Errol Street News #24

15 March 2016

Message from Sally

Twilight Fete

There is a spirit of great excitement and enthusiasm as we start this short but highly intense FETE week!!!

Thanks to Meg, Kate and Gen for their incredible leadership and management of this wonderful community event.

We hope that every one of our 550 plus families takes the time to join in and celebrate all things that are great at NMPS. It’s even better if you can also bring community members and other families who just love a fun time!

Special thanks to those who have already volunteered to support the stalls on Friday evening and those who have actively participated in the ‘Crafternoons’ as well.

School Council News in Brief

Please welcome Pam Newton, Hayley  Sandpearl, Megan Cusack & Kris Mrska who have been elected Parent Members of the North Melbourne Primary School Council. Thank you to all eight candidates for their interest & applications. Also, thanks to our school community for your timely & accurate voting commitment.

The NEW 2016 School Council met last week but due to the heightened activity of FETE organising, I am yet to create the School Council welcome and committee structure for publication. However, School Council have organised our first NMPS Parent Information Night.

NMPS Parent Information Night

Parents are invited to attend an information meeting to response to issues raised in term 1.
Date: Wednesday 13th April
Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Location: In The Flex downstairs


  1. DET guidelines regarding the enrolment policy, census, Designated Neighbourhood Area (DNA)

  2. Provision of classroom spaces / linked to confirmed enrolment numbers

  3. How successfully NMPS is managing the increased student numbers

  4. NMPS student achievement data achieved through collaboration, student led, 21st Century and cooperative learning

  5. Questions from the floor

Please RSVP via tiqbiz to me or phone the school.

 2016 Cross Country

Year 4s as they left Royal Park from yet another very successful Cross Country Run. It was great to see so much team work, sportsmanship and encouragement demonstrated by all students on the day! Go NMPS students - you rock!
Julia, Year 4 teacher


Calendar of Special Events




NMPS Twilight Fete 3-8pm


No assembly


Student-led tours 9-10am


Regional Swimming Finals @ Kardinia Aquatic Centre


Parent Teacher Meetings- Student Goal Setting 4-6pm


Whole school assembly 1.25


End Term 1, 1.15pm Assembly 1.25, Dismissal 1.30pm


Good Friday - Start of Term 1 Holidays






Term starts - PUPIL FREE DAY


1st Day school for term 2


School Council & AGM




Origami Club Tuesdays 2nd lunch (1:10-1:40pm) Prep Eleanor's Room
Science & Art Club Wednesday 2nd lunch  Biz-E-Kidz
Drawing Club Friday 2nd lunch Prep - Year 2  The Hive
Skate Club Tuesday 2nd lunch Year 4-6 Southside
Story Club Monday 2nd lunch Prep-Year Leah & Josie 1A
Chess club Monday 2nd lunch Tyson
Sport & Games Club Tuesday 2nd lunch UHS Year 9 
Music Clubs    
Orchestra Monday - 2nd lunch Music Room
Choir Tuesday - 2nd lunch Music Room
Music Practise Club & Trio   Wednesday (years 3 - 6 only) 2nd lunch - music room
Rock band (Year 5 & 6 only - by audition) Thursday - 2nd lunch  Music room 
Marimba Band (by audition, years 3 - 6 only ) Friday - 2nd lunch  Music room 

iPad & Laptop Free Friday

This coming Friday, most students will stay at school to participate in the Twilight Fete.  We ask that all iPads & laptops be left securely at home this Friday 18th March.

As students will be responsible for their own possessions after school, we suggest that you only pack necessities this Friday.

Twilight Fete 2016 - Here It Comes!

Fete Flyer v1
Newsletter 15 March 2016
NMPS fete2016 guide 2
NMPS fete2016 map

If the above guide and map are too small to read, they will be delivered to you via tiqbiz in the next few days.

