th February.


Biz-E-Kidz News

Holiday Program and pupil free day important dates
The Autumn Holiday Program and pupil free day are both fast approaching. Here are some important dates:

Autumn Holiday Program: Tuesday March 29th – Monday April 11th (excluding public holidays Friday 25th and Monday 28th March) Pupil free day: Monday 11thApril

Tuesday 23rd February: The holiday program and pupil free day plans and booking forms will be released. They will be available at Biz – E – Kidz and via Tiqbiz. To request a copy via email, please email
Monday 29th February: Holiday Program and pupil free day bookings open. To make a booking, fill in a booking form and return it to Sharon, Kelly, Ace or Eva at Biz -E – Kidz.
Friday 4th March: Holiday Program and pupil free day Bookings close. Bookings will be accepted after this date, but will not be eligible to be considered in the first round of priority of access.
Monday 7th March (week beginning) Holiday program and pupil free day places will be allocated and notified via mail.
Friday 18th March: Holiday program and pupil free day deposit due. After you receive your confirmation, a deposit of $10 per child per day is due to the school office. Any changes made after this date will incur a $30 cancellation fee.

Cancelations to Care
If your child will not be attending after school care, please don’t forget to contact Biz – E – Kidz to let us know. The best way to do this is to phone 9329 5529 and leave a message.

Foundation Program
Due to further increase in program size, Biz – E – Kidz has been running its foundation afterschool care program from the Foundation classroom wing. At this point we are developing our routines and procedures for this new space to ensure the safest hand happiest transition for our large number of foundation students.
We are very excited to be able to offer a tailored and specialised program to be able to meet the distinctive needs of this age group.
Biz – E – Kidz very much appreciates everyone’s understanding and support during this period and welcomes feedback by emailing

Sharon Goodwin
Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message.


North Melbourne Football Club at Arden Street, is offering basketball training for boys & girls aged 8 years and up .

The cost is $5.95 and you pay as you go.

Mondays 4-5pm.

Participate in a research project about children and digital games


Please take this short survey about children and screen-time/digital play (particularly Minecraft).

We want to hear from parents of children who DO NOT play digital games just as much as those who DO!

Results will inform a larger project about the role of digital gameplay in children's lives.

If you parent kids aged 3-12 in Metro Melbourne please click on this link to take the survey:

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me via the email address below.  Please also see the Plain Language Statement for this project within the survey.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Jane Mavoa

PhD Candidate

p. 0451001475