Many thanks to our major sponsor

 Mail Attachment



Ace Airport Parking

189 South Centre Road, Tullamarine, Victoria 3043



359 Victoria St, West Melbourne

9328 3710

Ample Café

123 Howard St, North Melbourne, 3051

9329 6622

Atone Lifestyle salon

95 Errol St, North Melbourne

9326 7160

Auction rooms, Counter, Small Batch Roasting

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

9326 7749

Beatrix Cakes

crn Abbotsford & Queensberry St North Melb 3015

0403 698 836

Bernards Magic Shop

355 Victoria Street, West Melbourne 3003

9670 9270


Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale

First Floor/386 Mt Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

9372 8786

Bowen's Timber Hardware

135-173 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, 3051

9328 1041

Cafe Metsa

345 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, Melbourne

9328 8999

Carlton Football Club

Ikon Park, Royal Parade, Carlton North, 3054

City North Physio

59 Errol St North Melbourne

9328 3733

Clever Polly's

313 Victoria St, West Melbourne, 3000

9077 9294

Collingwood Football Club



Court House Hotel

86-90 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

9329 5394

Dan Donnelly Tennis Coaching Programs

Royal Park Tennis Club, The Ave. & Park ST, Parkville, 3052

0408 991 700

Flight Centre

4 Errol St, North Melbourne, 3051

1300 823 004

FortKnox Storage

484 Spencer Street, West Melbourne, 3003

9326 4088

Frames Ready Made

352 Lygon St East Brunswick

8388 7631

Fred and Ginger catering

37 Lothian St North Melbourne

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GH Music

100 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington


High Voltage Rock School



Ace Fun Tennis School

Elliot Ave / Royal Pde, Parkville, 3052

0418 178 328


Amanda Dale

0403 185 684 

Medibank Icehouse

105 Pearl River Rd, Docklands, 3008

1300 756 699

Melbourne City Meats

Stall 20 21 Meat Hall, Queen Victoria Markets

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Morks Chocolate Brew House

150 Errol St North Melbourne, 3051

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North Melbourne books

546 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, 3051

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North Melbourne Football Club

204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne, 3051

9348 2400

North Melbourne Swimming Pool (NMRC)

1 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne, 3051

9329 2885

Parkville Music School

(at Uni High) Storey St, Parkville, 3052

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Ellen Sandell, MP

Parliament House (high tea)

9328 4637

Paws N Claws Wonderland

343 Victoria St, Melbourne VIC 3003

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Quirk and Co

466 Victoria St, North Melbourne, 3051

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Radical Yes !

PO Box 398 Nth Melb

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Reid Cycles

280 - 290 Victoria St, North Melbourne, 3051

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Rollerdoor Cafe

13 Stawell St, West Melbourne, 3003

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School of Living Music

53 Little Baille St North Melbourne,3051

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 2/286 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

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Simone Perelle Direct

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Small Batch Roasting Co

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Spieledeluxe Boardgames

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Stranger than Paradise

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Sweet William Prints

The Monthly

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Wayne Lynch Master Jeweller

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Wonderland Fun Park

120 Pearl River Road, Docklands, 3008

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Bakers delight - for bread till we dropped!

29 Errol St

North Melbourne, 3051


Bernard’s Magic Shop - for face paints and balloons

355 Victoria St

West Melbourne, 3003


Costco – for vouchers for food

381 Footscray Road

Docklands, 3008


Dulux Paint – for paint for our stalls

420 King St

West Melbourne VIC 3003


Errols Angels Choir – for angelic singing on stage

The Centre, Errol Street

 9328 1126

Fixation Brewing Co. - for beautiful beer and cider

4 Baronia Pl,

Byron Bay, NSW, 2481


Girl Guides - for being crafty and fun

Glenisle Lemon Farm - for hay and lemons

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Gooram, 3666

Hawken Bakehouse -for quiches & vege burgers galore

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Moorabbin Victoria 3189

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Hello Jose  - for donations of a Mexican flavour

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Hocking Stuart Real Estate - for incredible financial and publicity support

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IGA North Melbourne - for continued support and food donation

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John Barnes & Co. Locksmiths – for hundreds of keys for the key raffle

576 Elizabeth St

Melbourne 3000

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John Ford & Relume Consulting  - for lighting expertise

57 Jones Pl

West Melbourne 3003


The Little Coffee Van – for delicious espresso

Flemington Farmers Market


La Tortilleria – for Mexican ingredients our food stall

72 Stubbs Rd

Kensington, 3031


Melbourne City Meats – for chicken snags

Stall 20 21 Meat Hall

Queen Victoria Markets

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Parkhill Cellars - for fab wine

45 Errol St

North Melbourne, 3051

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The Parkville Store - for generous food donations

52 Morrah St

Parkville, 3052

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Quick 7 Convenience - for boxes galore

46 Haines St,

North Melbourne, 3051

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Red Cross - for first aid coverage

23 - 47 Hilliers St

North Melbourne, 3051

8327 7700

Rotary Club of Melbourne - for BBQing generosity

2/501 Bourke St

Melbourne, 3000


Rotary Club of North Melbourne - for lending their BBQ

Flemington Rd & Harker St

North Melbourne, 3051

Panda – for amazing signage


The Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer – for spit roasts and feeds

519 Spencer St,

West Melbourne

9329 6955

Terry Toweling and the Tank Tops - for a great gig

c/- Alistair Hunter,

Brunswick, 3056


Tom Collins Caravan Bar  - for an  atmospheric bar

c/- Lucy Buncle, North Melbourne Primary School

Trunk Restaurant - for snags and chicken wings

275 Exhibition St

Melbourne, 3000

9663 7994

Warung Agus – for our fave Indonesian eats

305 Victoria St

West Melbourne, 3003

9329 1737

Year 6 Canberra Camp

Students in Year 6 from our school have just undertaken an education tour of the national capital. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. We want to thank PACER and the Australian Government for contributing funding under Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program

Imagine this: Screeeech! The bus comes to a halt and I gaze at the place I will be staying for the next 5 days. Everybody is tired after a long bus journey and some people are even asleep! I clamber out of the bus to meet an excited crowd of classmates swarming to try and get to their bags. TWEEEETT!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody stops and swerves around looking for the bearer of the whistle. “All right everybody,” begins Luke our camp leader. “ Calm down you’ll get your bag. Just grab a random bag and head towards the park up there.” Everybody ignores the fact that they’re supposed to grab anybody’s bag but everybody diffidently isn’t making nearly as much of a racket. I locate my bags and start walking to the top of the hill. I thrust my bags to the side and collapse on top of them. I roll over and gaze at the sky.  TWEET! Once again everybody turns around and listens to Luke as he announces the cabin groups.

“Order. Order in the court!” announces Rosie. Of course she isn’t the real Madam Speaker but we are actually in Parliament House only not in the actual House of Representatives just a room where we are making a version of what happens in the House of Reps. I am currently sitting on the cross bench but I agree what ‘The Government’ believes in this case. Today the government is arguing that 5% of farmland should be reserved for wildlife. I agree but ’The Opposition’ completely disagrees with the matter. We honestly didn’t know anything about the fact that whatever side we were on would determine if were on the opposition or not until we sat down and it was explained to us. The education program was really fascinating it taught me the rules of The House of Reps and how democracy works in parliament.

“Arghhhhh!” Luke (the teacher) screams as we enter the spider education program at Questacon. From bouncing putty to lightning Questacon has everything including its very own spider education program. A gruesome picture of a spider appears on the humongous screen in front of us and Luke looks away. Not only was it hilarious seeing Luke disturbed by the spiders but the show was also very interesting. We learnt that spider silk is actually stored in a liquid form and only when it comes out is it solid. How cool is that. We also learnt that spider silk is one of the strongest materials on earth! It was extremely fascinating.

The sound of bagpipes erupt around us as we stand still commemorating those who gave their lives for us in the war. We gaze at the pool of reflection as Lara and Fergus our school captains place down a wreath of flowers to commemorate those who gave their lives. This is a great honour as a school to be invited to this ceremony. Representatives of the museum, schools and many other places place down their wreaths to commemorate the lives lost in World War I and II. As the music comes to an end and the ceremony finishes we leave the museum quietly and respectfully remembering those who gave their lives.

Mija, 6C

Our Sensational Swimmers- Regional Finals

Regional Swimmers

Regional Swimming Carnival Results Thursday 10th May
Last Thursday, 17 students from North Melbourne Primary School braved a first wet and cold day and headed to the St. Albans Swimming Pool. We were there to represent NMPS at the Ascot Vale Sports Association in the Marybyrnong Regional Swimming Finals. We shared a bus with Kensington Primary and all had a lot of fun on the way to the pool as the driver turned up the volume of the music to get us all pumped for our events. When we arrived at the pool we were amazed at how many students were competing.

We had some fantastic individual performances:

  • Milly Barr was the standout in the under 11 girls events with a 2nd in the freestyle and a 1st in the backstroke.
  • Mietta Fink-Jensen also starred on the day with a 3rd in the 12/13 girls freestyle and a 4th in the butterfly.
  • Lily Tran swam her heart out in the 11 year old breaststroke and came in third. The two girl who beat her on the day were twice her size.
  • Michelle Ha came up against the cream of the under 12/13 girl swimmers but was still able to manage a 4th in the breaststroke and a 5th in the butterfly.
  • Adam Liang was fantastic with a 4th in the 11 year old breaststroke and 4th in the butterfly.
  • Dynamic Toby Barr was 3rd in the 9/10 butterfly, this was an amazing swim.

The relay teams were also fantastic:

  • The 9/10 girls team of Zara Cannington, Kaitlyn Chen, Amelie Coulson Wiegard and Sevika Gurung finished a gallant 4th.
  • The 9/10 boys team of Toby Barr, Oliver Hermans, Sydney Rogers and Charlie Barr came flying home and finished 3rd.
  • The 11 girls team old consisting of Milly Barr, Emma Lang, Lily Tran and Miranda Peile were so close. They finished 2nd by 0.8 of a second.
  • The 12/13 girls medley relay team were third. Milly Barr, Michelle Ha, Emma Lang and Mietta Fink Jensen all had fantastic individual swims.
  • But the cream of the crop was our 12/13 year old girls relay team who finished 1st. Mietta Fink Jensen, Michelle Ha, Lara Karunajeewa and Mija Ollquist showed not only how well they could swim, but also showed great sportswomanship. There barracking for each other was amazing.
  • As a result of the amazing day we now have the following going onto the next stage of competition on Tuesday March 22nd.


  • Milly Barr will swim in the 11 year old freestyle and backstroke events.
  • The 12/13 year old girls relay team of Mietta, Michelle, Lara and Mija will suit up again for our school.

Let’s wish them well. Go NMPS.

Paul, Sports Teacher

Library News


Book Club for students, parents & carers

As part of the NMPS lunchtime club activities, the Library is running a book club.

This will be on Fridays at 2.40pm in the library.

It is expected that each group would meet twice a term and you will be informed of the date via tiqbiz.

Email your interest to Kathy on

Science Club

IMG 0038
IMG 0053
IMG 0054
IMG 0056

Over the last few weeks, students have been using design briefs to create an artistic representation of a galaxy, with their two favourite constellations in the foreground. This week we read a newspaper article about a new galaxy that has been discovered 13.8 billion light years away.

This week, students will continue their science inquiry about galaxies.

We encourage all students from all year levels to come and join in the fun!

Images of Katrina, Year 5, Ryan, Year 5 & Zac, Year 1

School Council Report

At the School Council meeting last week, discussion focussed on the growing enrolment numbers at NMPS, and on formulating proactive strategies to enable adequate and appropriate spaces for teaching and learning at our school. Council members agreed that we should develop both short term and longer term strategies, as the residential population in North and West Melbourne continues to grow. The matter was referred to the Buildings and Grounds Committee, where it was noted that NMPS is currently on a waiting list with the Department of Education, to receive an additional two story relocatable classroom. However the timeline for construction, delivery and installation remains unclear.  The committee resolved to actively engage with the Department in respect of that time-line, while also formulating longer term strategies in an attempt to relieve growing enrolment pressures. So watch this space for more news on the subject.

Kris Mrksa, Parent School Council Representative

Tech tip of the week

Kids games

The world wide web is a wonderful resource however it can also be sometimes overwhelming. To help children use the web, we generally do not recommend google as a search tool to find information or images unless they are supported by an adult.

Google Searching is the equivalent of letting kids run free through the Library of Congress without any guidance on how to find, select or interpret texts! (the largest library in the world with over 160 million catalogued texts)

To help guide your children online we recommend the following:

1. Provide children with a resource that will help (e.g a specific website or book).

2. Guide children to one of the following iPad apps (installed on school and iPad program devices): Epic!, Britannica, ABC Splash, Newslea, National geographic for kids.

3. Suggest websites that you know and trust, such as the Khan Academy, How stuff works, Instructables etc.

There are also websites that provide safe "google searching" including:

Both of these are made by Google and can be added to an iPad homescreen, just like an app.

If you have any ideas or questions please email:


Biz – E – Kidz relocating to the Flex for the Twilight Fete
On Friday the 18th March the Twilight Fete will be using the Biz – E – Kidz area for food preparation and back stage.  As a result, Biz – E – Kidz Grades 1 – 6 Aftercare will be relocating aftercare to ‘the flex’ located on the south side of the school. Before school care will be in the Biz – E – Kidz building as usual and Foundation students will remain in the foundation area.
Not using aftercare because of the Twilight fete? Don’t forget to let Biz – E – Kidz know!
If your child will not be attending aftercare on Friday 18th  due to the arts festival, please let Sharon, Kelly, Ace or Eva know or phone 9329 5529 or 0400 838 448 and leave a message. Also, don’t forget to let us know if your child is to be collected by another parent from Biz – E – Kidz. We require written authority for children to be collected by someone not currently authorised on the enrolment form
Holiday Program and pupil free day
The Biz – E – Kidz Autumn holiday program has booked out! Places and waiting list were confirmed via mail last week.
Friday 18th March: Holiday program and pupil free day deposit due. After you receive your confirmation, a deposit of $10 per child per day is due to the school office. Any changes made after this date will incur a $30 cancellation fee.
Cancelations to Care
If your child will not be attending after school care, please don’t forget to contact Biz – E – Kidz to let us know. The best way to do this is to phone 9329 5529 and leave a message.


Sharon Goodwin
Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message.


03825 Ace Fun A6 Flyer 100scale
Cyber Safety Flyer
Dan Donnelly March2016